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Melissa Villaseñor Partner, Net Worth, Height, Family

If you do not know Melissa Villaseñor, you are missing out on very funny things in the world. She is one of the key cast members of SNL and one of the funniest women in the United States. And she is one of the six comedians starring in season 3 of Netflix’s The Standups.

Today, however, might be your lucky day. We bring to you all the information about Melissa, including details about her family, her partner, as well as wikis like her height, age, net worth, etc.

Who Is Melissa Villaseñor Partner?

We do not know any names. Melissa Villaseñor does talk a lot about her “boyfriend” on her Twitter but so far, she has not shared his pictures or his name on social media or any other regular media.

In July 2020, Irvin Castellanos tweeted that he was dating Melissa. However, we do not know if he was joking or he was serious. Or if he was indeed serious, we do not know if he was the same boyfriend Melissa talks about in her Tweets.

The Tweets about her “amazing” boyfriend started to come around November 2020. Her boyfriend can cook, clean, and garden. He can play the violin and usually drinks the whole milk. Furthermore, Melissa also Tweeted that her boyfriend only uses one pillow while she uses three.

Also, her boyfriend has a kid, who is 2 years of age (or he used to be in July 2021). And he loves his kids and teaches them cool things.

Apart from those recent Tweets about her boyfriend, Melissa has talked and joked a lot about her dating life on Twitter. For example, in a 2011 Tweet, she said that she wanted her husband to smell like Auntie Anne’s pretzels.

Melissa has also joked about Dave Grohl being her dream man. In a 2012 Tweet, she claimed that Darryl Glenn was going to be her “future husband”.

The jokes aside, Melissa has talked about dating being hard in one of the comedy gigs as well as during some interviews and podcasts.

Melissa Villaseñor Net Worth

As of 2021, Melissa Villaseñor had earned a net worth of over $1 million.

Melissa is a comedian and actor who has been listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 and Rolling Stone’s 50 Funniest People Right Now lists. She first entered the show business as a contestant on America’s Got Talent. She reached the semi-finals of season 6 (2011) of the show.

Melissa made a big sensation as one of the cast members of the long-running NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL). She became a cast member of SNL in 2016. As a comedian, Melissa is a very good impressionist. In her debut, she did an impression of Sarah Silverman.

Her most famous impression, however, is that of Owen Wilson.

Apart from America’s Got Talent and SNL, Melissa has worked for other TV shows like Family Guy, Adventure Time, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, American Dad, and many more. In fact, according to her IMDb profile, she was 50 acting credits and three writing credits.

Melissa is also a headlining standup comedian. You can find her tour details on her website. Furthermore, Melissa is also a podcast host, a musician, and an artist. You can find her works on her website. You can also find her merch on her website.

Melissa Villaseñor Family

Melissa Villaseñor comes from a Mexican-American family. When she was first selected as a cast member of SNL, she was the only second Latina woman to be part of the SNL cast. And her hiring was heralded by many as a trailblazing opportunity for Latinas, especially in SNL and comedy circuit overall.

Coming back to her family, we do not know the names of her parents. But apparently, they own a fencing company. And her dad is a great fan of comedy. He was the one who introduced Melissa to the greats of comedy like Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Rodney Dangerfield, and many more.

Melissa also has a sister, who looked just like her and was her “best friend”. But we do not know the name of her sister.

On her Instagram, Melissa sometimes appears with some other family members. Sometimes she posts pictures with her family members and talks about how they made her day. She has also posted condolence posts on her Instagram.

For instance, there was a sad post about her uncle Ceasar in August 2020 and a nostalgic post about her grandmother in May 2021.

Also, IMDb has the names of two of her great-grandparents, Ramon Martin Del Campo Vellasenor and Maria Del Refugio Lopez.

How Tall Is Melissa Villaseñor?

Melissa Melissa is not very tall. Her height is just 5 ft 2 inches.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Melissa Villaseñor?

As of December 2021, Melissa Melissa was 34 years of age.

  • Where Was Melissa Villaseñor Born?

She was born in Whittier, California. Her full name is Melissa Anne Villasenor.

  • Is Melissa Villaseñor On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Melissa is on both Instagram and Facebook as well as on Twitter. Her Instagram handle, @melissacomedy has over 279k followers. Similarly, her Facebook page had 33k followers. And on her Twitter handle, @melissavcomedy, she had a following of 144.9k.

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