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Meet Natalia Marrero, Love Is Blind Trevor Sova Girlfriend!

Love Is Blind Trevor Sova was reportedly dating his rumored girlfriend Natalia Marrero. Are they still together? Who is she? What does she do for a living?

If you came looking for an answers to all these questions then you’re in a right place. Scroll down and read all that we know about her here.

Love Is Blind S6: Meet Natalia Marrero, Trevor Sova Rumored Girlfriend

According to The Reality Ashley, Love Is Blind season 6’s Trevor Sova was allegedly in a relationship with one Natalia Marrero. The Reality Ashley shared pictures of Trevor and Natalia along with screenshots of their text messages exchanged in an article about their relationship.

Many viewers, although, found their conversation incomprehensible because they suggested that Natalia knew Trevor was going to be on the program and was even somewhat cool with it. After Chelsea ended their relationship, Trevor seemed to have texted Natalia, asking, “Do you still love me?” when his time on the program came to an end.

Then he assured her they would get married when they returned home. However, The Reality Ashley claims that Trevor and Natalia split up two weeks ago.

When Natalia called Trevor out on social media and made hints that they were splitting up, this rumor started to catch on. Natalia voiced her displeasure with the Netflix show’s extended discussion of their chats on national television, despite their purported breakup.

Natalia answered a user’s inquiry over Trevor’s lack of comment on the issue by saying, “”I’m being told that he is refusing to comment and waiting for this to blow over.”

“I honestly did not expect loveisblindnetflix to address the texts in such depth,” said Natalia, criticizing Netflix as well for delving into their texts in such length. Even though there were some lies in his explanation, she went on, “I’m grateful for it, even if parts of his explanation were untruthful. I will clarify one thing.”

She continued by answering Chelsea Blackwell’s query. “What if I did choose you?” Trevor commented, “When I was in the pods, I never questioned who I’d be with even if I got engaged,” in a screenshot that Natalie shared of their conversation. You have always been there, and you always will be.”

Trevor appeared on the show and fell head over heels for Chelsea Blackwell. But, the latter blindsided Trevor after she linked with Jimmy Presnell.

Ever since leaving the world of Love Is Blind behind, Trevor has returned to his regular routine and his work as a project technician for Cardinal Health. He’s back in North Carolina, working out at the gym and hanging around with his dogs, Bear and Goliath, according to a brief glance at his Instagram.

As you may remember, Trevor shared with Chelsea about his dog, Chelsea, when they were in the pods. However, he announced the news of her passing on Instagram on April 8, 2023. “Said goodbye to my best friend this week,” he added. Chels, I appreciate you being the most devoted and loving dog I could ever hope for. He returned on Instagram after the airing of Season 6 to discuss Chelsea’s passing, which coincidentally happened on the day that Chelsea had broken up with him in the pods.

Natalia Marrero Age

In 2023, Natalia Marrero reached the age of 37.

Natalia Marrero Job

Natalia Marrero is a professional IFBB Figure Pro Int’l Elite Powerlifter. According to her LinkedIn, she has been associated with IFBB since November 2019. If you wish to learn more about her bodybuilding career, click this link here for an half long podcast where she discusses her career.

Additionally, Natalia is also the owner of Natalia Marrero Fitness since June 2018 which is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Before that, Natalia worked as a store manager at Abercrombie & Fitch from 2008 to 2011. After that, she joined Nike as a product manager in August 2011. Then, quitting that job in July 2015, she joined RBM of Atlanta as a sales consultant and served in that role for a little over a year.

From July 2016 to November 2019, Natalia worked at Jaguar Land Rover as a finance manager before she started pursuing her current endeavors.

Natalia received her BSM in marketing from The Tulane University – A.B. Freeman School of Business in 2008.

Is Natalia Marrero On Instagram?

Indeed, Natalia Marrero uses Instagram (@natalia_ifbbpro) where she has 46.8K followers, and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Natalia Marrero From?

Originally from Darien, Connecticut, Natalia Marrero is residing in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • When Is Natalia Marrero Birthday?

Natalia Marrero celebrates her birthday on 25 July.

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