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Meet Robert Aramayo Parents: Mike And Joanne Aramayo!

The long-awaited Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power finally premiered on Amazon Prime on 1 September 2022. With an amazing plot, cinematography, visuals, musical score, and excellent line cast, the series will also soon be in your heart forever.

This new fantasy series features some characters fans will recall from Peter Jackson’s trilogy of films, but this time they are all played by new actors. That includes the English actor Robert Aramayo in the role of Elrond: a half-Elven architect and politician.

We also loved the actor when he played young Eddard Stark in the sixth season of the HBO series Game of Thrones and in 2021 when he starred in the Netflix psychological thriller miniseries, Behind Her Eyes.

Having said that we now shall tell you all about his parents, who they are, what they do for a living, and more in the rest of the writing.

Who Are Actor Robert Aramayo Parents?

Robert Aramayo’s parents Mike And Joanne Aramayo. He came into their lives on 6 November 1992 and so reached the age of 29 in 2021.

Meet Robert Aramayo Father, Mike Aramayo

Not long ago, in June of 2022, we saw Robert Aramayo’s father Mike take to his Facebook to advertise that his Tenerife apartment is available to hire for £350 per week. Next to it, he also noted he will need a £150 none refundable deposit on booking. He is mostly strictly businesslike when it comes to sharing on social media.

As for Robert, he proudly showed off his father to the world of social media every now and then.

The name ‘Mike’ is apparently the shortened form of the real name ‘Michael’.

  • Mike Aramayo Age

Mike Aramayo celebrates his birthday on April 28th. So, he reached the age of 57 in 2022. If you also need to know, his zodiac sign is Taurus.

  • Mike Aramayo Job

On LinkedIn, Mike describes himself as an experienced managing director with a demonstrated history of working in the furniture industry. He then goes on to list that his skills are furnishings, negotiation, retail, strategic planning, and marketing strategy.

For the past 22 years and more (before 2022), Mike Aramayo had been working at Buoyant Upholstery, a furniture manufacturer, making upholstered furniture for major High Street brands since 1909. Mike joined the company in August 2000 as a sales director. He was in the position until October 2008 when he got promoted to managing director. Since then and continued to serve in that position only.

Before this, Mike worked as a national sales manager at Silentnight Group from 1991 until September 2000.

As for his education, he is a business development professional graduate of The University of Hull. Before that, he went to Bransholme High School.

  • Is Mike Aramayo On Instagram?

Mike Aramayo could not be found on Instagram. But, he did seem active on Facebook as well as Twitter (@ara1965) as of 10 September 2022.

Meet Robert Aramayo Mother, Joanne Aramayo

Robert Aramayo is also equally fond of his mother, Joanne Aramayo, who is actually his stepmother. Robert’s biological mother is named Lisa Dawson.

  • Joanne Aramayo Age

Joanne Aramayo celebrates her birthday on May 16th. She is used to being truly spoilt by her friends and family on this day. Also, interestingly, she and her husband share the same zodiac sign.

As for age, she was likely born before 1970. So, she may be turned 52 or a few years older as of 2022.

  • Joanne Aramayo Job

Joanne Aramayo, according to her BIO on the website of Arafest, is a supervising social worker for Parallel Parents Fostering. As for Arafest, she is their part-time founder and trustee. Apparently, it was Joanne and her husband Mike who jointly created Arafest.

They claim Arafest is a charity set up with a clear purpose. And as of 2022, it was 2 charity events a year, a Summer Festival and a Christmas Ball.

Over the course, Joanne also has been fundraising through JustGiving. She claims on its website that the donations collected are sent directly to the charity.

  • Is Joanne Aramayo On Instagram?

Unlike Mike, Joanne Aramayo could be found also on Instagram other than on Twitter and Facebook. However, on this account @jozzaara, she had not yet created any posts.

Joanne also did not seem as much active on Twitter @joatkinson2008 as she seemed to be on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Robert Aramayo Parents Still Married?

It appeared so as of the time of this writing. From the look of their social media sharing, Robert Aramayo’s parents seemed not only still married but also very happy and in love with each other. They seemed to regularly make time for just the two of them to enjoy some quality day-outs or date nights. And at the end of these special occasions, it was mostly Joanne who shared glances from the day on her social media.

  • How Many Kids Do Robert Aramayo Parents Have?

On his Twitter BIO, Robert Aramayo’s dad to Laura, Robert, and Charleigh.

So, Robert’s parents have three kids, including him also. Among them, Robert’s older sister, Laura also earns her living via acting. Like him, she began an acting career at the Hull Truck Youth Theatre and studied drama at the Oxford School of Drama in Oxford. Her theatre credits include Helen ( N2P/ Battersea Arts Centre) and Shakers (The John Godber Company), among many others and the TV ones include Coronation Street, So Awkward, Emmerdale, and Behind Her Eyes. London-based Laura could be found on Instagram @aramayolaura.

As for another daughter Charleigh Aramayo, aka Charleigh Atkinson, she likely reached 23 in either 2021/2022. On IG @_charl98, she is a social worker assistant at Young People At Heart and strategic domestic abuse board support officer at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. As for education, having done studying Law at Wyke 6th Form College, she was studying Criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University as of 2022.

All these kids are believed to have English, Irish, and possibly, Bolivian ancestry. Their ethnicity is reported as multiracial, of White and Latino.

Where Do Robert Aramayo Parents Live?

Robert Aramayo’s parents were living around their beloved Hull, or Kingston upon Hull, the port city in East Yorkshire, England as of the time of this writing.

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