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Meet Yanise Monét, Comedian Sam Jay Wife! Her Age, Job

Yanise Monét is the wife of comedian Sam Jay. Their relationship stood the taste of time and is stronger than ever. So, who is Yanise? How old is she? What does she do for a living?

Find all the answers to the questions here in this piece. This article covers it all.

Meet Yanise Monét, Comedian Sam Jay Wife

Yanise Monét is the long-term girlfriend/soon-to-be wife of comedian Sam Jay. They met each other through mutual friends in Atlanta over a decade ago. The host of HBO’s new late-night chat programme PAUSE with Sam Jay relates how they just had a fleeting encounter at a club before their friend’s car broke down in front of Monét’s house later that evening. “I was digging her,” Jay recalls.

“And then we would just hang out a bunch and that’s kind of how it started,” she told. “It was off and on for years, dating and then breaking up, talking and not necessarily fully dating, while we were dating other people.”

Whatever the person they were dating at the time, they have always regarded one another as family. According to Yanise, “I define family by the people that are in my circle that my energy resonates with.”

However, Sam shared a few details about Yanise on her Instagram. In one tweet from 2015, Sam tweeted, “I almost didn’t marry my wife ’cause she had Dreds so I assumed she would torture me with Lauryn hill facts.”

The tweet suggests that they have been married at least since August 2015. Although we don’t know much about the couple’s relationship’s beginnings, they frequently express their love for one another on Instagram.

In one Instagram post, Sam wrote, “We have our ups and downs like everyone else, but this woman goes above and beyond for me! I type this while looking up to the heavens on a private nonlight polluted beachfront villa! We dreamed & manifested this life we’re living over 10 years ago on a purple couch in my living room! & she continuously works hard every day to make our dreams a manifestation. So thankful!”

The post suggested that they knew each other before 2009 and were together for more than a decade. In fact, Sam’s interview with PEOPLE revealed that they were together for 15 years (as of 2021). As they recount their love story from their sun-drenched New York City apartment, it is clear that the couple has formed a humorous shorthand over the years.

“We were always friends,” Jay told PEOPLE in the Pride Issue of their on-and-off relationship. “And I think over time, just being connected to one another and not being able to break that connection, a person just becomes family to you. So even when we weren’t necessarily dating, I always felt she was a person who was going to always be in my life.”

The couple moved to Los Angeles along the way before settling in New York City, where Jay started writing for Saturday Night Live in 2017 and has since received two Emmy Award nominations. Jay has also used their relationship as material for some excellent stand-up routines, but Monét claims it’s all in good fun and she’s “never blindsided” by it.

“We have a lot of fun. We laugh a lot,” Jay added. “She’s definitely super funny to me, and we both have a good sense of humor about ourselves, so we’re able to joke with one another.”

Sam enjoys teasing their partners. She has joined her partner on stage but the teasing also happens off-stage. “We argue a lot and wipe boogies on each other,” Jay joked. “It’s very immature, but I think we also take care of one another. She prays for me a lot. That’s a big showing of love, and she sages me a lot. So I take that as an action of love, for sure. And I pay for stuff.”

Despite having to deal with the deaths of both of her parents and a stepparent when she was a small child, Jay and Monét have over time created their own chosen family.

“I think life kind of put me in a situation where I had to lean on friends and people more than normal,” she reflected.

“After my mom passed and I kind of drifted away from my family, I had to find that connection with people through going to Atlanta for school or coming out,” she says. “And so now my definition of family is truly more based on the individual connection than it is necessarily a bloodline.”

Fun Fact: Sam Jay proposed to Yanise Monét in January 2022. On Valentine’s Day, Yanise shared that they have been engaged for one month.

Yanise Monét Age

On 7 June 2022, Yanise Monét reached the age of 38. This means 1984 marked the year of birth of Yanise.

Where Is Yanise Monét From?

Yanise Monét hailed from Atlanta, Georgia. He is based out of New York City.

Yanise Monét Height

Based on her photographs, Yanise Monét’s height should measure around 5 feet 6 inches.

Yanise Monét Job

Yanise Monét is a commercial and residential interior designer. She has designed businesses such as Escobar Lounge and Tapas owned by Two Chains, and Swag Shop Barbershops which have several locations including inside Phillips Arena, owned by Micheal Render also known as Killer Mike, and his wife Shana Render.

Yanise was cast by Crazy Legs Productions in the Designing Atlanta pilot for Bravo in 2017. In 2020, Yanise was given a role in HGTV’s Renovator’s Challenge, a design competition between two architects. She appeared frequently on Pause with Sam Jay on HBO and will co-star in the forthcoming HBOMax series About Last Night with Steph and Ayesha Curry.

Yanise, who goes by the moniker Vanity Vixen, owns and operates Vanity Interiors in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. She calls herself 50% Suzanne Sugarbaker and 50% Karen Walker. According to her Instagram account for her business, her store sells textiles, home goods, and furniture. She posts storyboards and examples of her work online, and her aesthetic seems to be a mix of super-glam and eclectic.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Yanise Monét Birthday?

Yanise Monét celebrates her birthday on 7 June.

  • Is Yanise Monét On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Yanise Monét is on Instagram (@vanity.vixen) and on Facebook (@yanisemonet). She also has a Twitter account (@yanisemonet).

  • What Do We Know About Yanise Monét Family?

Not much is known about Yanise Monet’s family except that she has shared a few pictures of her mom on her Instagram.

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