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Meet Rachael Roberts, Tony Bellew Wife! Her Age, Job

Rachael Roberts Bellew, the wife of Tony Bellew, was his first girlfriend and now the love of his life. But it took a lot of persistence on the part of the former heavyweight boxer to even secure a first date with Rachel. He revealed to the I’m A Celebrity jungle audience their amazing multi-year romance.

Read all that we know about Rachael in this article below.

Meet Rachael Roberts, Tony Bellew Wife

I’m A Celeb star Tony Bellew told a nearly four-minute tale about meeting his wife on the show. The two first crossed paths when they were 10 years old. They grew up together in a nearby Merseyside neighborhood. Years later, 18-year-old Tony met Racheal on a night out, and their three weeks in the Jungle together were the longest he had been away from home. This encounter ignited their romance.

Tony said, “First time I met her I was 10/11 years old. Then they moved and I was still friends with the brother and then I was working in a nightclub as a security and she came up to the thing and said, “Anthony”. At this stage everyone just called me ‘Bomber’ or Tony. I looked at her and she went, “Anthony, it’s me, Rachel. And I thought, “I do not know anyone that looks like you called Rachel.” She said, “It’s Neil’s sister.” My eyes went, “Wow!”

‘Tried to play it cool, gave it about half an hour, bounded straight into that club and found her, said “Can I get you a drink, how are you, what’s going on?” Tony continued. “After about an hour I said, “Have you got a boyfriend?” [She said], “No I haven’t.” [I said], ‘Any chance we could go pictures or something? Go for a drink?’ and she just went, ‘No.”

Tony had to put in a lot of work before they could ever get together. The day when Rachael kissed him on the cheek for the first time is even inked on the boxer’s body (October 15th, 2001).

He was apparently ‘besotted’ by her since she turned him down three times.

An insider close to the childhood sweethearts said: “Their first date was a trip to the cinema and a milkshake before it. Rachael told him that if he weren’t the perfect gentleman for her on the date, he’d blow his only chance. So right from the off it was clear to him that she was a strong woman who didn’t take any nonsense.”

Rachael and Tony married on 6 July 2018 but has been calling her his wife since 2014. They have been married for 5 years and celebrated being together for 22 years in October 2023.

In 2023, Rachael arrived in Australia with her kids to see her husband suffer. “He always comments on me when I have salads and he turns his nose up. Well, he can’t do that considering what he’s been eating in the Jungle,” Rachael told DailyMail. “Nothing’s been difficult to watch, I’ve loved every Trial he’s done. I love to see him sufferโ€ฆ in a nice way! But, no, we’re all super proud and we think he’s done amazingly and I’m surprised at the Trials he’s done. We thought he was going to struggle but he’s done great.”

On Valentine’s Day 2023, Tony wished his wife, “Happy Valentines to the realist one I know! I love ya girl and am lucky to have ya as my wife and the mother of our 4 children!ย @rachael_bellewย ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’™ย #happyvalentinesday.”

Tony Bellew And Rachael Roberts Kids

Rachael Roberts and Tony Bellew share four sons: Carter, Carson, Cobey, and Corey.

In August 2023, Tony congratulated his son Corey writing, “Son Iโ€™m so so proud of you! Getting a distinction in your field is just outstanding and I canโ€™t put it into words how amazing you are!ย @coreybellew now itโ€™s time for University in September where I know you will once again excel.. Wishing you well young king..”

On Cobey’s birthday on 28 May 2023, Tony took to his IG and wrote, “Happy Birthday son!! You’re growing up to be a lovely kind-hearted soul who always puts others first! We love you more than you could ever understand. Have a great day Cobey ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™.”

Rachael Roberts Age

In December 2022, Rachael Roberts turned 40 years old. Her birth year is 1982.

Rachael Roberts Job

Rachael Roberts is not a typical WAG wallflower and speaking about his wife Tony said, “I fear no man but I wouldn’t f**king cross her.”ย  Tony has credited his wife with keeping him grounded. He also said that Rachael was the reason he could not splurge his winnings.

She famously got involved in a row with defeated Haye when Bellew was facing BJ Flores in late 2016. Rachael could be seen ringside roaring abuse at Haye.

In 2018, Rachael branded a worker at Manchester Arena a ‘f***ing q***r’ and a ‘dirty f***ing f*g’ in a shocking rant after the boxer’s retirement fight. Rachael was filmed shouting at a member of the Manchester Arena bar staff after the fight, the Mirror reported.

The worker, who asked not to be named, said: “Her actions were completely out of order for the wife of a celebrity boxer. What I asked was not meant to take offense and it was simply a question about the match. After we found out that Tony lost the fight, I thought she was using the anger of Tony’s loss and directing it at us.”

Is Rachael Roberts On Instagram?

Yes, Rachael Roberts is on Instagram (@rachael_bellew) which is private and has 1283 followers.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rachael Roberts From?

Rachael Roberts is residing in Liverpool, UK. She hailed from Merseyside, North West England.

  • How Tall Is Rachael Roberts?

Rachael Roberts stands tall above the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

  • When Is Rachael Roberts Birthday?

Rachael Roberts’s birthday is on 21 December.

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