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Meet Landscaper Nick Cutsumpas Girlfriend, Alana Williams!

Is Nick Cutsumpas from Netflix’s original show Instant Dream Home in a relationship? Yes, he is and her name is Alana Williams. Fans have been dying to know more about his girlfriend. Nick, in the show, is seen as a career plant coach, urban farmer, and landscaper.

A full-time plant coach, gardener, landscaper, and creator of enormous flower sculptures, Nick Cutsumpas. His goal, as a plant coach and urban farmer, is to empower individuals with the skills and assurance they need to design their own green spaces. Nick bragged about having more than 80 clients in New York City and Los Angeles on his LinkedIn profile. His appearances in the New York Times, Vogue, Business Insider, Goop, NY Post, and the Netflix original series The Big Flower Fight are not to be missed.

While that’s a brief introduction to Nick, let’s learn about his girlfriend in this article here. We cover her age, job, and her hometown.

Meet Alana Williams, Landscaper Nick Cutsumpas Girlfriend

Instant Dream Home landscaper Nick Cutsumpas is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Alana Williams. Social media posts suggested that they were together since mid-2020. They are still going strong together all thanks to their shared love for plants. We can see them supporting each other’s careers and embarking on a joint venture.

In May 2021, Nick announced their first dating anniversary on his Instagram. He wrote, “One down, many more to go. Happy Anniversary @chewsgoodfood.”

In August 2021, Nick shared that he was missing Alana as he was away from her for six months. He wrote, “Working during a pandemic has made things pretty challenging, and even though there’s still over a month to go, but we got this”.

The dating couple was also featured together in the April 2021 piece of TuftsNow titled Growing a Green Thumb. Later in October of the same year, Nick also shared that they were attending a friend’s wedding. Likewise, a month later he talked about getting together with Alana’s family for a vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

Alana Williams Age

In May 2022, Alana Williams is 26 years old.

Alana Williams Job

On her blog, Alana Williams announced that she started the blog because of her passion for food. She writes, “I started this site because I’m passionate about food. But not just any food, food that promotes a healthier planet. Currently getting my master’s degree in Food Studies student at NYU, I’m an advocate for any policy that helps consumers access healthy choices, encourages farmers to rebuild topsoil, or reduces food waste. Food is something we can all speak to and our food choices hold power!”.

Alana is the owner of her brand Good Food. Alana stated that Good Food came from small local farms, and has higher nutrient quality because it comes from healthy soil.

She announced, “It is inexpensive and easy to prepare, it is plant-based and fills you with energy and a sense of pride. This website is devoted to celebrating the methods of crafting this good food, from agricultural policies on the farm to cooking tips in your kitchen.”

She has also done a few interviews and hosts podcasts to aware people.

On her Facebook, Alana stated that the youth advisory board at Mercy For Animals. She also worked as a summer intern at Kiss The Ground. She launched New York City Kiss the Ground in October 2018. With the latter project, her calling was to heal the world from the destructiveness of greed and reconnect people and animals with nature.

Alana is working as a soil advocate. She was trained at Soil Advocate Training which was a solution to climate change explained to her in such a way that felt straightforward and actually possible.

Her organization also partnered with Non-Toxic Neighborhoods to ban glyphosate from spraying in NYC parks.

She was a manager of Farmer Success at CROP SWAP and a future advocate for breaking down barriers to transitioning to regenerative. Learn more about her work in his video titled A Regenerative Secret – Kiss The Ground.

According to her LinkedIn, Alana revealed that she worked as an Administrative Coordinator at Zero Foodprint based in San Francisco, California. She was a project leader at MCGRATH FAMILY FARMS in 2021.

Alana also interned at Orange County Food Access Coalition and ORANGE HOME GROWN INC.

Moreover, Alana is a licensed google project manager from Coursera and a soil food web consultant from Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School. She also volunteered at Essential Farmers as a living roof volunteer.

As for her academic qualifications, Alana holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Broadcast Journalism in 2018. She later earned her MA in food studies from New York University in 2020. Alana completed high school at Hinsdale Central High School in 2014.

Is Alana Williams On Instagram?

Yes, Alana Williams uses Instagram (@chewsgoodfood) and Facebook (@alana.williams.14).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alana Williams From?

Alana Williams hailed from Chicago, Illinois. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Tall Is Alana Williams?

Alana Williams’ height should be under 5 feet 7 inches.

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