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Meet Jihi Bustamante, Andrew Bustamante Wife! Her Age, Job

Andrew Bustamante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer, decorated wartime military veteran, US Air Force Academy graduate, and successful Fortune 10 corporate advisor. After 15 years in service to his Nation and more than 20 plus years of experience in both private and public sectors, he has become a highly demanded international private intelligence consultant. Lately (in 2023), he has taken on the challenge of doing the same thing, supporting intelligence operations, but on a television show. It is of the History Channel’s new show Beyond Skinwalker Ranch we speak of. The 6 June 2023-premiered series has been put together for the investigative team to fully unlock the secret of the ranch, and Andrew is one among these brilliant investigators, i.e., one of its cast members.

Now, in this writing, let us finally introduce to you his wife Jihi Bustamante.

Meet Jihi Bustamante, Ex-CIA Agent & Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Star Andrew Bustamante’s Wife

“12 years… Just getting started ❤️”, Ex-CIA Agent & Beyond Skinwalker Ranch star Andrew Bustamante wrote next to this picture of him and his wife Jihi Bustamante on their 12th marriage anniversary on 8 May 2022. Based on this social media post the couple should have gotten married in 2010. But, in its story about Andrew reported that they tied the knot in 2007.

Andrew’s wife also is an ex-CIA officer. They met at an orientation while serving at the CIA. Like Andrew, Jihi also was a covert operative there. So, they worked together as a tandem pair and shared many exhilarating experiences.

Even after they got married they have worked on cases together. Yet, when they were assigned alone, a number of times, they had to take off without being able to tell the others their location.

Andrew And Jihi Bustamante Kids

When Andrew and Jihi Bustamante were serving with the CIA, they had the opportunity to live and work undercover and carry out some very interesting missions. But, they left the job together in 2014 after having their first child. The two of us, Andrew said, decided that they would rather choose to raise a family together at the same time in safety rather than try to raise a family in the weird crazy world of CIA action.

So, since then, they have had two children, a son and a daughter each, who they bring up as well as they can in their home in southern Florida. The kids do not have many years of gap between them, it seems.

Their first child is a daughter and she turned 10 years old on 15 February 2023. The other child has been named Sina.

Speaking of Sina, Andrew also once said, in  2014 his wife let him talk her into leaving the CIA so they could give their boy a life without lies. 7 years later, he teasingly said, the same boy thinks” spies are the coolest thing”. Yet, he said his boy loves knowing they picked a life with him over a life undercover.

Jihi Bustamante Age

Jihi Bustamante was born in 1980. So, she reached the age of 42 in 2022.

What Is Jihi Bustamante Maiden Name?

Jihi’s full name is Jihi Julieta Bustamante. Her maiden name was not known though, as of now.

Jihi Bustamante Job

Per LinkedIn, Jihi Bustamante has been working as the Chief Operating Officer at a company called EverydaySpy since 2019. Apparently, Andrew also runs this company. He said in an interview in November 2022, that his job there is to take spy skills, the skills that the CIA taught his wife and him, and apply them now into the real world. He described they apply critical thinking skills, leadership skills, and everything from security to social engineering and social protection. As a team, he said, they apply that to businesses, individuals, ultra-high net worth, wealthy people, and then of course also to business owners.

Between 2001 and 2005, Jihi not only did her Master of Social Work in Social Policy and Administration but also did her Doctor of Law (J.D.) at Florida State University.

Before this, she was a senior intelligence instructor at Defense and Space Contractor, a private investigator at SKB Communications, Sr. business analyst at CVS Health, and the United States government’s intelligence officer-targeter at different points in her career.

Her private investigator license from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services expired in February 2017. Her commissioned notary public license from the State of Florida is also no longer valid.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jihi Bustamante Birthday?

Jihi Bustamante’s birthday is in July. What day exactly was not yet to be revealed.

  • Where Is Jihi Bustamante From?

Jihi Bustamante likely hails from Merrifield, which is a census-designated place in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the United States. The population there was just about 15,212 at the 2010 census.

  • Is Jihi Bustamante On Instagram And Facebook?

Jihi Bustamante was not on Instagram as of 12 June 2023. One could only give her a follow on ‘Jihi Bustamante’ Facebook. She seemed to be showing people now and then glimpses of her life from here. Just recently she also informed people about her husband’s new show writing. She said she is really excited for its release. Also, on its BIO, she wrote “a leaf in the stream of creation”.

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