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Meet Matt Krath, Bachelor Victoria Jameson Ex-Husband!

Fans of TikTok star Matt Krath are turning heads because his ex-wife Victoria Jameson has joined the cast member of Bachelor 23. After she “hard launch” their divorce on TikTok, fans are eager to learn about Matt’s relationship status.

Find out more as you keep on scrolling down this article.

Meet Matt Krath, Bachelor 23 Star Victoria Jameson Ex-Husband

Cast member of Bachelor 23 Victoria Jameson was previously married to her ex Matt Krath. She “hard launch” her divorce via a TikTok post while announcing that she is the new cast member of The Bachelor, the season of Bachelorette contestant Zach Shallcross.

“Hard launch: I’m divorced,” Victoria captioned the video, which is accompanied by Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” playing in the background. “Tune into my second chance at love on The Bachelor.” The audio from a TikTok user’s video that features the funny Savannah Scrimsher is also included in the clip saying, “I just want to get one epic photo so my ex-boyfriend knows that I’m having a better life without him.”

Victoria released another video in which she can be seen contemplating a difficult choice while using her laptop: “Deciding to be on reality TV fully knowing my ex-husband and his entire family will see it.”

As Victoria contemplates what to do, the video features audio, which says, “It’s so mean, don’t do it. It’s the meanest thing you could do.” She then, of course, smiles and decides to apply.”

Victoria was born on 13 August 1992. She is a model, dancer, beauty pageant competitor, and social media personality who became a crowned figure on the app TikTok. Likewise, she was a semi-finalist in Miss Oklahoma 2015 and she also competed for the crown of Miss Oklahoma in 2016.

Victoria became Miss Oklahoma Earth in 2017. She has studied at the Broadway Dance Center and performed with the American Spirit Dance Company. She also attended Oklahoma City University in pursuit of a bachelor of performing arts degree in dance performance.

Matt Krath And Victoria Jameson Divorce Details

Matt Krath and Victoria Jameson married in May 2018 after dating for three years after meeting in high school. Back in 2020, the couple had spoken to The Outline, about performing TikToks together. The couple made their living posting videos to the platform.

“Matt is a dreamer,” Victoria said at the time in Southlake, Texas, the tony Dallas suburb where they lived. “I’m very logical. Sometimes those two balance each other out, and other times we bicker.”

“I have to bring Matt back down to Earth,” she said. “He’ll get this big idea that requires a lot of money, a full set, actors, everything. I’ll remind him we have to scale it back a bit because tomorrow he’ll be on to another idea.”

Since graduating from college in 2015, Victoria has been the owner and operator of a social media consulting business, and Matt had previously worked in sales for a hotel chain. Victoria helps Matt with the business aspects of his TikTok career even though each of their accounts has a unique brand. They frequently appear in one other’s clips.

“She’ll often have to remind me to reply to companies that ask about stuff like that, because I’m so scattered that I’ll forget,” he said. “Yep, That happens all the time.”

As a favor, Matt helps to come up with ideas for Victoria’s videos. “Giving her content is my love language,” Matt said.

However, their divorce came as a surprise to many. According to, they filed the separation/divorce on 21 April 2021 in Tarrant County, Texas. Records show that they finalized their divorce in January 2022.

Is Matt Krath Dating Anyone New?

While Victoria Jameson is on a journey to find love on national television, Matt Krath has already moved on and found a girlfriend for himself. He also “hard launch” his relationship in November 2022, when he first introduced his girlfriend Alba. He posted, “Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That’s part of the risk. I don’t want to be scared anymore. #happyhalloween.”

The pic of the couple was captured at Cutting Edge Haunted House.

Because Alba has kept her last name and socials private not much is currently public about her. The only thing that we can tell is that is religious.

Matt Krath Age

Matt Krath is 30 years old presently (as of early 2023). His date of birth is 5 July 1992, according to Famous Birthdays.

Matt Krath Job

Per Matt Krath’s LinkedIn, he worked at Holiday Inn Club Vacations in sales after working as Field Marketing Representative for 4 months. He had also worked as an entertainer at Fullscreen Media.

Before that, he was a lifeguard at The Keller Pointe in 2012 and Cutco Sales Representative at Cut from September 2011 to April 2012.

Matt attended Blinn College followed by BA in Political Science and Government at Texas A&M University where he graduated in 2014. His LinkedIn further states that he has also volunteered at Relay for Life, MSC Freshman in Service and Hosting (FISH), Pioneers, and The Big Event at Texas A&M University, and as Fish Camp Counselor at Texas A&M University.

What Is Matt Krath Height?

Matt Krath’s height measures under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Matt Krath From?

Matt Krath is a native of Keller, Texas. He is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Matt Krath On Instagram?

Yes, Matt Krath is on Instagram (@mattkrath).

  • Who Are Matt Krath Parents?

Matt Krath was born to his parents Mike and Veronica Krath. The couple married on 26 March 1988. But, they have been together since 1972.

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