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Meet Jett Kain, Bling Empire Lynn Ban Husband! Age, Job

Jett Kain is the husband of Bling Empire Lynn Ban who has also appeared on the show. There was tension between him and a fellow cast Blake Abbie. But, who is he? What does he do for a living? How old is he?

The answers unfold as you scroll down this article to sit tight.

Meet Jett Kain, Bling Empire Star Lynn Ban Husband

Lynn Ban is married and has been married for 27 years to be precise. The pair celebrates their anniversary on 28 July.

She and her husband Jett Kain reportedly met at a New Year’s Eve party back in 1994. The spark flew instantly for her husband right when he saw her. He still recalls her dancing in high heels and a very short skirt on a speaker when he first approached her to ask for her number, blissfully unknowing that she would give him the incorrect one.

As luck would have it, they crossed paths again at a dinner party held by friends of theirs a few months later, and this time the fashionista was fairly receptive to his overt attempts. Thus, Lynn and Jett started dating, which clearly made them so tremendously happy despite their fundamental cultural differences that they decided to get married a few years later.

But their relationship doesn’t only limit them to being life partners. Her husband has essentially managed everything behind the scenes to assure exposure, particularly press and marketing, while Lynn has always concentrated on the creative component of this brand.

Despite the fact that they have experienced their fair share of problems—especially given how direct they both are—they have remained completely committed to one another throughout it all. Jett and Lynn consistently listen to one another with the intention of coming to an amicable solution. The Netflix original series’ last episode, in which the character eventually admitted he’s not just considering starting something on his own but has also already secured a job in LA, serves as a good illustration of this.

His wife did become unhappy, but only because he had thought she would stay in New York; otherwise, she had been wholly supportive. She was so pleased that their lengthy commute would travel directly from New York-London to New York-California that she even smiled.

Jett Kain And Lynn Ban Son

Sebastian Kain is the name of the married couple’s son. He turned 14 on 16 March 2022. Though she has featured her son a few times on her socials, not much is known about her son. In 2021, 10Magazine reported that Sebastian was starting his boarding school in England.

Jett Kain Age

As of this article in January 2023, Jett Kain is 54 years old. He was born in the year 1968.

Jett Kain Job

Jett Kain previously worked as a reporter and producer for MTV. He then helped his wife launch Genki Sushi franchise in the USA which was originally founded by his father-in-law. According to his IMB, he was an associate producer of the VH1 Fashion and Music Awards.

Jett is currently working as the artistic director at his wife’s company, Lynn Ban Jewelry. In 2013, he was interviewed by after he collaborated with graffiti artists Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Wall of graffiti team Mint & Serf to paint his Lynn’s plain white Hermes bag to make it stand out.

‘I showed them the bag, and we immediately clicked,’ explained Jett. ‘They did a bit of research and came back to me with the concept of the “Mirfkin”‘.

In the debut season of the Netflix show, Blake had joined Lynn Bann and Jett for lunch at a metropolitan restaurant with a patio. They appeared to get along well and have known each other for a very long time. Jett, on the other hand, was finally seeing Blake after a “long time.” Things seemed to be going smoothly until Jett abruptly posed a simple question: “So like, are you gay?”

Lynn Bann chipped in with help: “No, (he is) queer.” Blake was taken aback and gaped at the couple for a while. Although clearly outraged, the actor managed to respond in a pretty elegant way: “NO! No, you like, you just don’t ask people about their sexuality. You just don’t do that.”

However, Jett had a simple query: “So you just hit on them.” When asked by Blake if he was indeed hitting on him, Jett claimed that he was not: “No, it’s just that when you are hitting on someone you wanna know if you have a chance.” Blake responded: “Feel the vibes. I am interested in men and women and non-binary people and trans-men and trans-women.”

Jett went on to call Blake an “equal opportunity humper” and then effectively forced him into an Instagram photo shoot. Blake allegedly required assistance with his Instagram profile, according to Kain. Jett ended up dubbing Blake a snowflake throughout the photo shoot after expertly coercing him into various stances. Blake exploded at that point. “F**k off, old man”, the journalist snarled before hurriedly walking away.

Later, Blake explained his problem with Jett. “I am here to have a fun time,” he stated. “You want to take an Instagram photo. You have to respect people and Jett sometimes does not realize that he is crossing a boundary. Maybe he is so stuck in an idea of the binary and gay and straight but I am not here to teach him how to live in the 21st century.”

How Much Is Jett Kain Net Worth?

In 2023, Jett Kain’s net worth should be above $5 million.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jett Kain From?

Jett Kain is a resident of New York City, New York.

  • When Is Jett Kain Birthday?

Jett Kain celebrates his birthday in August.

  • Is Jett Kain From Instagram?

No, Jett Kain is not on Instagram.

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