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Meet Oskar Blondell, Actress Nanna Blondell Husband!

House of the Dragon Episode 5 (which dropped on HBO on 18 September 2022) marked the end of an era. Meaning: we are about to say goodbye to several actors on the show. Of course, their characters will remain. But with, a long-awaited time jump there are going to be four major characters who will look a little different in Episode 6 and beyond. Among them is Nanna Blondell. The Swedish-born actress who has acted on stage, on television, and in film, is to take over the role of Savannah Steyn’s Laena (initially portrayed by Nova Fouellis-Mose). But, to talk about this is not why we are here. Instead, it is to introduce to you none other than Nanna Blobdell’s husband, Oskar Blondell.

Here’s what we know about him.

Meet Oskar Blondell, House of the Dragon Actress Nanna Blondell’s Husband

House of the Dragon actress Nanna Blondell has been married to her husband, Oskar Blondell since April 2011.

Though an interracial one, Nanna and Oskar make a perfect couple and seemingly perfect marriage. Nanna has not spoken much about it. But, she still makes sure to frequently gush about her man on her social media. She just seems smitten with him.

A couple of times, we also saw Oskar accompany his wife to her events.

From the look of all things, it seemed as though, of the two, Oskar is kind of public and media-shy.

Be that as it may, they appeared to be leading a great life together and that is what really matters.

Do Oskar Blondell And Nanna Blondell Share Any Kids?

Yes. Oskar Blondell and Nanna Blondell share a kid. It is a baby girl child who they named Pippi. She came into their lives on 23 November 2015. On this day in 2018, Nanna took to her social media to write “Three years today. Happy birthday Pippi! Love of my life❤️” next to a picture of her very protectively holding newly-born Pippi.

Nanna, though quite secretive about her personal life, occasionally posts photos of her family on Instagram @nannablondellAnd then, she goes on to tell the world that her husband is not only a great partner but also an absolutely best father. Together, she says, he and their daughter are her complete world.

Oskar Blondell Age

Oskar Blondell was born on 24 February 1984. So, on this day in 2022, he turned 38 years old. As for his zodiac sign, he is a Pisces.

As for Nanna, she was born on 6 August 1986. So, she reached the age of 36 in 2022. As a child, she wanted to be an actress. But as she grew up, she realized there were hardly any non-white Swedish actresses at the time, and even thought that this was not going to be a possibility for her. She anyway earned a degree from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and here she is today.

Nanna made her on-screen debut in the SVT drama series Livet enligt Rosa in 2005. And in between, she continued working as a VJ with MTV Sweden. She landed a role in an episode of police procedural Beck the following year and a recurring role in the soap opera Andra avenyn. The roles just kept coming from there.

She also never stopped working at the Royal Dramatic Theatre since 2013. But, for some time now, Nanna has been on unpaid leave to work on film and television projects.

Oskar Blondell Job

Oskar Blondell may not be an actor like his wife. But he also does have a film career. He is apparently an editor, producer, and composer.

He seemed to be known more for his editorial works and as per IMDB, he has done this the best in his projects: Pleasure (2021), Agent Hamilton (2020), and Threesome (2021).

The internet also goes on to credit him as an editor for the films, The Year I Started Masturbating (2022) and Lyckoviken (2020), TV shows Ta det som en man(2022), Pappas Pojkar (2020), Vi forever (2020), Lyckoviken (2020), the 2021 documentary Kören – En film om Tensta Gospel Choir, and Agent Hamilton (2020).

In the process, Oskar won many accolades and love among his audience. Among them was the “Editor of the Year” award that he won for a TV project translated into English as “Around the world in 6 steps”. It was Riagalan that presented this honor to him. Riagalan, so you know, recognizes and rewards Sweden’s best creators and employees in television production.

Related FAQs

  • Is Oskar Blondell On Instagram And Facebook?

Oskar Blondell could be found on Instagram at @oskarblondell. But this account with 286 posts and 695 followers was kept private as of 19 September 2022.

Oskar also had accounts on myspace and ello.

  • Where Is Oskar Blondell From?

Oskar Blondell, like his partner, is Swedish-born. He was born in Stockholm, which is the capital and largest city of Sweden as well as the largest urban area in Scandinavia. If you need to know more, the city is loved for its iconic city hall, the world’s first open-air museum, and the fabulous Abba museum, among other things.

  • How Much Is Oskar Blondell Height?

Oskar Blondell is tall, fair, and handsome too. He stands above 6’4” in height. Oskar also has big, bold tattoos and he seemed proud of them.

As for Nanna, she is 5′ 9″ (1.75 meters) tall.

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