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Meet Phil Fairclough, Mireya Mayor Husband! Bio, Age, Job

Meet Mireya’s TV show producer husband Phil Fairclough. Travel Channel is back with Expedition Bigfoot in 2022 which means Mireya Mayor is back for the third season. The show shares a similar theme as Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch but casts in this particular show are on an expedition of, yes, Bigfoot. So, who is the female TV star married to?

Here you’ll learn about his career, their relationship & marriage, their kids, and other related details on Phil’s life. Keep scrolling to learn more about him.

Meet Phil Fairclough, Mireya Mayor Husband

Phil Fairclough is married to his wife Mireya Mayor. They have been together since September 2013. In 2017, Phil shared that he met the love of his life in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

In September 2021, Phil announced 8 years together with his wife via FB post. He captioned, “8 years together, today, my beautiful wife. Life with you. Mireya Mayor gets better and better. My love is truer, madder, deeper. Tonight’s addition to the ever-growing list of reasons I love you is watching you walk to the car from the restaurant, during a torrential downpour, in your bare feet, with your fancy, sexy dress clinging, and kissing under your work of art brolly. IFLY Baby. Philip”.

Phil and Mireya shared their wedding vows on 23 September 2016.

In March 2020, Phil took his wife to see Hamilton which Mireya wanted to see for a long time. He also never misses wishing his beloved on her important day such as her birthday. In early September 2021, he wished her with a post, “Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife and twin flame #mireyamayor. IFLY baby.”

Mireya on the other hand also reciprocates the same love and affection towards her TV producer husband. On their 2018 anniversary, she wrote, “A wedding, a baby, two big moves, new jobs….the ups the downs….shuttling all the kids….the happy and not so happy times….sometimes the sickness and the health. So many adventures, countries, experiences, and special moments in the last 5 years that it’s hard to sum it all up. I’ll keep it simple. I love you deeply and madly. Still and always. Happy Anniversary”

Mireya Mayor is a former NFL cheerleader born to Cuban immigrant parents. She is a respected primatologist and anthropologist holding the Ph.D. degree, audacious explorer, National Science Foundation Fellow, Fulbright Scholar, and an Emmy Award-nominated wildlife correspondent for the National Geographic Channel.

Do Phil Fairclough And Mireya Mayor Have Kids?

Before Phil Mireya Mayor was married to her ex-husband Roland Wolff. They had five kids together but the marriage ended in divorce.

Whereas, Phil and Mireya share one daughter from their marriage. They initially named nicknamed their daughter Whale Shark whose actual name is Mia Audrey Valentina.

Phil Fairclough Age

Reportedly born before 1960, Phil Fairclough should be at least 61 years old as of 2022.

Phil Fairclough Job

Phil Fairclough always had a passion for working on TV and bringing forth factual content related to wildlife, natural history, science, and history.

Per his LinkedIn, he launched his career with BBC. BBC hired him as the executive editor of Wildvision and NHU Childrens’. He ran the commercial production arm of the  BBC’s acclaimed Natural History Unit. He worked in that role till April 2001.

Then, he joined left the job to join ITV as Head of Granada Wild and worked till 2002. From there, he moved to Discovery Inc. starting September 2002. He worked as SVP Production & Acting GM till December 2005.

In January 2006, Phil started working as EVP Development and Production at Creative Differences till March 2011. He worked as the executive producer of the Encounters At The End Of The World, an Oscar-nominated documentary by Werner Herzog. While there, he also worked as a producer of the 3D hit theatrical documentary Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, served as the creator and exec. producer of the hit Discovery series Time Warp.

Other works include The Shark Bite, When Fish Attack, Escape To Chimp Eden, Prehistoric Predators, Monsters Resurrected, Battle at Kruger, Everything You Need to Know, and numerous specials and series.

From March 2011 to June 2014, Phil started working at NHNZ as EVP Development and Production USA till June 2014.

Following his three years of work at NHNZ, he joined Earth Touch in 2014 and worked as Managing Director Earth Touch USA till January 2019. Starting from January 2019, he has been working for Two Wise Monkeys Entertainment in the role of Managing Director.

Some of the other notable according to his IMDB are; Unsolved History, Built for the Kill, War Wounds, Prehistoric Predators, Into the Pride, Shark Week, and Shark vs. Predator among others.

Is Phil Fairclough On Instagram?

Yes, Phil Fairclough is on Instagram. Connect with Phil on Facebook (@phil.fairclough.5), Instagram (@philfairclough), and Twitter (@fair_phil).

Phil Fairclough Family

Very little is known about Phil Fairclough who is of Russian roots. In midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, in February 2022, he chose to speak something related to it. He stated, “Used to be proud of my Russian roots. Now disgusted. My Grandfather Sasha, who escaped the Bolsheviks, and fought for Britain would be turning in his grave. Time to stand up to Putin and the Kremlin thugs who’ve been given economic shelter in the UK and other dirty money pits.”

He added further, “No more empty posturing BOJO! We’re not going to war, but we can f*** them up financially. Do it now….and squeeze them till they bl***. And while I’m on a rant … how pathetic to watch the UK carping from the sidelines of Europe. How much better if we were still in the tent…”

Back in December 2021, Phil opened up about his mother Pat who passed away in 2011 and he started his annual Boxing Day swim in her honor.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Phil Fairclough From?

Per Phil Fairclough’s Facebook, he hailed from London, United Kingdom. He is currently residing in Pinecrest, Florida.

  • How Tall Is Phil Fairclough?

Phil Fairclough’s height measures under 5-feet-10.

  • Where Did Phil Fairclough Get His Education?

Phil earned his BSc in Zoology and Animal Biology from the University of Bristol whereas Masters in Journalism from Cardiff University.

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