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Meet Jan Broberg Parents: Bob And Mary Ann Broberg!

Jan Broberg might have been groomed and manipulated by a cunning predator, but so were her parents, Bob and Mary Ann Broberg. As depicted in A Friend of the Family, Jan’s father helped B to “relieve himself,” while her mother fell in love with the criminal.

Let’s get to know Jan’s parents better as this article proceeds.

Who Are Jan Broberg Parents? What Happened To Them?

Jan Broberg was born to her parents, Bob and Mary Ann Broberg.

The Brobergs first met the Berchtolds at a local church back in 1972. Immediately bonding, the families’ children played, went to school together, and even spent their vacations together. But little did Jan’s parents know, Bob Berchtold, who they lovingly referred to as “B”, was soon going to abduct their daughter.

In 1974, B asked Mary Ann for permission to take Jan horseback riding and instead took her to Mexico for 37 days. There, he convinced the 12-year-old that aliens chose Jan to “mate” with him and that the survival of the foreign planet depended on their consummation.

Surprisingly, Jan’s parents didn’t report the kidnapping for days believing B wouldn’t harm Jan. Instead, they were looking for a car accident.

But to their surprise, B called his bother Joe saying that he married Jan in Mexico, and he needs him to call Mary Ann and get a written letter of permission to marry Jan in the U.S.

Thankfully, Joe involved the FBI, and soon B was arrested, and sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Fast forward to two years after the incident, in August 1976, B kidnapping Jan for a second time. And once again, Bob and Mary Ann waited about two weeks before notifying the FBI. Eventually, after a lot of searching, Jan was found and B was arrested again and sent back to prison for 6 months.

Meet Jan Broberg Father, Bob Broberg

Jan Broberg’s father Bob Broberg was a gullible man. He was easily persuaded by B, and he regretted it till the day he died.

However, near the end of his days, he was grateful that he story in such a “sensitive way.” Guess, he really cared about truth and forgiveness and just wanted to get that story out there.

On father’s day 2019, Jan took it to her IG to write, “Happy Father’s Day! Miss you every day Dad.”

  • Bob Broberg And Robert Berchtold Relationship

Bob Broberg was having sexual relationships with B.

Recalling a moment, Bob shared that B was unhappy in his marriage and desperately needed sexual relief. So, he gave him a handjob!

  • How Old Is Bob Broberg?

Bob Broberg was born on December 11, 1937, in Pocatello, Idaho to Paul and Evelyn Petersen Broberg. He took his last breath on November 5, 2018, at the age of 80 in Santa Clara, Utah.

  • Bob Broberg Job

Bob Broberg spent his life in the retail gift and floral business.  He purchased Atkin Florist in 1961 after graduating first in his class from Hutchinson School of Floral Design.

Meet Jan Broberg Mother, Mary Ann Broberg

Jan Broberg’s mother Mary Ann Broberg is a co-producer with her daughter on A Friend of the Family.

The mother-daughter pair were close and were almost inseparable. From traveling around the world to important events, Jan brought her mother along with her.

The last we saw them, Jan and her mother were at the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children where Jan received the Hope Award back in June 2019.

Here’s a video of her watching A Friend of the Family’s trailer for the first time.

  • Is Mary Ann Broberg Still Alive?

Yes, Mary Ann Broberg is still alive (as of 2022).

  • Mary Ann Broberg Age

Mary Ann Broberg was already past her 70s in 2022.

She celebrates her birthday on October 17 and is of the Libra zodiac.

  • Mary Ann Broberg Book

Mary Ann Broberg wrote a book called “Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story” published back in October 2003, penning her thoughts about the moment when her twelve-year-old was suddenly abducted.

Since then, Mary has been working as a general manager/author for 16th Place Publishing.

Prior to that, she was a social worker at the Department of Health & Welfare for 18 years.

Also, from Mar 1985 – Aug 1993, she worked as a “Regional Coordinator and Liason” for Idaho Governor’s Youth Commission.

As for her education, Jan is an American Falls High School (1956) and Idaho State University (1990) graduate.

Related FAQs

  • Are Jan Broberg Parents Still Married?

Jan Broberg’s parents were married until her father’s death. They were together for 57 years then.

The pair raised their three daughters — Jan, Karen, and Susan — in Bob’s hometown of Pocatello, Idaho.

  • Were Jan Broberg Parents Stupid?

Jan Broberg’s mother said, “We were not careless or stupid.” Rather “utterly unprepared” for Robert Berchtold’s “sophisticated tactics” against their vulnerability, as well as Berchtold’s ability to turn Jan against her parents as a teenager.

Speaking more in their defense, Mary added, “We were a loving, trusting, educated family.  So how could this happen in our neighborhood, where we knew everyone, and everyone was a friend?”

  • Who Plays Jan Broberg Parents On Friend Of The Family?

Jan Broberg’s parents were portrayed by Anna Paquin and Colin Hanks in A Friend of the Family.

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