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Meet Spencer Webb Family: Father, Mother, Siblings!

Spencer Webb didn’t have proper family life until his half-brother came into his life. This article is about his father, mother, and siblings. Below we will cover details of his relationship with them. Moreover, we also cover their age, job, and current residence.

So, keep on scrolling down to learn more about them.

Who Are Spencer Webb Family Members?

Spencer Webb came from a broken home as he bounced home to home growing up and longed for mentorship and stability. He was raised by his aunt Fran until he was about thirteen.

During his interview with The Sacramento Bee, he shared, “I grew up faster than a lot of kids,” Webb told The Bee. “I never really had a mom or dad in my life. They chose to do other things, so it’s been me and my brother (Cody Webb). I had a dream, he had a dream, and we’re making that dream happen”.

He was raised by his aunt, uncle, and grandparents in Solano County or West Sacramento. After his grandfather’s death, Spencer moved with an aunt and uncle but when he turned 13, the football player started living with his elder brother Cody.

Meet Spencer Webb Father, Bill Webb

Spencer Webb was born to his father Bill Webb. His father, David was the son of Donald Eugene “Spido” Webb and Susan Carpenter Webb. Donald was a multisport star in the 1940s in Dixon, California. “My grandfather was a competitor, tried to do the best he could, helped people, cared about people, and I think I’m like him,” Spencer told The Sacramento Bee.

Donald was born on 4 November 1925 in Lancaster, Ohio. After high school, Spido was drafted into the Army and then he joined the 101st Airborne. He was sent overseas and after the war ended, he served as President Eisenhower’s Honor Guard with the 82nd Airborne.

Donald was employed by Mace Meat Company/Armour Meat for 40 years. He also was a member of the Dixon Game Conservation Club, Dixon High School Quarterback Club, Ducks Unlimited, and the Dixon Boat Club.

Donald was actively involved in Dixon Little League, Dixon High School Track, and the Solano County and State of California Senior Olympics. He was instrumental in the building of Larson Field and adding the lights at the Dixon High School Football Field. Spido was an avid sportsman, Senior Olympic Champion, 1996 Solano County Athlete of the Year, and a great friend to many.

He and Susan stayed married for 48 years. Susan, Spencer’s grandma was born on Nov. 12, 1927, to Milton and Sadie Carpenter in Dixon, California. Sue worked at the Solano County Recorders Office, and then for the Dixon Unified School District until her retirement in 1991. She was a member of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the American Legion and the Dixon Historical Society. She was also an avid competitor in the Senior Olympics.

Bill, Spencer’s father had two siblings, David’s brother Bill Webb, of Carson City, and sister Fran Webb Boone and her husband Mark, of Dixon.

Spencer lost his grandfather on 1 June 2005, when he was only 5 years old. His grandmother died on 28 November 2011.

Meet Spencer Webb Mother

There isn’t much about Spencer Webb’s mother but he has tweeted about his biological mother.

In May 2018, Spencer tweeted, “You know what sucks… seeing your mom for the first time in your life at 18 yrs old on Mother’s Day!”.

On Mother’s Day 2016, he tweeted, “Make sure you wish your mom a happy mothers’ day because not everyone can. #realizeyourblessings #moms”.


Based on the post it was evident that Spencer’s mother wasn’t around most of his life.

Does Spencer Webb Have Siblings?

Yes, Spencer Webb has an older half-brother named Cody Webb. They shared the same father but he wasn’t involved much then and remains removed from both men’s lives to this day.

“I coached pretty much all of his sports teams, and he played four sports growing up,” Cody said to Duck Territory. “He told me almost daily growing up I could (play D-1),” Spencer said. “When I was crushing his old records and things like that, he knew where that would trend to in later years”.

Cody gained legal guardian with his then-girlfriend and now-wife Alicia in 2014.

Cody said, “I kind of lost a brother, so to speak, and gained a son, which is awesome”. “I tell everyone that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I wanted him to do it under my supervision, so I knew at least everything was done in his favor”.

A 13-year-old boy was raised by a 29-year-old father and a 26-year-old mother in what many would consider an unorthodox home, but Spencer, who had previously lived outside the norm for a large portion of his life, found the stability he needed there.

“I’m definitely proud of him,” Cody Webb said in that Sacramento Bee story about his brother’s accomplishments. “Just to see how far he’s come from, the adversity he’s overcome, wow. He muscled through a lot. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. He’s drinking the water. He’s reaping the benefits. My wife makes it a happy, loving home. A lot of kids from broken homes as kids don’t have a place of peace. Spencer does. We took it on full steam We had a game plan. We used football as a third-party discipline and rewards”.

In September 2017, Spencer posted on his Twitter, “Happy Anniversary to my Rocks At only a very young age you guys have become the greatest parents ever. I love you guys #2yearsandcounting”.

Cody gave him the leadership and direction he was looking for. He and his established ground rules of accountability and curfew. This motivated Spencer.

Terence Leonard, long time coach and family friend of Spencer spoke, ”

Cody Webb did a great job raising him. He gave him his all. Spencer played ball, became a good student, and just kept working. Everyone was so proud of him”.

In 2022, Cody is a manager of industrial construction supplies firm in Dixon. He is 38 years old, born in June 1984. Whereas, his wife Alicia is 34 was born in October 1987.

Spencer her six half-siblings from his father’s side.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Spencer Webb Family Members Live?

Spencer Webb’s family is currently based in Dixon, California. His uncles and aunts are based in California.

  • Was Spencer Webb Close To His Family?

There isn’t much information on how close Spencer Webb’s family members are because most of them are not on social media.


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