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Melia Kreiling Partner: Is She Still Dating Evan Schiller?

Emily In Paris starred Melia Kreiling as Sofia who has a romantic entanglement on the show but who is her partner in real life? She was once dating Evan Schiller — Is she still with him?

Here’s what we currently know about Melia’s dating life. Keep on reading this article and find out more.

Melia Kreiling Partner: Is The “Emily In Pairs” Actress Still Dating Evan Schiller?

Melia Kreiling was allegedly dating one Evan Schiller back in 2019. They first appeared together in July 2019 in a post. Fans were rooting for the new couple. One shared, ” ‘The notebook’ no2.” Melia confirmed the relationship in the comment with a reply, “hahahahahaha OMg Yes that’s so awful but I love it.”

Evan also commented on the post saying, “I would do it all again in an instant… and one day, we will.” He added, “p.s. this is beautiful”. Melia replied to him, “well… you know… pao.”

Then, Melia featured her man on his birthday in September 2022. Evan posted, “Happy Birthday, Trouble. May you sharpen your blade and carve your dreams out of jade, may you be lifted by chords, may you dance wild in sweet serenade.”

The last post the couple appeared together was in December 2019. According to the geo location marked on that post, Melia and Evan were in Gitano Tulum.

  • Who Is Evan Schiller?

Evan Schiller is on Instagram where you can find him on his IG handle (@ebschiller). His bio reads, “It’s kind of a long story.”

According to LinkedIn, Evan is working as an associate creative director at TBWA/Media Arts Lab. He was a senior copywriter. He also did gigs as sr. copywriter for Zambezi, Inc. Furthermore, he served as an associate producer for Sparks, Roth Films (Sony Pictures), Renegade, Mental Floss, Skyelab, and Jack Morton Worldwide.

Evan graduated from Boston University in Television & Film in 2003. He earned a BA in

Evan is currently residing in Venice, Italy. But, he is a native of Amherst, Massachusetts.

Melia Kreiling Relationship Status

Melia Kreiling is active on social media and shares a lot about her professional and personal life. The only thing that she omits is divulging details related to her dating life. She has shared almost nothing about her dating life or if she is currently in a relationship with anyone.

The love that appears to have in her life currently is love for her career, her pet dog, and love for her friends and family members.

How Much Is Melia Kreiling Net Worth?

According to Information Cradle, Melia Kreiling has a net worth of $3 million.

In the UK, Melia pursued studies in drama and contemporary dance. Soon after completing her studies in theater, she was cast as Bianca Gonzaga with Jeremy Irons in the Neil Jordan-produced Showtime television series The Borgias. She then went on to work in indie films like Committed (S.Kliris) and Suspension of Disbelief, as well as television hits like The Bible (History) and Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel) (M.Figgis).

Melia then moved to Los Angeles, California, as a result of these. Later, she spent two seasons as a series regular on the popular television program Tyrant (FX Networks). She next starred in the award-winning director Pantelis Voulgaris’ The Last Note before returning to television in Salvation (CBS) and Filthy Rich (Amazon Studios) (Fox).

Melia most recently appeared in Emily in Paris. In the show, she played the role of Sofia Sideris, who works closely with Camille Razat as one of her new clients. Viewers meet Sofia in Ep.4.

Greek artist Sofia exhibits her work at Camille’s gallery, and she expresses her affection for Camille to him immediately. She said a male at the exhibition wasn’t her type, adding, “I’m much more into sophisticated, French women with beautiful taste.” Emily discovers Camille and Sofia having sex at Alfie’s party one episode later.

Soon later, they start having an extensive relationship. Given that Camille’s pregnancy was announced in the Season 3 finale, it is unknown what will become of their relationship during Emily in Paris Season 4. She’s undoubtedly no longer seeing Gabriel, though, so it’s possible that Camille and Sofia could get back together in the future.

She also appeared on Mammals by Jez Butterworth, both available on Prime Video (Netflix).

Is Melia Kreiling On Twitter And Facebook?

Yes, Melia Kreiling is on Twitter (@Melia_Kreiling) and Facebook (@OfficialMeliaKreiling).

Does Melia Kreiling Have Siblings?

Yes, Melia Kreiling has two siblings. They are Kathryn Ruth Rombs of Irving, Texas, and Kimberly June Kreiling of Claremont, California.

Kathryn was born in Dallas, TX, and raised in New York City. She graduated with a B.A. in philosophy from Wake Forest University and went on to Fordham University for her master’s and doctorate, where she focused on St. Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy. Dr. Rombs established Mighty Is Her Call Inc., a Catholic Mothers’ Ministry that offers retreats for mothers as well as a daily blog featuring numerous Catholic authors.

While raising her 6 (amazing), children, ages 7 to 20, she likes occasionally teaching philosophy at the University of Dallas. Ron Rombs, a theology professor at UD who is presently assigned to the Rome Campus, is her husband. For a few years, Ron and Kathryn relocated their family to Italy. If not, they live in Irving, Texas.

Kimberly is an author, speaker, and licensed marriage and family therapist. She graduated from Davidson College with Religious Studies and earned a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Azusa Pacific University. Find more about her career on LinkedIn.

Kimberly is married to Ken Miller. They love gardening, volunteering with student ministries, and practicing hospitality along with their daughter, Jenna June.

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