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Meet Malaysia Pargo Kids: Jannero Jr, Jayla, And Jayden!

Malaysia Pargo boasts on her IG bio that she is a mother of three kids. If you go through her IG you can find them featured on her IG frequently. Learn about her children Jannero Jr, Jayla, And Jayden.

Scroll down and keep reading to learn more about Malaysia Pargo’s three children.

Who Are Basketball Wives Star Malaysia Pargo Kids?

Malaysia Pargo is the star of Basketball Wives, a highly popular show on VH1. These women being cast on the show dated had babies or married NBA stars. Malaysia is no exception, as she was married to NBA star Jannero Pargo. She has been in the show since Day 1. Fans know her for discussing her marriage with her ex-husband Jannero.

They tied the knots in 2006. They dated for four years before that. The reality personality filed for divorce on May 23, 2014, after a separation of 17 months. But she would be pursued for her choice to end her relationship with her children’s father. In an episode of Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, Malaysia let out a hint of regret by adding, “One of the things that I wish I would’ve done is step back and go to counseling between the both of us because right now to the day we still very much love each other”.

Eight years into marriage, they divorced in 2014. The reason for the dead marriage is of course infidelity. But, they have been working together as co-parents to their three kids; Jannero Jr., Jayla, and Jayden.

In early June 2022, Malaysia posted a picture of her three children, she then, “Love you Then, Love you Still, Always have, Always Will”. While in April 2022, she captioned another post, “The most magical day of my life was the day I became a mother”.

Meet Malaysia Pargo Firstborn, Jannero Jr

In October 2020, Malaysia Pargo wished Jannero Jr. a birthday via an IG post. She wrote, “Every great man in the world was once just a simple young boy. Today, we celebrate your youth and innocence. In a few years, we celebrate you growing up into a fine young man. Happy birthday, son mommy Love you so much”.

  • Jannero Jr Age

Born in 2007, Jannero Jr. is 14 years old as of July 2022. Jannero Jr. celebrates his birthday on 4 October.

  • Jannero Jr Father

Jannero Jr was born to his father Jannero Pargo.

Born 22 October 1979, Jannero Sr hailed from Chicago, Illinois. He is a shooting guard and point guard in the NBA. Jannero has a long history of professional basketball experience, having played for the Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and more. He did, however, choose to retire in 2017.

Jannero Sr has been a coaching assistant ever since. Jannero began his coaching career with the Portland Trailblazers before joining the Indiana Pacers’ coaching staff.

  • Is Jannero Jr On Instagram?

Yes, Jannero Jr. is on Instagram (@janneropargo).

Meet Malaysia Pargo Twins, Jayla & Jayden

Malaysia Pargo’s twins Jayla & Jayden are abundantly featured on their mother’s IG. On 6 June Malaysia shared about her son Jayden on her IG. She wrote, “This Young Man said he wanna be so fly that he looks like he’s getting drafted to the Atlanta Hawks. Congratulations son you made it to Jr.High….”

And, in May 2022, Malaysia boasted on her IG that her daughter is a reflection of her.

In another post, Malaysia wrote about her twins while captioning, “We made a wish. And two came true. Twinning”.

  • Jayla & Jayden Age

Born in 2010, Jayla & Jayden, the twins are 11 years old as of July 2022. They celebrate their birthday on 15 September.

  • Jayla & Jayden Father

Jayla & Jayden are also born to their father Jannero Pargo.

No information is known regarding Jannero Sr’s romantic history. Jannero Sr has not been linked to anyone since splitting from Malaysia in a contentious divorce proceeding that lasted from 2012 to 2014.

In actuality, the only significant highlights of Jannero’s basketball playing and coaching careers are displayed on his Instagram feed. Many users have recently been mocking the coach for supposedly failing to pay child support. Social media trolls have been persistent despite Jannero’s lack of response to Malaysia’s accusations that he isn’t upholding his end of the contract.

Fans don’t anticipate a response from Jannero Sr because he has largely avoided the topic of Malaysia.

  • Is Jayla & Jayden On Instagram?

Only Jayla is on Instagram. Click the link to find her IG (@princess_jaylamilan).

Related FAQs

  • Have Malaysia Pargo Kids Appeared On Basketball Wives?

No, Malaysia Pargo’s kids haven’t appeared on Basketball Wives star.

  • Where Do Malaysia Pargo Kids Live?

Malaysia Pargo’s kids live in Los Angeles, California.

  • Who Has The Custody Of Malaysia Pargo Kids?

Malaysia spoke openly about her divorce in an interview with Rolling Out, making it clear that her children’s welfare comes first. “After divorce, it’s not about you. It’s about the kids,” she explained to the publication, adding that she wished to guarantee the “whole” of her children.

Malaysia was open and honest about co-parenting, calling it “the most crucial thing” because “you damaged a house, and kids notice it,” she continued. The reality star said she and Pargo “co-parent well” and can “remain in the same household” after their divorce to be present for their children.

But based on the posts, the kids are with her most of the time, but Jannero also gets his father time with the children. Unlike divorce, there were no headlines about Malaysia and Jannero’s custody battle.

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