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Meet Jennifer Ortiz, Actor John Ortiz’s Wife! Her Bio, Age, Job

Having kicked off his acting career in 1993 with Carlito’s Way actor John Ortiz found himself being a part of more than two dozen films including Silver Linings Playbook, Fast & Furious 6, Steve Jobs, and The Cloverfield Paradox. Early in 2022, he has found fame more as Joe Sandoval of 24 January 2022-release Promised Land.

The new series on ABC follows John’s character as the family patriarch, businessman, husband, and father of five. This naturally made us wonder what’s his real-life like with his wife Jennifer Ortiz.

Find out everything here!

Meet Jennifer Ortiz, Actor John Ortiz’s Wife

It was quite unclear when exactly John Ortiz got married to his wife Jennifer Ortiz.

However, from the look of their social media, they have been husband and wife before 2012. As it happens, they were already married November 2012 when they attended Silver Linings Playbook in Los Angeles.

Actor John did the role of Ronnie, Veronica’s husband, Pat’s best friend, and Tiffany’s brother-in-law in the American rom-com film starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, with Robert De Niro, among others.

Meanwhile, back in the days, the New York times addressed them in a story they covered back in 2008. According to what had been said then, John, born and raised in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York and of Puerto Rican ancestry, met Jennifer in high school (John Dewey High School). Reportedly, the couple lived in that borough with their son Clemente until 2010, before they moved to California.

Anyway, married for more than a decade and John and Jennifer still seem to have a blissful marriage.

How Many Kids Do John Ortiz And His Wife Jennifer Have?

John Ortiz and his wife Jennifer have a son and his name is Clemente Ortiz. You could give Clemente a follow on his Instagram @j_clemente.0.

So, as of January 2022, Clemente studied at the Loyola University Chicago and was expected to graduate some time in 2024. Back in June 2020, he also successfully completed the scholarship, citizenship, and service required for the member of John Adams Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.

We also found out, that it is on the 8th of November that Clemente was born. “Happy Birthday, sweet boy! And thanks for all of the profound life lessons…XODaddy”, every year on his birthday John, the proud father, could come up with something like this on his social media.

So, the Ortiz, a seeming happy family of three, is based in their home in California.

Jennifer Ortiz Age

Because Jennifer Ortiz was born before 1970, she likely turned 51 years old in the least.

Jennifer Ortiz Job

Jennifer Ortiz is likely a production assistant in the same industry that her husband has been in, working as an actor and artistic director/co-founder of the LAByrinth Theater Company.

As per her IMDB profile, she worked as a production assistant in total of 20 episodes of Weird, True & Freaky TV series between 2009 – 2010.

As per net worth, she reportedly accumulated almost $1 million net worth as of January 2022. While her 53 years old husband was said to have $3 million by 2014.

If you should know, the average reported salary in the U.S. for a production assistant was $32,149 per year (as of January 2022).

Jennifer graduated from the University at Albany, SUNY in 1991 and before that from Mark Twain Junior High School in 1984.

Lastly, a Jennifer’s namesake LinkedIn also mentions its owner to be a former English Teacher at NYC Department of Education.

Is Jennifer Ortiz On Instagram?

Yes, Jennifer Ortiz could be found on Instagram as of 25 January 2022. The account @jcookortiz, with 28 posts and 122 followers, however, was set on private mode.

Other than that, she also posted from time to time on her ‘Jen Cook-Ortiz’ Facebook and ‘J Cook-Ortiz’ YouTube channel.

What Is Jennifer Ortiz Maiden Name?

Because ‘Cook’ is her maiden name, Jennifer Ortiz went around as Jennifer Cook before she got married to John.

Jennifer Ortiz Height

Jennifer Ortiz stands around 5′ 5” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jennifer Ortiz Birthday?

Every year the 15th/16th of March marks Jennifer Ortiz’s birthday and on this day, her husband makes sure to make her feel special. In the process, he also comes up with beautiful lines to wish through social media.

  • Where Is Jennifer Ortiz From?

Jennifer Ortiz was born and bred in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Although at the time of this writing, she could be found well settled in Santa Monica, California.

Further, on Facebook, Jennifer also listed nephew Angel Esteves as her family member. Angel of Orlando, Florida, seemed to work in the US Postal Service. As per his education, he studied Hospitality & Tourism as well as Sports Marketing & Management at Orange Technical College – Mid Florida Campus.

So, Jennifer seemed just as close to all her in-laws including her brother-in-law Joseph Ortiz, who was helping to build a well in Haiti with his church back in 2017.

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