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Meet Trenton Garvey — Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Winner

Meet Trenton Garvey, winner of season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen: Young Gun. He and 17 other contestants demonstrated their skillset and he has been announced the winner of the show in September 2021. Learn more about Trenton Garvey in this article.

How Old Is Trenton Garvey?

Trenton Garvey was 26 years old as of Sept 2021. He never divulged information on his birth. Hence, his precise birthday is yet to be known.

About Trenton Garvey Parents

Trenton Garvey was born to his father Mike Garvey in Rogers, Arkansas, United States. Before joining Hell’s Kitchen, he had never been anywhere outside of Arkansas and Missouri. As of this writing, Trenton lives in Union, Missouri. Allegedly, his parents are either separated or divorced.

Trenton’s father is often featured on a few Facebook posts of his sister. However, his mother remains anonymous.

As a supportive father, Mike appeared on the show to cheer his son. But, besides that, he preferred to remain silent regarding his parents’ information.

In addition to his parents, Trenton has a brother who ran a restaurant in Arkansas. Plus, he has a sister named Zoie Garvey who turned is around 16 years old.

How Tall Is He?

Trenton Garvey stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters).

Is Trenton Garvey On Instagram?

Trenton Garvey is available on several social media platforms. His Instagram account (@chef_trentongarvey) gathered 3,334 followers. He also had 85 posts on the platform. Whereas, his Twitter (@cheftrentgarvey) earned 43 followers.

He is also on Facebook with 1,376 followers. Moreover, he goes by the handle @trent.garvey on his Facebook.

How Much Is Trenton Garvey Worth?

Trenton Garvey should have a net worth of at least $300 thousand.

“The only way to avoid Gordon Ramsey’s wrath is to perform the best.” That’s what Trenton Garvey learned after being on Hell’s Kitchen: Young Gun and eventually winning the show. However, he prepared for what he had to face in the show.

Trenton Garvey knew he wanted to become a chef when he was pursuing high school education at Union High School. He graduated high school in 2013. He began his culinary career at KFC in Washington. Because of his knack for learning, he was better than everyone else there.

The Arkansas native trained under East Central College’s chef Ted Hirschi from where he got his formal culinary education. Much like Gordon, Ted, now retired, was an old school and he and his other trainee chef had to look perfect every day to be ready to learn from him. Along with Ted, he also worked with chef Mike Palazzola who was ECC’s culinary program coordinator.

All because of his mentor’s tough nature, working with them helped build his foundation, and make him able to face the bad boy of the Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey. In 2016, Garvey started working at the Black Duck in Washington. But, after the location shuttered, he started at Maplewood as an executive chef.

Trenton’s journey in Hell’s Kitchen began when his brother got a call as the people were looking for a cast for Hell’s Kitchen. The season was “Young Guns” and he eventually ended up landing a seat in the competition. He joined 17 other aspiring chefs (at the time he was 23).

After 14 episodes of season 20, Trenton secured the title winner of season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen. The show was actually filmed in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. In the history of the show, he became the second Missourian to join the show.

He was awarded the Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsey’s Steak Paris Las Vegas with a $250,000 salary.

During an interview, Trenton shared, “I either lost to an awesome contestant or I put it all on the table and Chef Ramsay sees what I did and wants me to win this thing. I had already put it all on the line so I was ready for whatever would happen.”

Talking about his plans, Hell’s Kitchen‘s season 20 winner shared that, he would love to start his own restaurant eventually.

Trivia: Trenton Garvey worked as pizza logistics coordinator at Imo’s Pizza.

Does Trenton Garvey Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, Trenton Garvey has a girlfriend named Macee Jarvis. As Trenton shared, they have been together for over 9 years, so things are pretty serious.

According to, after moving away to a small town for a little bit, Macee came back to Union and starting high school halfway through freshman year. In Algebra class, Trent sat in front of her, and the first thing she noticed about him was that he seemed like a skater-boy a type she would go for.

One day, they both wore a Beatles shirt and argued with the teacher about who was better, The Beatles or the Bee Gees (clearly the winner is The Beatles) and they both realized how much they had in common. From there they became best friends and by that summer, they both realized they had a “thing” for each other.

At 1:27 am on October 3, 2010, Macee received a text from Trent asking her out, true millennial style.

Not only that, after winning the show, he proposed to his girlfriend, and he was officially off-the-market.

In an interview, Trenton revealed that he and his now-fiancee never spent time away from each other. He shared, “We had never spent that much time away from each other. I also had not had to spend that much time with other people my age. I was like, ‘You know what? We’re pretty much perfect for each other. I don’t get other people that are our age.’ I knew what I had to do.”

While the couple never announced their wedding, shared that they got married on 12 June 2021 in Union, Missouri.

Speaking on Macee Jarvis,  she also attended East Central College and studied General Studies from 2013-2016. Later on, she enrolled at Central Methodist University where she studied elementary education/sociology.

Starting from August 2020, Macee has been working as Branch Manager at Scenic Regional Library Union Branch.

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