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Meet Tony, Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend!

Love Is Blind’s Nancy Rodriguez recently mentioned her ex-boyfriend named Tony in the show. So, who is her boyfriend that Nancy mentioned in the show?

Find out all about him in this piece. His last name, age, job, we cover it all here in this piece.

Meet Tony, Love Is Blind Star Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend!

Love Is Blind season 3 just premiered and one cast member Nancy Rodriguez was recently seen speaking about her ex-boyfriend Tony to her fiance Bartise. In the show, she dropped the bomb that she is currently co-owning Airbnb.

Tony is much more than just a realtor, contrary to what Nancy claimed to Bartise in the pods. They own a few short-term rental properties jointly and renovated them before listing them on Airbnb. The two are actually business partners. We saw this property on the television show Love Is Blind.

Because Nancy showed Tony on her Instagram story around three weeks ago as he was working on some tile, it is clearly clear that they are still coworkers.

Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend Tony Relationship Status

There isn’t much about Nancy Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend Tony’s current relationship status. He hasn’t shared much about his dating life yet. So, whether he is in a relationship or happily single is unclear.

As for his Nancy, from the moment Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden first met in the pods, sparks were flying everywhere. They just clicked and were at ease with one other right away, and they built on that via both easy and challenging chats about their families, love, and expectations. They hit it off right away because they both speak Spanish, Bartise thinks Nancy has a cute voice, and Nancy feels he has wonderful energy.

The two also discuss how many children they want to have (Note: Bartise appeared dejected when Nancy claimed she’d be a fantastic parent to 10 kids).

The latter said, “I’m literally looking for that best friend, that companion that your dad wants for you.” The former’s claims that her father had repeatedly counseled her to find someone who feels like a friend before anything else.

However, while Nancy connected with Andrew Liu because of their compatibility on paper, Bartise grew close to another fitness enthusiast, Raven Ross, which complicated matters. That’s because both were developing two relationships that were equally serious with two very different people, and their own hopeful but completely unprotected young hearts were at stake.

However, it was really simply their 6-year age difference that gave them — well, Nancy — a tiny pause. Nancy did speak up to Bartise about being an egg donor eight times in the past.

The blooming Mexicana genuinely had the impression that 25-year-olds mainly engaged in games, but every interaction she had with Bartise demonstrated how genuine and natural he was. Even though he couldn’t get past the sense of comfort Nancy gave him, the fact that he soon parted ways with Raven (who’d discovered SK) also had a big impact on how things turned out.

In spite of the fact that both Andrew and Bartise proposed to Nancy on one knee, Nancy chose the latter since she had already fallen in love with him and rejected the former because she thought he might be lying.

After the first four episodes, Bartise and Nancy’s situation isn’t looking good, but they do have a lot of physical chemistry. Unfortunately, after Bartise admits to finding his former Pilates love, Raven, appealing and adds that Nancy is not the type of lady he typically goes for, they quarrel on their first vacation together. Yikes. But before they arrive at the altar, a lot might happen for these two.

When it comes to the status of their current ‘ship, there aren’t a whole lot of clues on social media.

Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend Tony Age

In March 2022, Nancy Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend Tony turned 37 years old. He was born in the year 1985.

What Is Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend Tony Last Name?

The last name of Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez’s last name is Adams. His full name is Antonio Lee Adams.

Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend Tony Job

On his Instagram bio, Tony Adams wears multiple hats. He is a firefighter, businessman, and real estate broker. According to the show, he also co-owns Airbnb with Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez. Their property is located in Garland, Texas.

Tony is working as a realtor at Grand Adams Realty, LLC. Per, Adam incorporated the company in October 2019. He has experience of more than 10 years in the field. His LinkedIn states that he also worked as a painter at Ricks Lawn from 2008 to 2012. As for his firefighter gig, he works as Dallas Fire-Rescue Officer.

Tony has now spent seven years working for the Dallas Fire Department. In a post from November 2020, he wrote, “Time flies! I’m going on five years with the Dallas Fire Dept. I work with some amazing people, and I have time to build my real estate empire. If there’s a better job, I’d like to hear about it. #firefighter #dallas #realestate.”

Other jobs of Tony include working as a new options trader, private direct lending broker, and investor, flipper, and prop manager.

Talking about education, Tony attended Champion School of Real Estate in 2012. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies, Business Management and graduated in 2013.

Tony also appears to be an actor-writer-editor-producer. He makes comedy skits and posts them on his TikTok and his Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend Tony From?

Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez’s ex Tony is originally from Chicago. He is currently based in Dallas, Texas.

  • Is Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez Ex-Boyfriend Tony On Instagram?

Yes, Love Is Blind Nancy Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend Tony is on Instagram (@tonyrealestate) and (@t0nyrealest) and TikTok (@tonyrealest).

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