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Melissa Tattam Parents: Edwin Tattam And Nicola Tattam

Not every parent is fortunate enough to get descriptive information about their children’s love life. But Melissa Tattam’s parents are one of those lucky ones for her dating life has been a hot topic on Made In Chelsea ever since 2018.

So, who are Melissa Tattam’s parents? Learn all about them as this article proceeds.

Who Are Made In Chelsea Star Melissa Tattam Parents?

Melissa Tattam was born to her parents, Edwin and Nicola Tattam. They are her number-one supporter ever since day 1. However, the Made In Chelsea star rarely featured them over her socials.

The last we saw Melissa she had just broken things with Toby Watkins. It seems they secretly split over the summer. “Right, so guys there’s a bit of an announcement… I’m single,” were her words on a podcast.

Meet Edwin Tattam, Melissa Tattam Father

Melissa Tattam didn’t talk much about her father Edwin Tattam. But we do know that she loves him to the moon.

Scroll down to learn more about him.

  • Edwin Tattam Age

Edwin Tattam was born in June 1961. That made him 61 years of age in 2022.

As per his birthday, Edwin is either of Gemini or Cancer zodiac.

  • Edwin Tattam Job

Edwin Tattam is the Founder and Co-Chairman of Softbox Systems, a supplier of temperature control packaging to the pharmaceutical industry.

He founded the company over 2 decades ago to overcome the challenges that biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical research, and logistics companies face in managing the Cold Chain when shipping temperature-sensitive commercial and clinical trial products. They’ve since engineered packaging systems that are designed and rigorously tested to ensure the cold chain can be maintained with confidence. “Our personal approach, innovation, consistent quality, and passion have made us the trusted partner to the life sciences and logistics industries,” they claim.

For their innovation, Softbox Systems has also received multiple awards.

Besides Softbox Systems, Edwin has also been involved with companies such as Sportarm At WLSS Ltd, Avro Design and Development Ltd, 2nd Level Global Solutions Ltd, H.J. Hussey Ltd, Courier Cool Ltd, Laminar Cases Ltd, and Laminar Medica Ltd.

  • Is Edwin Tattam On Instagram?

Edwin isn’t on Instagram or any other social media.

Meet Nicola Tattam, Melissa Tattam Mother

Melissa Tattam’s mother Nicola Tattam is her best friend and her mentor. No wonder, she’s involved in Melissa’s private as well as professional life.

Her maiden name is “Folkes.”

Below, you’ll learn all about Nicola‘s age, jobs, and socials.

  • Nicola Tattam Age

Nicola Tattam was born in May 1961. That made her 61 years of age in 2022 — the same age as her husband Edwin.

Corresponding to her birthday, Nicola could be either of Taurus or Cancer zodiac.

  • Nicola Tattam Job

Nicola Tattam is the director of Melissa Jay Ltd — her daughter’s swimwear brand.

Melissa Jay Ltd is a bikini company Nicola’s daughter developed after getting frustrated with the lack of flattering bikinis available to women with petite figures. Unfortunately, for this, Melissa was criticized because it described a size 10 as “large.”

The large size is equivalent to a UK size 10-12 — which is far smaller than the standard high street large of 16 to 18. 

Furthermore, Melissa Jay Ltd official website and IG also featured models wearing a size 4 or 6, the equivalent of the highly-controversial US sizes 0 and 00.

So, it was only natural that campaigners would brand the sizing “unhealthy”, and argue that it was setting a bad example to teenage fans of the show who might be tempted to buy Melissa bikinis. 

In response to the controversy, Melissa said, “The sizing? It’s just the way that I did it. I started off the range as a petite range because I’m very small and I wanted to cater to that. There are lots of other brands that cater to larger sizes.”

Further explaining the matter of why she chose size 10 as “large,” she added, “To me, a size 4 or a 6 is an extra small, do you know what I mean? “I was a very small company to start with so I couldn’t make a lot of sizes.”

Now, let’s come back to Nicola.

Besides working with her daughter’s company, she also seems to have dabbled in that of her husband. The last we checked, she was listed as the director of  Softbox Systems and also Avro Design and Development Ltd.

  • Is Nicola Tattam On Instagram?

As of December 2022, find Nicola on Instagram @nicolatattam with 108 followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @nicola.tattam.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Melissa Tattam Parents Reside?

Melissa’s parents are both British and they resided in Dorchester, Dorset, England, United Kingdom before 2022.

  • Are Melissa Tattam Parents Still Married?

Yes, Melissa’s parents are still married.

Reportedly, the two tied the knot in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

  • How Many Kids Do Melissa Tattam Parents Have?

Melissa’s parents share two kids — Melissa and Will Tattam.

Their son, Will Tattam is a Millfield graduate who went on to work in business development at 2nd Level Global Solutions Limited. It seems he’s followed in his father’s footsteps.

On Will’s 23rd birthday, Melissa took to her IG to reveal their baby pics captioned, “1/3 sir.”

Also, Will graced Melissa’s IG on Christmas 2021. It’s clear that the two shared a close-knit bond.

Find Will on IG @willtattam and FB @will.tattam.9.


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