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Megan Coyne Bio, Age, Family, Dating, IG, White House

Over the past few years, between jokes about The Sopranos, Bon Jovi, the Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham debate, and supporting the recognition of Central Jersey, the White House Twitter has become the most talked-about account on the platform. And the one behind this new way of operating an otherwise mundane government operation is none other than Megan Coyne.

So, who is she? Let’s find out in this writing called ‘Megan Coyne Bio’.

Meet New Jersey’s Megan Coyne, The Person Behind The White House Twitter

If you noticed that the official Twitter account of the White House was a little sassier than usual on  25th August (2022) and that was also Megan Coyne’s doing.

After President Joe Biden announced student loan forgiveness a day before, Twitter exploded with reactions from all sides including many criticisms. But the one Megan handled was quick to troll many of the announcement’s detractors.

Megan is the White House’s Deputy Director of Platforms, a post she started earlier in August 2022. Before taking the job in Washington, she was the social media director for the Murphy administration.

After five years of interning on Phil Murphy’s 2017 gubernatorial campaign, Megan Coyne had headed to the White House. “An absolute dream come true” Megan had said of joining the Office of Digital Strategy as Deputy Director of Platforms.

With her boss at the time, Pearl Gabel, Megan helped bring life and a quintessential New Jersey manner to a once dull state-run Twitter account.

Megan on her own Twitter entertained 67.6K Followers as of 27 August 2022. She could be found on Facebook as well but on Instagram.

Megan Coyne Age

Born in 1997, Megan Coyne reached the age of 25 in 2022.

Megan Coyne Family

Megna’s mother is Mary Sweeny Coyne and she reached the age of 55 on 7 March 2022. Likewise, his father, Thomas J Coyne Livingston turned 56 in 2022.

Also known as Tom Coyne, the patriarch had been working as a site manager at Time Inc. in Livingston, New Jersey, United States (as of the time of this writing).

During Father’s Day back in 2020, Megan took to her Twitter to share that her father was released from the hospital a day before after falling off their roof two weeks ago. In true dad fashion, she said, he had yelled at her to stop crying while they waited for an ambulance. That year they had therefore celebrated the day with a cake with “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. WE ARE GLAD YOU DIDN’T DIE WHEN YOU FELL OFF THE ROOF” written on its frosting.

Besides, Megan has four siblings and all of them are superior to her in age.

There is sister Kelly P Coyne of Livingston who turned 29 on 19 August 2022, brother John Coyne, sister Maisy Coyne, and brother Gavin. Of them, it is Gavin, who played Boys Lacrosse at Livingston High School from 2018 through 2022.

Megan and her siblings also had a very dear grandfather (paternal), John Christopher Coyne who passed away in 2016. The elderly was predeceased by his beloved wife Eileen (Higgins).

Is Megan Coyne Dating Anyone?

As of 2022, it was unclear if Megan Coyne was dating anyone. However, there has been more than one instance when Megan tweeted about her boyfriend or related relationship status.

Only in May 2022, she said in a tweet that she fumbled the bag breaking up with her middle school boyfriend who turned out to be a surgeon.

Then, one time, Megan referred to the famous Jim and Pam (from The Office) as her forever relationship goals. In fact, she has more than once tweeted that all she would like to have is a relationship like Jim and Pam. Maybe she will find the one she is looking for in her own office. Or maybe, she already did.

Also, we can tell you that she was openly single around 2012. Other times, she did not quite spill her relationship status.

Megan Coyne Career

Megan likely started her career by putting herself out there as a research assistant at Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates at Rutgers University between 2016 and 2017. Then, for eleven months, she also was an intern to Phil Murphy for Governor.

For more than 2 years, she worked as a writing tutor at 

Between February 2018 and July 2022, Megan served the State of New Jersey in various jobs — of communications intern, digital assistant, social media manager, and then director — all in the office of Governor Phil Murphy.

On LinkedIn, she mentioned getting licenses and certifications from Bystander Intervention and American Red Cross. She also cited having native or bilingual proficiency in English and limited working proficiency in Italian.

Megan Coyne Height

Megan Coyne stands around 5’3” in height and it seemed like she did not like to show herself that much in public or even on social media. Maybe she believed for as long as her tweets did the job that is all that mattered.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Megan Coyne’s Birthday?

Megan Coyne celebrates her birthday on the 13th of May and that makes her a Taurus.

  • Where Was Megan Coyne Born?

Megan Coyne was likely born in Livingston, New Jersey. While lately (2022), she was based around Washington, D.C.

  • Where Did Megan Coyne Recieve Her Education?

Megan Coyne went to Livingston High School between 2011 and 2015. Then, from 2015 through 2019, she studied at Rutgers University. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science.

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