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Meet TikToker Evan Kardon! His Wife, Parents, Net Worth

Meet TikToker Evan Kardon, a powerlifter who gained fame for disrespecting other creators on his TikTok by flexing his abilities. He has been under fire after allegedly texting minor girls. Now that he got everyone’s attention, his fans are interested to learn more about him.

Does he have a wife? Who are his parents? What about his net worth?

Find all the answers below.

Evan Kardon Controversy

American powerlifter and bodybuilder Evan Kardon has been exposed for allegedly texting minor girls on his socials. On October 5, 2022, a user of the social media platform TikTok by the name of Mr. Goob @mrgoobreturns uploaded a video explaining how he learned that Evan was messaging girls who were 16 or younger.

Another powerlifter named Arlind (Arlindthezerg on Instagram), who frequently posts similar types of exposes on his YouTube channel, created a fake account. The ruse account had a lengthy page of a girl who claimed to be sixteen years old and was still enrolled in high school.

Mr. Goob keeps playing a string of texts in which the influencer texts this fake account believing he is speaking with a child. Regardless of his knowledge of her age, he kept talking to her. He even extended an invitation for her to visit him in his NC hometown.

GymTok users united to cancel the powerlifter, who is currently blocked from his account and only has about 700 followers as of this writing. His account only contains one video, which features two young ladies deadlifting light weights before he displays his 800-pound deficit deadlift with the comment, “Tag @tiktok to get them to unban me.”

Evan Kardon Age

Evan Kardon was reportedly born on 26 September 1994. In 2022, he is 28 years old.

Who Are Evan Kardon Parents?

Evan Kardon was born to his parents Mary Lynn Cardon and Evan Cardon. His dad Evan P Kardon is currently 66 years old whereas his mother Mary celebrated her 60th birthday in May 2022. (Diazepam) Evan’s dad appears to be a doctor of Internal Medicine with 21+ years of experience. He received his medical degree from the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine.

In his family, Evan also has a brother named Eric. Eric has reportedly been diagnosed with autism.

In September 2018, Eric’s Autism Support Professional, Abbey Willis was named the 2018 Roman Award Winner. Their mom Mary shared at the time, “Since the day my son Eric was diagnosed with autism, I wanted to ensure he has a life filled with fun opportunities, purpose, and meaning. Abbey Willis embraces this goal each day she works with him.”

Two years ago, Evan lost his maternal grandmother Mary Margaret Mactutis Kester on 14 July 2020.

Evan Kardon Wife

Although several websites claimed that Evan Kardon has a wife and a child, there is no evidence of him having either of them. In fact, some of his recent TikTok suggests that he is enjoying a single life partying with young women.

His current relationship status is unclear.

Evan Kardon Career

Evan Kardon has been an athlete from a young age. In high school, he played tennis, basketball, and XC before he made his transition to weightlifting. While attending Raleigh Charter school he played tennis till he graduated from the school in 2013, according to his LinkedIn.

Now he competes in the 198 and 220 weight classes. Evan is a vegan powerlifter who opposes eating meat and things made from animals. He even advocates a wholly plant-based diet and protein drinks made from plants.

The Raleigh native claimed in some interviews that his laid-back attitude makes him unpopular with GymTok or the powerlifting community. His large following was allegedly a result of his claim that he wasn’t hesitant to communicate what was on his mind.

According to Fitness Volt, he started competing professionally in 2017. In March 2020, Evan shared a video in which a local gym goer literally sits on Evan’s loaded barbell in protest and won’t allow him to deadlift the heavyweights. More information on this incident was provided by Evan in the comments section. According to Evan, the irate gym patron first stalked him from a distance while observing his setup, then entered the room as Evan was about to deadlift while waiting for the gym manager to arrive.

Evan’s use of chalk in a prohibited/chalk-free location. The response makes some sense when things are phrased like that. Therefore, he claims that although the “no chalk” rule is generally observed, there are times when it may be laxened depending on the management. Additionally, it appears that the irate cap guy believed Evan had previously been expelled once for using chalk while, in reality, Evan had only been warned about it when he opted to terminate his membership.

Kardon has recently set a ton of new records. It only serves as evidence that he is not allowing the state of unpredictability in the world to interfere with his training. Just a few days prior, he was shown deadlifting 740 pounds for a new PR double. Given the current state of affairs, Evan Kardon has not competed since August 2019 and is likely to wait a few more months before doing so. However, you can anticipate seeing a very different game from him when he eventually returns to action.

Evan is well-known for posting videos of other fitness influencers doing specific exercises and then following them with a video in which he utterly dominates them.

How Much Is Evan Kardon Net Worth?

In 2022, Evan Kardon’s net worth should be above $450 thousand.

Evan Kardon Height And Weight

Per Forsaken Warrior, Evan Kardon stands tall at 5’11” while weighing 220 lbs.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Evan Kardon Birthday?

Evan Kardon celebrates his birthday on 26 September.

  • Where Is Evan Kardon From?

Evan Kardon is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Is Evan Kardon On Instagram?

Of course, he is. On Instagram, you can find him at (@enterkardon) and his TikTok is (@evankardon) where he has 803.3K followers.

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