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Meet Michael Bosstick Parents: Gary Bosstick And Lisa Bosstick!

Gary Bosstick And Lisa Bosstick, the parents of Michael Bosstick, are grandparents again. Michael and his wife recently welcomed their baby no. 2, a boy. “We are on cloud nine, just so happy!” the duo, who are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Zaza, shared in a statement. “Our second baby feels like such a serene, nice balance to our family.”

He is going to be a great father because he learned from the best.

Michael credits all of his success to his parents Gary Bosstick And Lisa Bosstick. He credits their parenting for helping him become the man he is today. Learn more about Gary and Lisa in this article. Below, we cover their age, job, marital status, and their net worth.

Who Are Michael Bosstick Parents?

Gary Bosstick and Lisa Bosstick had Michael Bosstick as one of the three children. Gary was in his late 30s when he met and married Lisa. In 1965, he was married to his first wife which lasted that ended shortly after. Gary was married to his wife for a couple of years, “no children, no dogs, no pets, no alimony, no harm, no foul”.

Gary added that he added that he waited a very long time. Michael’s wife Lauryn Bosstick asked how he knew that Lisa was the one. He answered that she didn’t want anything to do with him but he chased her until she agreed to go out with him. Furthermore, it took him six months to get her to their first lunch.

Lisa told Gary that she had a boyfriend and she was pretty serious about it and planned to get married. Gary shared that they weren’t getting married and he could have more fun with him. Gary expressed that convincing took a long time, and once Lisa said yes, from that point it was a smooth road.

Meet Michael Bosstick Father, Gary Bosstick

When Michael Bosstick brought his father Gary Bosstick on his Him & Her podcast, Michael introduced him as his best friend, business partner, mentor, and his father. Gary shared that he has never done the podcast before.

Michael Bosstick’s father Gary Bosstick (Pic: Twitter)

Gary hailed from a small town in Marshall, Illinois with 3900 people. He left his hometown in 1965. As for parenting, Gary shared that he treated his kids more like an adult than kids. Michael added to that claiming that his parents never treated him like a baby.

In the podcast, Gary also opened up about doing drugs in the 70s and 80s. He shared his experience of doing drugs which made Michael realize that it was not one of those things that he needed to explore by himself.

Michael spoke with SDVoyager, about Jet-Bed, a company he started with his father. He shared, “With my father Gary Bosstick, we started a company called JetBed, Inc. which is now the World’s leading provider of beds for corporate and private aircraft. We service some of the World’s largest companies and high-net-worth individuals.

  • Gary Bosstick Age

In 2022, Gary Bosstick is above 72 years old.

  • Gary Bosstick Job

Gary Bosstick joined the Navy which brought him to San Diego, California. He also went to college at the Navy’s expense. Although he scored high in the BootCamp, Gary was laid off because he was color blind and not eligible to become an officer because you had to see red and green lights on the ships.

He shared in the podcast that he has witnessed all the ups and downs, as a boy from a small town. He explained that he hasn’t still figured out what to do with his life.

But, a friend from the Navy persuaded him to get into real estate so he switched from navy to real estate without any financial support. He shared that had he known that it would be impossible, which he learned after he did it, he wouldn’t have jumped into the real estate in the first place.

According to LinkedIn, Gary is now the co-owner of Jet-Bed. Jet-Bed is a custom-made bed to fit the exact aircraft model by contouring to your specific sidewall configuration, seat width, seat height, and club spacing. Their patented designs allow the user to sleep in the type of comfort expected from their bed at home or a fine hotel.

The Jet-Bed is completely flat with absolutely no hard spots. It is uniform in feeling and firmness over the entire surface. The bed is created to the standards required of hospital beds used for burn victims, which need especially even weight distribution to achieve proper healing.

On his Twitter bio, Gary write, “President @JetBedInc Jet pilot, raconteur, a political commentator on!”.

  • How Much Is Gary Bosstick Net Worth?

Gary Bosstick should have a net worth above $10 million.

Meet Michael Bosstick Mother, Lisa Bosstick

Michael Bosstick has introduced his mother only once on his Instagram. It was on 25 September 2021, with a caption, “Mom’s in town. We are on our best behavior… kinda”. One follower commented, “This beauty is your MOM? No way! She is too young to be your mom? Stunning! Seriously? Are you messing with us, MB?!”. Another commented, “I thought sister!!”

  • Lisa Bosstick Age

Born in September 1962, Lisa Bosstick is 59 years old.

  • Lisa Bosstick Job

Lisa Bosstick is the president of Madison Square Properties, Inc. She started the company in March 1990 which was incorporated in August 1990. According to OpenCorporates, she has also been listed as the CEO of the company.

She is still running it to this day. She also works as a real estate broker in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

  • How Much Is Lisa Bosstick Net Worth?

Lisa Bosstick should have a total net worth above $5 million.

Related FAQs

  • Are Michael Bosstick Parents Still Married?

Michael Bosstick’s parents are still together. In the Him & Her podcast, Michael’s wife Lauryn shared that they are still together. Michael opened up about parenting alongside his wife Lisa.

  • Are Michael Bosstick Parents On Instagram?

No, Michael Bosstick’s parents are not on Instagram. But, Gary is on Twitter (@gbosstick).

  • Where Do Michael Bosstick Parents Live?

Michael Bosstick’s parents live in San Diego, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Michael Bosstick Parents Have?

Michael Bosstick’s parents have two other children besides Michael. He has a sister named Tara Bosstick. Michael and Tara have an age difference of 9 years. She travels the world and speaks three languages. You can find her on Instagram (@tara_bosstick). She is also a board member of Fast Lane Drive (@fastlanedrive) and a founding partner of WOO MORE PLAY (@woomoreplay).

Michael’s second sibling is still unknown.

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