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Meet Shilo Mazepa, Katharina Mazepa Ex-Husband!

Austrian beauty Katharina Mazepa has been known to the Real Housewives of Miami fans since May 2022 when Lenny Hochstein while confirming his separation from Lisa Hochstein also affirmed his new romance with Katharina. Ever since this drama between the RHOM ‘s estranged couple and Katharina has only continued. Between all this, when Katharina was dubbed the reason for Lenny and Lisa’s breakup, the former told the public that both she and Lenny had been separated from their spouses for a while (before May 2022) and were both going through divorces. This, we even know that not only did Lenny decide to call his marriage off, Kathrina too said yes to her getting a divorce of her own from her ex-husband, Shilo Mazepa.

Having said that, let us you all that you have been wondering about Katharina’s diplomat ex-husband.

Meet Shilo Mazepa, Katharina Mazepa Ex-Husband

Katharina Mazepa was previously married to Shilo Mazepa. The former continued to keep her ex-husband’s last name. However, they have already officially separated from each other. But, unlike Lenny and Lisa’s separation, Shilo and Katharina’s relationship details have not been that out in the media and public. Still from the look of what little Shilo shared on his social media (which was still there until December 2022), one can tell they were pretty much in love as they got engaged in 2017 and married two years later.

Former Mr. and Mrs. Mazepa  as seen on 19 June 2019 (PIC: Facebook)

On 30 December 2022, Shilo took to his Facebook glimpses of their engagement from Luxor, Egypt. He explained how in this outing he surprised Katharina at sunrise with a hot air balloon ride over the ancient temples of the Nile valley and then they spent the day exploring ancient Egyptian tombs and monuments by foot. Later in the full moon, Shilo “mustered” all the courage he could find and asked his “best friend” to marry him. Shilo ended his lengthy outpour on Facebook with “we will be able to embarrass our kids with it forever”. Then, the two tied the knot in June 2019 in Sorento, Italy. Later that year, the married pair relocated to Washington, D.C. and Katharina filed for divorce two years later.

It is believed the two crossed paths for the first time in Vienna, Austria.

About the divorce, here’s what we know.

Katharina filed a Family-Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against Shilo on 16 June 2022. This case was filed in Miami Dade County Courts in Miami-Dade, Florida the case was last updated from the court on 8 2022, maybe that is when the two separated officially.

Shilo Mazepa Marital Status

Shilo Mazepa’s ex-wife has since long started making roundabouts with her new romance with the RHOM star. However, all this time Shilo chose to keep himself away from the spotlight, maybe consumed by the sadness of his marital separation. His current relationship status was therefore not known to us.

Katharina, on the other hand, has been more out there. While still going through her own divorce, she filed for a restraining order against her new boyfriend’s ex-wife in July 2022. That same petition accusing Lisa of harassment and bullying was dismissed by a judge months later in December.

Shilo Mazepa Age

Shilo Mazea was born ‘Shilo Stephen Armon Walter Mazepa’ in 1988. So, he reached the age of 34 in 2022.

Is Shilo Mazepa On Instagram?

Yes. Shilo Mazepa could be found on Instagram @shilomazepa with 345 posts and 3,069 followers. But, this account was kept private as of 10 December 2022. One could however see him post publicly on Facebook.

Shilo Mazepa Job

The only thing that’s been understood about Shilo Mazepa is that he is a US diplomat. From this, one can tell his job requires him to be responsible for overseeing international relations regarding peace deals, trade and economics, culture, human rights, and the environment as well as negotiating treaties and international agreements.

Shilo could not be found on LinkedIn. Yet, we still managed to get the information that he studied at the University of Washington in the Class of 2011.

Shilo Mazepa Family

Shilo Mazepa’s mother is Debra A Walter. She appears as someone who is very thankful and blessed with life. She turned 57 years old in December 2022.

While her husband and Shilo’s father, Stephen “Steve” Henry Mazepa reached the age of 60 in March 2022. Originally from Emmaus, Pennsylvania, he and Debbie were based in Olympia, Washington as of late 2022.

Shilo while gushing about his parents revealed once that they are even today kids at heart.

As for siblings, Shilo has a sister. She is Zoe Liana Mazepa who turned 28 years old in 2022. Zoe, with likey a husband, was inhabiting Burbank, Oklahoma at the time of this writing.

Shilo lost her paternal grandfather, Stephen Charles Mazepa on 29 August 2021. He was the husband of Debbie Mazepa and was a chiropractor in Emmaus for many years.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Shilo Mazepa Nationality?

Unlike his ex-wife Katharina, Shilo Mazepa acquires an American nationality. Also, at the time of this writing, he was staying around Miami Beach, Florida.

  • When Is Shilo Mazepa Birthday?

Shilo Mazepa’s birthday is in September.

  • How Much Is Shilo Mazepa Net Worth?

Shilo Mazepa was reportedly expected to have less than $2 million net worth as of 2022. If you also need to know about his salary, according to several studies by, the average salary of a foreign diplomat in the United States should be around $153,068. Shilo’s should be more or less that number.

  • How Tall Is Shilo Mazepa?

Shilo Mazepa stands above 6 feet in height.

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