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Meet Renée Ash Family: Father, Mother, Siblings!

Monty Lopez, the father of TikTok celebrity Addison Rae, recently turned heads towards Renée Ash after indulging in an ex-marital affair. Now people are looking to learn more about Renée Ash’s family.

This article covers information on her mother, father, and her siblings. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Renée Ash’s family.

Who Are Renée Ash Family Members?

Renée Ash grew up in Calabasas, California. The only family member that we know of is her mother Tracy Ash. Learn more about her family below, so keep on reading.

Renée recently turned heads after having a secret affair with Monty Lopez, the father of TikTok celebrity Addison Rae.

They reportedly started dating in March through a mutual friend. The woman is named Renée Ash. Renée exclusively revealed to PageSix that Monty led her to believe that their relationship was more meaningful.

“Unfortunately, he misled me on his marriage, he lied to me,” Renée told the outlet. She claimed that Monty told him that the marriage with his wife Sheri Easterling ended when it wasn’t.

“He told me that we were going to be together and have babies together,” she continues. “He even introduced me to his mom, his youngest brother and I thought we had something real. And, he told me a story of his marriage that convinced me that they were apart and in the process of getting a divorce”.

Renée revealed that she broke up with Monty Lopez in early July 2022 after several girls accused the middle-aged influencer of hitting on them in person and even over FaceTime. She added that the last straw was when she saw leaked footage online of Monty allegedly caressing a girl’s backside during a night out partying who is allegedly of 19 years old.

TikTok user @marlig_ who uploaded the video, now deleted, the young girl alleged, “Addison Rae’s dad is trying to f—k me, I swear to God”.

Ash told PageSix, “If anybody was hurting, it was me and his family. I am beyond sorry for that”. She added, “I loved him and I believed him. When I found out about the other young girls, my heart broke”. Renée also apologized for any pain the family had to endure because of this.

“I am so sorry if anything I have said has hurt his family any more than he already has,” Renée says. “And I am also sorry that he has hurt me so deeply that I believed we were in love”.

Meet Renée Ash Mother, Tracy Ash

Renée Ash not only took the last name of her mother, but also her looks. On National Daughter’s Day, Tracy posted on her Instagram, “Happy national daughters day, love celebrating this day with you @reneeash“. Meanwhile, Renée has featured her mother once on Mother’s Day 2021.

Tracy, born in July 1971, is 51 years old in 2022.

Tracy is best known as the co-founder of My Salon Bae. She is a hairstylist by profession. She specializes in cut, color, and style. She’s worked in the Calabasas area for 23 years. Her focus is on creating a comfortable relaxing environment for her client so that she can help them discover and express their own personal style.

Tracy enjoys spending time teaching and educating her clients to be able to re-create their style at home with proper tools, products, and knowledge, to look and feel their best. According to OpenGovUs, she also registered a company named HAIR BY TRACY ASH.

Tracy is a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School Granda Hills CA.

Meet Renée Ash Father

There is no information on Renée Ash’s birth father. However, her mother Tracy was previously married to Cary Herrman, Renée’s step-father. According to Tracy’s Facebook post, they were together at least until 2015. Cary also has a son and a daughter from a previous relationship.

Renée Ash with her mother Tracy, step-father Cary, and her two siblings (Pic: Facebook)

Cary is working as a Sponsor at Along Comes Hope® Corporation since December 2021. Moreover, he was also the head of sponsorship at Eden Reforestation Projects.

Moreover, he started volunteering at The Power of a Shower. According to IMDB, he acted in movies such as PlayGround, Cloud Boy, and The Pitch.

Does Renée Ash Have Siblings?

No, Renée Ash doesn’t have any siblings. She is likely the only child born to her parents or at least her mother.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Renée Ash Family Live?

Most of Renée Ash’s family are currently residing in California. Her ex-step-father and her step-siblings are living in Los Angeles, California. Meanwhile, she and her mother are living in Woodland Hills, CA.

  • Is Anyone From The Renée Ash Famous?

It would be an injustice to claim that Renée Ash’s mother or her step-father wasn’t famous, but their fame is limited to what Renée Ash recently attended.

  • Is Renée Ash Family On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes, Renée Ash’s family is on Instagram. Her mother’s IG is (@tracyash7), Facebook (@tracy.ash.12). Her step-father is (@cary.herrman.77).

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