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Melanie O’Hanlon Bio, Ardal O’Hanlon Wife, Age, Job

Meet Melanie O’Hanlon, wife of comedian Ardal O’Hanlon. Her husband is joining a brand new season of Taskmaster which premiered on 14 April 2022. The show premiered on Channel 4. Fans who have been following his work for years know that his wife plays a huge role in his life. Regardless of that, she has managed to stay away from the public eyes.

The Irish comedian also prefers maintaining his family life away from the spotlight. But, every now and then, he has shared about his wife and kids. Here’s what we’ve discovered about Melanie.

This article attempts to cover information on Melanie’s age, job, and details of their relationship.

Meet Melanie O’Hanlon, Ardal O’Hanlon Wife

Melanie O’Hanlon is the wife of stand-up comedian and actor Ardal O’Hanlon. The romance between the two blossomed as teenagers and they reportedly started dating as high school students.

Ardal was doing an interview with a Scottish newspaper about a part in a film he had in a Scottish folk story called The Great Friar’s Bobby. He was promoting the film and he was asked about his wife.

He told JOE, “I was asked about my wife – I’ve been with my wife since we were teenagers and we still get on fantastically well and everything, it’s great – but I would always make jokes about her in interviews. Always. I’d always make up jobs for her and things like that, I would say she’s a gymnast or something like that. Just to see would it turn up in the interview.”

Moreover, Ardal shared with his wife, “But I remember saying, ‘God yeah we’ve been together since we were teenagers. So it’s all about the tone you see, ‘Oh I tried to leave her so many times but she just-’, so it was something like that I said and I thought the journalist was in cahoots with me over it.”

He went on to say that a month later, the article was repackaged in The Evening Herald under the headline Ardal O’Hanlon Tries To Leave His Wife.” The news reached his poor wife when she was in the butchers in Rathmines in Dublin and had the butcher saying to her, “Ah Jesus, I believe he’s trying to leave you!”

Melanie played a pivotal role to support his career as a comedian. He was performing at clubs and had built a reputation that allowed him to squeeze a national tour around his wife Melanie giving birth to their first daughter.

Ardal studied communications at what is now Dublin City University.

After college, Ardal formed a comedy group Mr Trellis with his fellow students Kevin Gildea and Barry Murphy to establish the Comedy Cellar club at the International Bar in central Dublin. It marked the alternative comedy in Ireland. In 1994, when the comedian was 28, moved to London to pursue a career as a comedian turning down his insecure employment behind for Britain’s comedy clubs.

It was possible because of Melanie (then-girlfriend-now-wife) who supported him financially. In an interview, Ardal revealed, “She was kind of the breadwinner. She was funny as well. Most people when they meet us can’t believe I’m doing what I do and she’s not.”

But, in 2006, they moved back to Ireland to raise their children—Rebecca, Emily, and Redmond.

Moving back didn’t open the door for Irish-based work for Ardal which he had hoped for. But, he appeared on British TV shows such as Derry Girls, After Hours, and Cucumber.

Melanie’s children are grown-ups now. Emily is 24 (@emily.ohanlon.3), Rebecca is 22 (@rebecca.ohanlon.967), and their son Redmond is 19 (@RedO’Hanlon).

Melanie’s eldest daughter, Emily studied medicine. Talking about Emily, Ardal spoke, “I don’t know where she got the discipline or the interest in it, but she wanted to be a doctor from a very early age. She was always very studious and focused, it’s amazing, I don’t know where she came from!”

Rebecca studied A-levels and is equally hardworking.

Talking about their son Redmond, Ardal uttered, “My son Red is probably the most likely candidate to follow me into comedy – he’s a bit of a wag! He’s far more confident than I ever was at that age. I was a really shy and awkward teenager, but this fella’s great, he holds his own, and he’s very amusing and a good impressionist.”

Melanie loves all of her husband’s work. But one role that deviates from his spectrum of affable, if befuddled, characters – from dimwitted superhero George Sunday in My Hero to unemployed dad Peter in After Hours – is Brannigan the Catkind in a Doctor Who episode from 2007.

Ardal confirmed, “That’s still one of my wife’s favorite looks on me”.

Born on 8 October 1965, Ardal is 56 years old. The Irish comedian is known for playing Father Dougal McGuire in the TV sitcom, Father Ted. His novel, The Talk of the Town, was published in 1998.

Melanie O’Hanlon Age

As of April 2022, Melanie O’Hanlon is above the age of 52.

Melanie O’Hanlon Job

As already stated, Melanie O’Hanlon supported her husband. However, her job remains unclear. She doesn’t seem to have a LinkedIn profile. But, she appears to be a lawn tennis player.

In January 2020, he told Daily Record about his usual weekend routine, “It’s a bottle of wine and a fantastic meal. My wife, Melanie, is a great cook, so she’ll prepare something and we’ll watch a movie on the sofa.”

They also have two golden retrievers, Bonnie and Tia.

Is Melanie O’Hanlon On Instagram?

No, Melanie O’Hanlon doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. Or, even if she is, she goes by a different name. But, she has a Facebook account without any posts (@melanie.ohanlon.90).

Melanie O’Hanlon Height

Melanie O’Hanlon appears to stand tall under the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Melanie O’Hanlon Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Malanie O’Hanlon hasn’t been shared yet.

  • Where Is Melanie O’Hanlon From?

Melanie O’Hanlon lives in St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire. She also lived in Cowper Rd., Rathmines, Dublin.

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