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Meet Jonathan Grenier Wife, Lally Partridge Bakir! Age, Job

National Geographic’s hit TV show, Life Below Zero: Northern Territories is back for its 2nd season. This season we will see day-to-day trails of the cast as they battle wildlife and extremely cold weather in the unforgiving environments of Northern Canada. Jonathan Grenier from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik joined the original cast in the second installation of the show. For this article, we will talk about Life Below Zero star Jonathan Grenier’s wife, Lally Partridge Bakir.

Follow us as we will walk you through Lally’s age, job, family, love life, and more.

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Meet Lally Partridge Bakir, Life Below Zero’s Jonathan Grenier Wife

Before we talk about the love life of Lally Partridge Bakir, let’s establish who her husband Jonathan Grenier is as a person. Besides being a cast member of Life Below Zero: Northern Territories Season 2, Jonathan is also an avid hunter, fisherman, and a proud son of the North.

Jonathan spends every minute of his leisure time either land hunting or fishing. He has two boats–one for inland river and another, a larger 24-foot North River boat, for the harsher and unpredictable sea area. Jonathan hunts many things including black bear, geese, fox, caribou, muskox, and ptarmigan in a single season.

Since Jonathan has a mixed Inuit and French Canadian heritage, he speaks French and English fluently and also has a working knowledge of Inuktitut. As a proud Inuit, he is determined to teach his kids how to live off the land in a traditional Inuit way.

Coming to Jonathan and Lally’s love life, the two reportedly have been together since February 5, 2018.

After dating for more than three years, the two tied the wedding knots on September 18, 2021. Jonathan announced his marriage to Lally on Facebook one day later. A bunch of people congratulated the couple on their wedding.

Lally Partridge Bakir ties wedding knot with Life Below Zero star, Jonathan Grenier.

The adorable duo raises two kids, both boys, together. The elder one’s name is Kalluk. He turned 7 years old on February 26, 2019, and Jonathan wished him the happiest birthday by making a Facebook post.

As of this writing, we were not sure if Jonathan had Kalluk and the other kid with Lally or are they from his previous relationship. That being said, since Jonathan and Lally have only been allegedly dating since 2018, it’s highly unlikely that Kalluk is Lally’s biological kid.

Talking more about the Grenier family, Lally’s husband shared on his Facebook in April 2021 that he had found out major problems with the house they were living in and figured out that it will require major renovations. He added that the whole family had to move out and live in his parents’ place while the renovations took place.

Lally Partridge Bakir Age

Reportedly born before 1993, Lally Partridge Bakir’s age was at least 29 as of this writing in 2022. She celebrates her birthday every September 14th.

On September 15, 2020, Jonathan’s mom and Lally’s mother-in-law, Annie Grenier, made a Facebook post wishing Lally a happy birthday. In the caption, she wrote, “Happy birthday once again to Lally and Louisa PB. It was a very nice supper celebrating your birthday yesterday. Wishing you both many more wonderful years. Jon Grenier, you outdid yourself making their delicious birthday cake from scratch!”

Lally Partridge Bakir Job

We hate to say this but we have no information on Lally Partridge Bakir’s job. We do not know what Lally does to make her living. However, given that there are small kids in the Grenier family, our safest bet would be that Lally is a housewife.

With that said, we do have plenty of information about her husband’s job. According to Jonathan’s LinkedIn, he is an Advisor to the Institutions at Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services, an employee at an aircraft charter company named Chrono Aviation Tingijuk, and a President of Nunavik Pituvvik Management.

From April 2003 to July 2013, the Life Below Zero star worked as the Captain of Air Inuit. In his career, Jonathan was once also a Municipal Manager of the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq.

Lally’s husband has an ice-hockey background and he even participated in the 2014 Northern Hockey Challenge Final as a goalkeeper of his team Kuujuaq. Unfortunately, they lost to Iqaluit Iceman with a score of 5-8.

Jonathan Grenier has a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management from John Abbott College. He did his high school studies at National Sports Academy.

Is Lally Partridge Bakir On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Lally Partridge Bakir was still not on Instagram as of June 2022. However, you can find her on Facebook.

Lally Partridge Bakir Family

Talking about Lally’s own family, she has a twin sister named Louisa Partridge Bakir. As twins, the two share the same birth dates. Furthermore, Lally has an aunt, who goes by the name of Kitty Partridge.

The other members of Lally’s family are Aysa Bakir, Pasha L Partridge, Joey Partridge, Mae Partridge, and Eva Partridge.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lally Partridge Bakir From?

While we don’t know where Lally is originally from, she currently resides with her husband and kids in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik.

  • How Tall Is Lally Partridge Bakir?

Lally Partridge Bakir stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

  • Does Lally Partridge Bakir Appear On Life Below Zero?

As of June 2022, we were still unsure if Lally has any appearances on Life Below Zero: Northern Territories Season 2.

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