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Meet Sandra Heckman, Big Ed Ex-Wife! Bio, Age, Job, IG

Meet Sandra Heckman, the ex-wife of TLC star Big Ed. He had talked about his ex-wife a few times before when he joined 90 Day Fiance. He talked about his marriage with Sandra when he returned for “The Single Life.” So, fans of the show are curious about her life right now.

Is Sandra married? Does she have any kids? What does Sandra do for a living? We’ve packed all the answers to your questions in this article. So, keep on scrolling to learn more about her.

Meet Sandra Heckman, Big Ed Ex-Wife

TLC star Bid Ed has addressed a few times on the show that he was married once in his life. While sharing info related to his previous marriage, Ed revealed that he divorced his ex-wife Sandra Heckman in January 2012. They had one daughter named Tiffany Brown who they agreed to co-parents.

For most of Tiffany’s life, Ed was a single father so Ed’s mother helped him raise the child.

In “The Single Life,” Ed returned on season 1 and opened more about his life. He explained, “I was a late bloomer when it comes to dating. I never really had a serious girlfriend before my ex-wife I was married once. She was my first love, my first everything. Everything was great and she got pregnant with our daughter, Tiffany,”

Ed added more, “But we just started to fall out of love, and then I was unfaithful. It was a one-night event, entanglement, and that breakup almost destroyed me. After my divorce, I didn’t think about having a girlfriend ’cause of my daughter. My daughter was my life. By waiting to date so long, I said to myself, ‘I’m never going to find love. It’s me and [late dog] Teddy.’ This is gonna be my life,”.

Sandra has been featured all over on her daughter’s socials. Tiffany recently featured her mother on her IG in December 2021 when they had a Christmas family gathering. Based on that pic and a few other pics, Tiffany is very close to her mom’s second husband.

Sandra Heckman Relationship Status Now

A resident of Las Vegas, Sandra Heckman is currently married to her 60-year-old husband Bruce Heckman.

Bruce is a native of San Diego, California. Sandra is likely the second wife of Bruce who was previously married to Theresia Russell. He is available on Facebook (@bruce.heckman.5) and Twitter (@bheckman1) to follow.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Bruce is currently working as General Manager at Associa starting from February 2022, a company based in Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. Bruce had previously worked as General Manager Ocean Towers at Action Property Management for five months. Before that, he worked as a community manager at First Service Residential for three months in 2020. Furthermore, he served as General Manager of Associa from 2006 to 2020.

Bruce has a son named Corey Russell who lives in Birch Bay, Washington with his wife Michelle Russell.

Is Sandra Heckman On IG, Facebook?

Sandra Heckman is on Instagram (@sandyheckman) where she has only one post. She is relatively active on Facebook (@sandy.heckman.5).

Sandra Heckman Age

Sandra celebrates her birthday on 6 November. Reportedly born in 1967, Sandra must be at least 54 years old. In 2019, Tiffany wished her birthday with an IG post, “Happy Birthday to the most AMAZING mama bear in the world! Words cannot even begin to describe how blessed I am and how much I love you! I hope you have a relaxing and great day. Love you.”

Sandra Heckman Job

Sandra Heckman has been working as Director of Maintenance/Customer Service at Associa Nevada South/The Prescott Companies since December 2012. She has also been working as Lifestyle Services Concierge at Executive Lifestyle Services since June 2018. Her job mainly focuses on home services & personal assistance services.

Starting from January 2020, Sandra has been working for The Prescott Companies. According to Glassdoor, Maintenance Director in Las Vegas makes nearly $60,260 per year.

Sandra completed her high school education at Middleboro High School in 1985. After high school, she enrolled at Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, CA.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sandra Heckman From?

Sandra Heckman hailed from Middleboro, Massachusetts. She also lived in San Diego, California. But, she is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • How Tall Is Sandra Heckman?

Sandra Heckman looks as if she is taller than 5 feet 7 inches.

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