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Meet Liz Anjos, André Allen Anjos aka RAC Ex-Wife!

On 31 December 2022, Ireland Baldwin decided to tell the world that she is going to be a mom. The fashion model and daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger showed a picture of a sonogram of the baby she is going to have with her musician boyfriend RAC (born as André Allen Anjos). RAC also shared the post to his feed. Ireland, who started modeling and acting in 2013, and RAC had been celebrating many holidays together, including Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, over the past year. And before the pregnancy news, RAC had told the world that he and Ireland opened a shop “Good Times!” in the beautiful town of Gearhart.

So, in these over the years circulating romance stories about Ireland and André Allen Anjos, people have also been just as interested in prying about the latter’s ex-wife. She is Liz Anjos. She met RAC in college and they later got married. Keep reading, to discover more.

Meet Liz Anjos, Musician André Allen Anjos aka RAC Ex-Wife

Back in 2005, André Allen Anjos and his family returned to the United States from their long stay in Europe and so André attended Greenville College in Illinois where he earned a degree in music, media, and entertainment business, before launching a career in music. In this college, he also met Liz Anjos. Then, they got married in 2008 and nine years later, a relative of theirs called Rachel Blosser Derstine took to her Facebook to show a recording of her family rehearsing a song they sang at the wedding.

Fast forward to today, while André performs under the stage name RAC, his wife Liz is also a noted piano artist, with the stage name Pink Feathers.

It is unclear when and why exactly André and Liz separated. The couple was still reportedly together during the 2020’s COVID pandemic. One could also not tell when exactly Ireland started seeing RAC, but they went Instagram official with the relationship in July 2021.

Liz Anjos Relationship Status Now

Liz Anjos seemed likely single by the time of this writing. The pst years of her life, she likely spent working on herself. When concluding the year 2022, she recently took to her social media to lists how in the yer, some of her failures have been tough to swallow but they also have led to unexpected experiences and new ideas and connections. She wrote that she has not “arrived” and that she does not think she ever will be. It is the striving that makes life fulfilling, she said, before asking people to keep trying, keep failing, keep their people close, and thank their lucky stars for them every day. However, in all that lengthy heartfelt writing, never did she mention any special someone.

Liz Anjos Age

Liz Anjos was born in 1985. So, she reached the age of 37 in 2022.

What Is Liz Anjos Maiden Name?

Derstine is Liz’s madien name. So, she went around as Liz Derstine before getting married to André. But, following their separation she again decided to keep her name to the same old Liz Derstine. If you alsoneed to know, Liz is the shortened form or a nicknme to the full name Elizabeth.

Liz Anjos Family

Liz Anjos’s mother is Rachel Blosser Derstine nd dhe turned 69 years old in December 2022. So, for the past years, she has been the owner/founder at Artful Quilting and Sewing, owner at Rachel Derstine Designs. While formerly, she was a piano instructor at Community Music School from 1991 to 2016. Even before that and she studied piano performance at Ohio University, Eastern Mennonite College nd Western Mennonite School. Orginally from Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan, she was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania s of now. She could also be found on IG @derstinedesigns, showing off her landscapes, architecture, and abstracts.

Liz’s father seemed like an artist. He turned 70 in June 2022.

Now, at last, Liz’s family includes her sister, Ktherine “Katie” Derstine. She is an older sister of course as she turned 40 in June 2022.

Liz Anjos Height

Liz Anjos stands below 5’8” in height and is really very dedicated to fitness. Keeping that up, she particularly joined Boston Hares and became a Track Smith Running ambassador in 2022.  This year, she also went for her first and second solo backpacking trips to Pinhoti and Long Trail. She also revealed that she failed at her second Fastest Known Time attempt on the Long Trail but did not on her third attempt.

Liz Anjos Job

On LinkedIn, Liz Anjos mentioned being self-employed as a collaborative pianist since 2007 and as a running coach since 2009.

Before this and she worked pasrt-time as a praeducator at Beaverton School District.

Speaking of her education, she got her Bachelor of Arts in Music, Piano Performance  between 2003 and 2007. nd most recently is September 2022, she decided to go back to college again after she was accepted with an “incredible” scholarship package from Longy School of Music. In December 2022, she just had finished her first semester and was looking forward to the rest of Master of Music in Collbortive Piano. She was expecting her graduation around May 2024.

Liz Derstine, trail name “Mercury”, is a distance runner, endurance hiker, writer, and musician residing in Greater Boston, MA. She holds the fastest known times for a woman on the Appalachian Trail (supported, northbound), Vermont’s Long Trail (self-supported), and Pinhoti Trail (self-supported). Liz is also a classical pianist, songwriter/composer, and has toured internationally as a pop keyboardist and singer. She is currently pursuing a Master of Music at Longy School of Music of Bard College.

On her website, Liz also mentioned being a distance runner and endurance hiker with a trail name “Mercury”, writer, and musician.

More recently, in December 2022, Liz was hving her first winter in Boston nd was coping by A) wearing a “ridiculous” amount of layers B) signing up for a new years race somewhere very very sunny C) getting cozy and dreaming up ideas for the year ahead.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Liz Anjos From?

In 2022, Liz Anjos said farewell to Oregon after 13 “fantastic” years and moved to Boston. So, at the time of this writing, she was based in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. Yet, so far, we were not told where Liz was born in.

  • When Is Liz Anjos Birthday?

Liz Anjos’s birthday is on August 25th and that makes her a Virgo. Virgo born on this are supposedly very complicated. The way astrology puts it, they seem to derive a great deal of emotional sustenance from the approval of those close to them. Also, it is said, people such as these can be depended upon to make bold strides.

  • What Is Liz Anjos On Instagram?

Yes. Liz Anjos could be found on Instagram @pinkfeathers with 281 posts and 6,641 followers as of 2 January 2023.

Besides Liz also rn Twitter account (@pinkfeathers) and more than one Facebook accounts.

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