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Meet Fila CEO Cris Albert Family: Parents, Sister, Husband

Meet FILA CEO Cris Albert Family: Parents, Sister, and Husband.

Here, we will discuss their job, their relationship details, and other related information. So, keep scrolling to learn more about them.

Meet Fila CEO Cris Albert Family Members

FILA CEO Cris Albert died unexpectedly on only 25 April 2022. She was found dead in Singapore. Soon after the news of her death, her family started pouring condolences to the grieving family including his mother, sister, husband, and two children.

Learn more about her family below.

Cris Albert Parents

Chris Albert is the firstborn child of her father Antonio Abad Santos and her mother Wanda Louwallien. During her interview with LIFESTYLE.INQ, she talked about her father and her being a daddy’s girl. She shared to the outlet, “I am my Papa’s one great love, and I’m proud to be from the Abad Santos clan. My father Antonio is a businessman and is my knight in shining armor”.

She also added, “My great grandfather, Jose Abad Santos, is truly a hero. My favorite quote from him is ‘It’s an honor to die for one’s country.’ He is truly an inspiration to me. I live by this principle of loving people all around me”.

Chris’s mother Wanda is a model and choreographer. Her mother used to bring the young Albert to her shows, exposing her daughter to a fascinating and tactile world of fabrics, colors, textures, and composition.

In September 2010 interview with PhilStar GLOBAL, Wanda opened up about being a daughter of a celebrity mother. She told, ” I would watch her when she was still modeling at the Hyatt. I was about eight at that time and I would watch her and clap because she was my mom. But it was different when she started directing shows. She would have luncheon shows in the Maynila Room of The Manila Hotel and she would bring me every single day and I would have lunch there — I think I was about 12 — and she would discuss with me how models should carry themselves and all that.”

Cris grew up realizing that she didn’t to be a model on the ramp. She preferred doing advertorials, TV commercials, or print ads because her strict mother wanted to model for her only to be a hobby rather than a career because it didn’t last long.

This early exposure later in her life paved way for Chris to build a business empire. In May 2021, on her mother’s birthday, she wrote, “You deserve so much on your special day, and I am so sorry that you’ll just have to settle for lots of hugs and kisses in a COVID lockdown situation second time around. Happy birthday Mom, from your perfectly imperfect daughter…look at all the memories I found”.

On 7 May 2020, Cris also posted a picture of her parents. She captioned, “My most favorite picture in the world. Happy birthday mummy #missingyou and dad too. See you zoom later”.

Cris’s mother is available on Instagram (@wandalouwallien) as well as Facebook (@wanda.louwallien).

Per her Instagram and Facebook posts, she is currently in a relationship. Cris’s mom’s current boyfriend is Marc Bodine (@marc.bodine.1). They have been together at least since 2016.

Cris Albert Sister

Cris Albert’s sister is a Filipina actress and producer Ana Abad Santos. Some of her notable works to date are Budoy (2011-2012), Wildflower (2017), The Haunted (2019-2020), He’s Into Her (2021), My Sunset Girl (2021), and The Seniors (2022) among notable others.

After her death, Ana posted on her Instagram, “I love you Ats #crisalbert #loveee”. In April 2022 on her birthday, two sisters had gone on a trip to celebrate Ana’s birthday. She posted on her Instagram, “It’s still my birthday accdg to @mscrisalbert 🍾🥂 First time back in Aman since the pandemic 🙏🏽 Thank you for this birthday treat and bonding Ats! The last 2 years have been tough and I know we’re still not in the clear but it doesn’t matter anymore. Love wins, over and over again. Sistas first and forever! I love you”.

Cris has a son named Tommy who is now 22 years old. Tommy grew up watching his mother Anna perform onstage. He was also comfortable enough to make backstage his hangout place. He would also sometimes get involved in the production like helping work the smoke machine.

Ana feels that her son prefers watching her plays to her movies only because “he finds it safer,” Ana says. Nonetheless, Tommy loved her movie Metro Manila with Jake Macapagal and John Arcilla, which also won Best Film at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Ana inspired her son’s passion for the arts, and he did the same for her when it came to surfing. Ana acquired her passion for riding the waves thanks to her children. They used to spend a lot of time surfing together until her kid fell in love with horses and became a polo player.

Ana added further, “Surfing made me fall in love with the Philippines. It also opened my eyes to global warming and forced me to take a more active role in the environment. It made me appreciate an alternative lifestyle: simplicity and economy”.

Cris Albert Husband

Cris Albert was married to her husband Butch Albert. They reportedly tied the knots in 1993. Speaking with LIFESTYLE.INQ, she spoke, “My true loves are my husband and my children”.

She had two children with her husband named Carlo and Isabela. She told the outlet, “I am obsessed with my son’s education”.

Cris’s husband Butch is a businessman. He is also a polo player in 2006. Cris’s company has been sponsoring Polo for over 20 years now. He told Tatler Asia, “Cris and I watch the games quite often. I found it very interesting and challenging and eventually decided to try playing; I was instantly hooked.”

Cris shared that “FILA had always supported sports at Manila Polo Club. FILA CEO, Cris Albert, found the events to be mutually beneficial for both Manila Polo Club and FILA.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Fila CEO Cris Albert Family Members Reside?

FILA CEO Cris Albert family hailed from Taguig, Philippines. They live in Manila, Philippines.

  • Are Fila CEO Cris Albert Family Members Famous?

Yes, FILA CEO Cris Albert’s sister Ana is an actress. Her husband is also a renowned businessman.

  • Had Fila CEO Cris Albert Posted Her Family Members On Her IG?

Yes, FILA CEO Cris Albert has featured all of her family members on her IG.

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