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Meet Zhidong Chen, Nathan Chen Father! Bio, Age, Job

Meet Nathan Chen’s father Zhidong Chen. Unlike his mother, very little is known about Nathan’s father. But, even remaining away from the public eyes, his father played a huge role in his life and the Olympian he has become.

Learn about Zhidong Chen in this article. Here we cover his age, bio, job, and information on his wife and children.

Meet Zhidong Chen, Nathan Chen Father

Olympic figure skater, Nathan Chen is one of the five children of Chinese immigrant parents. His father Zhidong Chen grew up in a rural Chinese town and immigrated with his wife to the states with his student visa. This particular move from his father along with his mother’s perseverance is the reason, Zhidong Chen is who he is today.

Learn more about his father below.

What Do We Know About Zhidong Chen’s Wife And Kids?

Zhidong Chen and his wife Hetty Wang tied the knots some times before they immigrated to the states. Zhidong came to the states to earn his doctorate in pharmacy. Then they arrived from Tianjin, China in 1988 and first lived in Carbondale, Illinois. They knew nobody in the states and his wife couldn’t even speak English at the time which Nathan revealed during his interview with New York Times.

After Carbondale, the family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and has been settling there ever since. They raised their five children in Salt Lake. While speaking with New York Times, Nathan shared, “They tend not to talk too much about their struggles, but it must have been so difficult, coming to a new country, not speaking the language, not having much money, not having any friends. It’s amazing how they were able to fight through that.”

His parents’ struggle drives him to be better and he credited them for supporting his every athletic choice.

Zhidong Chen and his wife had five children. Nathan was the youngest of five. His other siblings are Alice Chen (@alicefchen), Janice Chen (@janiceschen), Tony Chen (@runtxc), and Colin Chen.

Their oldest, Alice Chen @alicefchen worked in social media for Apple News and resided in New York City. Also, he owned her own candle company called We Are Social Club, and has worked for Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club and production company, Hello Sunshine.

Below Alice is Janice Chen @janiceschen, a University of California, Berkeley graduate who went on to become the founder of Mammoth Bioscience. She’s also earned her Ph.D. from Doudna Lab at UC Berkley, and gave a TedTalk in 2018 about CRISPR diagnostics.

Finally comes the brothers, Tony @runtxc and Colin Chen. They were also ice athletes who played hockey.

Zhidong Chen Age

Reportedly born in 1957, Zhoidong Chen is 64 years old as of Feb 2022.

Zhidong Chen Job

Zhidong Chen is a medical researcher with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the “University of Utah.” He was the president of “MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals LLC” in Salt Lake City as of 2022. He joined the organization in 2008, according to reports.

Zhidong also worked as a senior scientist with “Genta Incorporated” and “SalusTherapeuticals” during the time.

Related FAQs

  • Is Zhidong Chen On Instagram?

Zhidong Chen doesn’t have any social media platforms. But, he was featured once on his Instagram.

  • What Is Zhidong Chen’s Nationality?

Zhidong was born and raised in China. But, he has been living in the US since 1988.

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