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Meet Philip Baker Hall Kids: Adella, Anna, Patricia And Darcy!

Actor Philip Baker Hall left behind four kids Adella, Anna, Patricia, and Darcy when he passed away. He is best known for Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies such as Hard Eight, Boogie Nights, and Magnolia among others. He also appeared on Seinfeld Lt. Joe Bookman, the library investigator who comes after Seinfeld for a years-overdue copy of Tropic of Cancer. He died at the age of 90.

He was born to Berdene & William Alexander Hall.

The tragic death was confirmed by the actor’s wife Holly Wolfle Hall. Holly said that Phillip died surrounded by his loved ones in Glendale, California. She added that Hall had been well until a few weeks earlier, and spent his final days in warm spirits, reflecting on his life.

Born in September 1963, Holly R Wolfle is 58 years old and resides in Glendale, California.

Who Are Philip Baker Hall Kids?

Along with his wife Holly Wolfle Hall, Philip Baker Hall left behind four daughters from his first and third marriages. Philip, who was married to his third wife Holly for almost 40 years, had two daughters with her. They are named Anna Hall and Adella Hall. Meanwhile, he also had two daughters named Patricia and Darcy who he had with his first wife Mary-Ella Holst.

Philip Baker Hall’s three daughters Anna Hall (Left), Darcy Hall (middle), and Adella Hall (Right) (Pic: Darcy’s FB)

Philip and Mary married in 1955. They stayed married for almost 11 years and divorced in 1966. Furthermore, Philip then married his second wife Dianne Lewis for three years from 1973 to 1976. They tied the knots seven years after the divorce from his first wife. But, Philip and Dianne didn’t have any kids from their marriage.

Meet Philip Baker Hall Daughter, Adella Hall

Born in January 2001, Adella Hall is 21 years old in January 2022. She is the youngest of four daughters born to Philip Baker Hall. Her sister Anna shared the story of when their mother Holly got pregnant with Adella. She wrote, “I remember the day Mom told me she was pregnant. My jaw dropped & in poured a sense of awe at the imminence of becoming a big sister”.

Anna expressed that growing up alongside her was one of the “most profound joys of this lifetime”. Boasting about Adella, Anna added, “You’ve been a trusted confidant for so many firsts, a comforting friend when I feel alone, & the ONLY one who gets what it’s like to be the child of our parents”.

She continued, “I am so grateful for the way we LEAN IN, together, to sisterhood. The way we hold each other in our pain (damn those breakups were hard af) and uplift each other in our joy, celebrating both our individual uniqueness AND our similarities”.

Anna cherished navigating the realms of jealousy, anger, boundaries, judgements, expectations, and relationship with family with Adella.

She concluded the post, “Here’s to our continued weaving & deepening of sisterhood in this lifetime and beyond!! HAPPY SOLAR RETURNS BABE WELCOME TO THE 20sssss”.

Adella completed her high school education at The Waverly School in June 2019. She is currently attending American University. According to her LinkedIn, she is expected to graduate in 2023 with Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Affairs with a minor in Education.

Furthermore, Adella has also been interning at Legends Charter School and Equity Now Inc. as an Administrative and Human Capital Intern since December 2020.

Meet Philip Baker Hall Daughter, Anna Hall

Anna Hall is the third child born to actor Philip Baker Hall. Born in April 1996, Anna Hall is 26 years old. She completed her high school at Crescenta Valley High School in 2014. For a bachelor’s degree, she enrolled at Pitzer College where she studied International/Intercultural Studies and graduated in 2019.

By profession, Anna is a Sacred $e.xuality Coach, writer, healer, yoga instructor, and community organizer. Visit her website here to learn about her story and her process. She also performs a 1:1 Coaching Journey that lasts for 9-week. Furthermore, she is also on YouTube.

She is also available on Facebook. Her IG profile (@embodyinganna) is no longer available. You can also find her on TikTok.

In November 2021, Anna dedicated a lengthy post on her Facebook. She wrote, “He’s funny, kind-hearted, & will talk your ear off when he gets into story mode~”. She wrote, “Growing up with him was challenging— he didn’t know how to love me or meet me in my wildness. He was extremely emotionally distant & I never felt seen, heard, or understood by him. He’s never responded well to my rage & certainly fears my immense power”.

She added, “He’s on his own journey of healing, learning, growing, & evolving”.

Anna explained that they were never intuned because “growing up, no one validated his emotions; no one valued, encouraged or met him in his authentic connection to his inner feminine”. So, he cut her off.

Meet Philip Baker Hall Daughter, Patricia Hall

Patricia Hall was the oldest daughter of Philip Baker Hall. She was born in March 1956 which makes her 66 years old. After her father’s death, she posted the NYTimes article and captioned it, “My beloved father, “Dad” was his greatest role”.

Patricia is married to her husband Tony Infante who is 69 years old. On their 30th wedding anniversary in June 2013, Patricia wrote, “Happy 30th wedding anniversary to my love, my partner, and my best friend, Tony Infante. Here’s to another 30″.

In June 2022, they have been happily married for 39 years.

Philip Baker Hall’s First Wife Mary-Ella Holst And Their Daughter Patricia (Pic: Patricia’s FB)

Patricia has been working as CERG Regional Director for Lifespan Faith Development at Unitarian Universalist Association since 2010. She had also worked as a Former Program Consultant for Joseph Priestley District at Unitarian Universalist Association for two years before that.

Moreover, Patricia studied Business & Finance at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Monmouth University. She also holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Toledo in the Class of 1978. He completed high school at Jamaica High School in 1973.

She and her family are currently living in Marlton, New Jersey. She has at least one son named Mike Infante (age 33) who is also a martial art instructor at Amerkick Medford. Meanwhile, her second son Jeffery (age 31) graduated from Stanford University with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Design.

Meet Philip Baker Hall Daughter, Darcy Hall

As for Darcy Hall, she is available on Facebook. Her son Jonathan married in October 2021.

Related FAQs

  • Are Philip Baker Hall Kids Close?

Yes, Philip Baker Hall kids are very close to each other.

  • Where Do Philip Baker Hall Kids Live?

Philip Baker Hall’s two younger kids Ella and Anne live in California, meanwhile, his daughter Patricia is living in New Jersey. It is unclear where Darcy lives.

  • Are Philip Baker Hall Kids Married?

Two of the oldest, Patricia and Dary Hall are married and have kids. The youngest two Adella and Anna are yet to be married.

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