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Megha Tolia Wiki, Nirav Tolia Wife, Net Worth, Age

Megha Tolia is the wife of one of the top venture capitalists Nirav Tolia, featured on Shark Tank season 13. But while being married to a top-tier businessman certainly has its perks, it also overshadows your achievements and your story.

So, who is she? Keep reading this Megha Tolia Wiki to find out.

Megha Tolia And Nirav Tolia’s Relationship

Megha and Nirav Tolia prides themself in being of Asian background and this was reflected in their marriage held at The Ritz-Carlton, LA, CA. The two looked better than ever as wore their traditional attire — Megha, a saree, and Nirav, a suit. (But he wore a kurta before the ceremony).

Even the bride’s mates and groom’s men were dressed in saree and kurta respectively.

The wedding ceremony was held on March 5, 2011, and the reception followed a few hours later at JW Marriott.

As for their guests, it was a huge crowd of family, friends, and colleagues.

A year later, Megha and Nirav then welcomed their first kid named Deven in July 2012. And the following year, in December 2013, their second son Dylan stepped into this world. And their third son Declan arrived another year later.

The kids were often the stars of the couple’s IG. Except for Declan. According to Nirav, as the third son, Declan has had his” precious few social media moments”, but there were very few good pics of their sweet little boy.

Also, Dylan already has a Facebook account at @dylan.tolia.

The Tolia family originally lived in San Francisco, CA but they moved to Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy in August 2019. They then returned to their homeland almost after 2 years of stay in July 2021. (brandxhuaraches)

Megha summed up the reason for their return in one word — “Family.”

Reportedly, most of her family members resided in Dallas, TX.

Megha Tolia Net Worth

Megha Tolia garnered a net worth of above $1 million by 2021. Meanwhile, her husband Nirav’s net worth then was a whopping $50 million.

As for her job, Megha was working as a vice president/general manager of Method Products PBS for almost 10 years in 2021. The company sold products like soap, gels, detergents, handwash, glass cleaners, and many more.

Before that, Megha worked as an associate brand manager of Neutrogena from July 2004 to June 2006. The company sold skincare items. Then she took a break from work for a while and again join Neutrogena as brand manager from July 2008 to Dec 2011. 

Is Megha Tolia On Instagram?

Yes, as of October 2021, Megha was on Instagram @meghatolia with 31 followers.

Find her on Facebook @megha.t.tolia.

Most of her posts then featured her family; especially her three kids.

Meanwhile, Nirav flaunted 1.3K followers over his Instagram @niravtolia.

How Old Is Megha Tolia?

Megha Tolia celebrates her birthday on December 19 and was well over 38 years of age in 2021.

On her 2018 birthday, Nirvana took it to his IG with a picture of Megha holding a wine glass, captioned, “Happy birthday to my darling wife! Your hard work and unconditional love make it all possible for our family. We adore you.”

Megha Tolia Education

Megha is quite accomplished academically. She attended the University of California, Berkeley for her development studies (Pol Sci + Econ) from 1998 to 2002, and then enrolled herself at the Harvard Business School in 2006 and graduated 2 years later.

Also, in 2002, Megha was selected as one of the six candidates to participate in Johnson & Johnson, marketing leadership development program. The program spanned two years with rotations in Marketing and Sales in different operating companies.

Trivia: During her time at the University of California, Megha was a part of the Tri Delta sorority.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Megha Tolia’s Nationality?

Megha Tolia might hold Asian roots, but she is American through and through. She was born and raised in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

  • What Is Megha Tolia’s Maiden Name?

Megha’s maiden name is “Trivedi”.

She is the daughter of Aparna Trivedi, who initially was Aparna Bhatt. Megha’s mother grew up in New Delhi, India where she attended Lady Irwin Higher Secondary School. For her higher studies, Aparna then joined Miranda House, Delhi University.

As for her siblings, Megha has a brother named Chet Trivedi, and a sister named Neha Trivedi Bansal.

Her sister, Neha is a  UCLA, and University of Pittsburgh graduate who went on to work in maternal-fetal medicine at Kaiser Permanente.

Overall, Megha has a large family. Some of her family members include Puja Trivedi Parikh, Beena Shah, Gopika Kamdar Saarima, Lisa Trivedi, Ashvin Oza, Gita Sood Mehta, Vinay Bhatt, Tejas Oza, and Ameeya Mehta.

  • How Tall Is Megha Tolia?

Megha stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7.5 inches (171 cm).

Her distinct features include — long triangular face, brown eyes, and dark hair.

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