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Meet TikTok Star Brittany Broski Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings!

Brittany Alexis Tomlinson, AKA Brittany Broski, is a social media influencer, comedian, and singer. She originally found fame after a video of her tasting kombucha for the first time went viral on TikTok back in August 2019. As of January 2923 and she had gathered 7.2 million followers and 326.3 likes on the social media platform. Having said that, we shall now talk about her family, her parents, and her siblings, in the rest of the writing.

Who Are Brittany Broski’s Family Members?

Brittany Broski was born on 10 May 1997 to her then-Dallas, Texas-based parents Heather Long and Jeff Tomlinson. Also, Brittany is not the only child of her parents. She also has siblings.

Here’s what we know about each one of them.

Meet Heather Long, Brittany Broski’s Mom

Brittany Broski’s mom Heather Long is one half of the ghost-hunting duo Texas Ghost Gals. She and her friend Joanna Sauceda have been carrying out home inspections and meet-ups with other local paranormal groups around the state to investigate potential hauntings and ghostly activity at least once a month, for some good time now.

A former teacher, she had been drawn to the occult and the mystical her whole life. She said she always knew she had a sixth sense.

Back in October 2021, after hundreds of ghost hunts, Heather was getting her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology from the University of Sedona.

More recently, since 28 August 2022, Heather has also started working as a counselor at Conroe Independent School District.

Back in the day, she also studied at Texas A&M University (Class of 1991) and the University of Scranton.

Heather was born in June 1969. So, she turned 53 years old in 2022. She was married to Jeffrey L. Tomlinson, AKA Jeff, on 11 May 1991 in Brazos County, Texas. But, they separated on 5 December 2000. Heather (Long) Tomlinson has since started going back around again as ‘Heather Long’ only.

Meet Jeff  Tomlinson, Brittany Broski’s Dad

When asked “what’s the reaction to your fame been like from friends and family?”, Brittany Broski told Vox back in August 2020 that her parents were very supportive. She said her dad specifically kind of made her cry because he was mortified that she got fired. She worked in trust and investment services and she got fired because she was “dicking around” on the internet.

Anyway, Jeff, Brittany’s dad was in U.S. Air Force back in the day. He was a pilot and flew A-10s fighter jets for some time before switching to training for NATO students. So, this job of her dad, Brittany shared, required them to live all over the southeastern United States growing up. The family even lived in South Korea for a while when he had a stint there.

Jeff has retired from the job since 2014. And in recent times, he has been working as a liaison between the engineers who design the software that goes to the planes and the pilots that fly them.

In September 2022, Jeff turned 54 years old. He is the son of Cookie and Ed Tomlinson of Flower Mound, Texas. Ed, if you need to know, studied at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute High School, the University of Notre Dame, and Harvard Business School Executive Education.

How Many Siblings Does Brittany Broski Have?

Brittany Broski has a brother and a sister. Her sister Sarah graduated from high school back in June 2021. She also mentioned a brother and gifting him a skywalker helmet and matching Rick and Morty shirts as a present.

Brittany Broski as seen with her siblings back in August 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Her fans also saw Brittany and her siblings try and fail to make a homemade sushi roll in June last year when the former claimed to have “peed” herself laughing making the video.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Brittany Broski’s Family Reside?

Brittany’s mother, Conroe, Texas-born, was calling Willis, Texas her home at the time of this writing.

Brittany’s dad, on the other hand, lived in Miramar Beach, Florida with his now-wife Melissa Humphries Tomlinson.

The rest of Brittany’s family also seemed to be living in Florida.

Brittany, meanwhile, continued living in Los Angeles.

  • Is Brittany Broski’s Family British?

Brittany Broski is not British and the same applies to her family. Her TikTok profile says she is British and this is apparently a part of a joke referencing the fact that people often tell Brittany looks like she is from across the pond.

  • How Close Is The Brittany Broski Family?

Despite coming from divorced parents, Brittany and her siblings seemed pretty close. Brittany also looked like having a great relationship with her parents.

  • Are Brittany Broski Family Members On The Spotlight?

Brittany Broski’s family members did not seem to have been in the spotlight before Brittany found fame on TikTok. It was after Brittany went viral as the “Kombucha Girl” from a popular 2019 TikTok video. The video featured her reacting to her very first kombucha. Today, she is one of the most comic TikTok stars out there.

Brittany has since held onto her millions of followers on TikTok, with her hilarious skits, fake British accent, and nonsensical humor. She also branched out to YouTube and Twitter, while also delving into the podcast Violating Community Guidelines, which she cohosts with Sarah Schauer.

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