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Meet Marianne Argy El Obeidi, Dubai Bling Kris Fade First Wife!

Marianne Argy El Obeidi calls herself a “Fit Aussie mom” and her 1 million followers couldn’t agree more. Infact, her beauty previously caught Dubai Bling star Kris Fade’s heart, and the former husband/wife went on to share 2 beautiful kids — whom they co-parented after the divorce.

Get to know Kris’ first wife better as this article proceeds.

Meet Marianne Argy El Obeidi, Dubai Bling Star Kris Fade First Wife

Marianne Argy El Obeidi and Kris Fade started their love story before 2009, and fast forward to a decade later, it ended in 2018.

Talking about their divorce, Marianne said that it was a mutual decision. Though they didn’t make it as a married couple, Marianne still considered her ex-husband to be her close friend. “Some people try to say something bad about my ex and I stop there right here because I will get mad,” she explained.

Also, the beauty recalled that Kris was a great husband and an even better father. She admits that people have tried to slander her behind her back about their relationship. But she wants all to know, “We’ve never been better! You can make it through any relationship.”

And for anyone struggling to do so, she urges them to be “intelligent, patient, and civilized.” She also remarked that it’s definitely hard work but you’ll only be hurting yourself in the long run.

The last we checked, Marianne still tagged Kris on her IG posts about family. Infact, she even was close to her ex-husband’s fiancee, Briana Ramirez.

“Thank you to my kids’ dad @krisfade and his lovely fiancé @being.brianna for the warm invite with @vlada_polefitdubai before Christmas to unwrap presents and also surprise the babies on a dream vacation to the Maldives,” Marianne wrote on her IG in Dec 2020, sharing a pic alongside, Kris and Briana.

Kris Fade And Marianne Argy El Obeidi Daughters

Marianne shares two daughters named Zahra and Ariani (12 and 10 years old, respectively, as of 2022).

On Zahra’s 12th birthday (i.e. on August 19, 2021), Marianne organized an “Alice in wonderland meets secret garden” themed party for her.

As for Ariani’s 10th birthday (i.e. on November 7, 2021), Marianne ordered a Roblox-themed cake.

Someday, Ariani wants to be a lawyer. She plans on going to go to Harvard and be a judge because “it’s the best university and judges make more money.”

Her kids, Zahra and Ariani also share a joint IG account @noushieandkikki (managed by their mother) with over 6K followers.

Marianne Argy El Obeidi Relationship Status Today

Marianne Argy El Obeidi is married today. Her second husband is named Rami M. El Obeidi. The two were an item ever since mid-2018, and only got married in 2022 — a year after their engagement in August 2021.

Recalling their journey, Marianne share that meeting Rami was like a fairy tale. Since the day they met, Rami promised Marianne that she was going to be his wife and they just laughed it off, thinking it was a joke at the time. But Marianne never ever let money dictate her and her happiness. So, after Rami effortlessly chased Marianne for months, she gave him a chance.

However, in the beginning, they defiantly encountered many hardships and suffering. But together they helped each other mature and then strengthen in areas they lacked. “No one person is perfect, you need to find someone who makes you happy, be better, and be willing to build a future together,” she explained.

Though Marianne’s current husband isn’t as wealthy as her, he’s the former head of foreign intelligence in Libya’s National Transition Council. A figure of the Libyan revolution, Rami directed CNT for a year after the fall of Colonel Gaddafi. And even today, he invests himself in the political fight.

Back in the day, he also funded surveillance activities on several investors suspected of manipulating the German payments firm Wirecard AG’s shares.

Here’s Rami’s FB @rami.elobeidi, IG @rami.elobeidi, and Twitter @ramielobeidi.

Rami receives his birthday wishes on April 30.

On his birthday in 2022, Marianne share their picture captioned, “I raised you so high that now every other man is doomed to live in your shadow. Happy birthday my best friend, my partner in crime. Many many more years of us to come. Love you so much.”

Marianne Argy El Obeidi Age

Marianne Argy El Obeidi was born on January 21, 1980. That made her 42 years of age in 2022.

As per her birthday, Marianne is of the Aquarius zodiac.

What Is Marianne Argy El Obeidi Nationality?

Marianne is of Greek nationality.

But she was raised in Australia.

Marianne Argy El Obeidi Job

Marianne Argy El Obeidi is a health and fashion enthusiast. She’s an influencer with millions of followers.

This beauty even offered her luxury closet at affordable prices. At “,” Marianne sold e her immaculate condition, pre-loved outfits at a fraction of the price which raged anywhere from $800 to $7,200.

In 2009, Marianne even auditioned for a spot in Dubai’s first all-girl pop band, The Rogue girls.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Marianne Argy El Obeidi?

Marianne stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

  • Is Marianne Argy El Obeidi On Instagram?

As of October 2022, find Marianne on Instagram @marianneargy with 1M followers.

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