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Meet Joshua Douglas, Tammy Slaton Boyfriend! His Bio, Age, Job, IG

The news of the day is Tammy Slaton, the star of TLC’s 1000-lb sisters, has a new partner, reportedly named Joshua Douglas. Joshua has remained largely mysterious up to this point. But Gossip Next Door has dug up some information about him.

Keep reading to find out who is Joshua.

Meet Joshua Douglas, Tammy Slaton Boyfriend

The dating rumors about Tammy having a “mystery hunk” started to float when she posted a story of a man kissing her on her cheek. The handsome guy in the photo turned out to be Joshua Douglas.

Joshua confirmed that the two of them were dating when he posted his own story saying, “Got to see my girl @queentammy86 today! I’m so extremely proud of her hard work and dedication.”

Unfortunately, kinks have already started to appear in their relationship. It seems Joshua commented on Tammy’s photo of him kissing her. However, because of that, he seemed to have gotten a little bit of flak from the fans who are critical of Tammy for her weight loss failures.

Some fans of 1000-lb sisters are not happy with Tammy because of her weight loss failures. And those fans seem to find it okay to divert their dislike towards Joshua. ( Joshua got upset in the comment section. He wrote in one comment that he is about to “make his account private. [He doesn’t] want all of this hate and anger on my page.

Who Is Tammy Slaton’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Before meeting and starting to go out with Joshua, Tammy was in relationships with several guys. Not at the same time though (probably).

Tammy’s most important (and probably most controversial) boyfriend was Jerry Sykes. Jerry and Tammy dated during the second season of 1000-lb Sisters. They were broken up by early 2021.

Most fans were not happy about Tammy and Jerry’s relationship because Jerry was a married man. And fans thought that Tammy was only his “side-chick”.  Jerry’s wife’s name is Kia Russell-Rucker. And apparently, she is terminally ill.

And Tammy knew about this and was probably okay. However, Jerry ended the relationship eventually because he “felt guilty about putting Kia through the drama”.

After her breakup with Jerry, Tammy dated a guy called Phillip Redmond. Although, Jerry and Tammy had a minor relapse in late 2021.

Tammy started dating around March/April 2021. They first appeared together on Phillip’s TikTok video and sang a duet. Later, Phillip also appeared on Tammy’s TikTok. Reportedly, the two of them even got engaged.

Tammy and Phillip eventually broke up in late 2021. Tammy was “tired of fighting” and decided to let go of things. Many fans and Tammy’s sister Amy were happy about the breakup because Tammy had the habit of letting her romantic relationship get her sidetracked from her weight loss goals.

Joshua Douglas Age

Reportedly, Joshua Douglas is 20 years of age (as of December 2021). And according to the posts on his Facebook, he celebrates his birthday every year on the 30th of June. Thus, his zodiac sign is Cancer.

Joshua Douglas Job

Joshua is an actor. And he is represented by Heyman Talent Agency. It does not seem that Joshua has appeared in any major works as an actor. It was likely that he was still looking for a break.

And while he is still finding his break as an actor, Joshua is also working as a Human Resource Assistant at Tj Maxx Distribution center. An average HR Assistant in Kentucky earns a salary of about $46,990. Joshua might not have as much experience as an average HR Assistant. So, he might be earning a little less.

Also, Joshua is still in college. He is currently studying at Western Kentucky University and is studying Business Management. He is the batch of 2025. That means he only enrolled this year (2021).

On a slightly unrelated note, Joshua also has a traveling bug. His social media (especially his Instagram) is filled with pictures of him in beautiful travel locations. In September 2021, he was in Niagara Falls, Ontario. And he had posted a photo on his IG with captions, “I think I’m going to move here…”

Is Joshua Douglas On IG, Facebook?

Yes, Joshua is on both Instagram and Facebook. His Instagram handle is @joshuadouglasd.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Joshua Douglas?

Reportedly, Joshua is 6 ft 1 inch tall.

  • Where Is Joshua Douglas From?

Joshua is actually from Russia. On his Facebook, his hometown is mentioned as Stavropol Kavkazskiy, Russia. However, he is currently living in the US. His current town is Bowling Green, Kentucky.

  • Will Joshua Douglas Appear On 1000-lb Sisters?

It has not been announced yet. But if he continues to date Tammy, he is most likely going to appear on the show. The showrunners cannot avoid Tammy’s boyfriend.

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