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Memet Walker Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Howard Stern

Howard Stern Show might be one of the biggest American radio programs, and naturally, it had an enormous cast of characters. Memet Walker, one of its younger cast members, who flaunts a handsome salary and net worth, recently got engaged to Mary Katbow.

So, it’s time to look deeper into his life over this Memet Walker Bio. 

Who Is Memet Walker To-Be Wife, Mary Katbow?

Memet Walker started dating his future wife Mary Katbow in 2018 or early 2019. And fast forward to September 2021, the two were already engaged and planning their wedding.

But as joyous as the news might be, Memet’s boss Howard wasn’t happy about it. Why? Because the couple planned to tie the knot on a workday. Moreover, they invited a whole bunch of people from the Howard Stern Show.

“If they’re working for me they can go to Memet’s wedding, but don’t bother coming back,” Howard said over a live broadcast.

To which, Memet assured Howard that his West Coast ceremony was due to events beyond his control. Furthermore, he promised to work the morning of the ceremony before saying “I do” later that night.

As for Memet’s soon-to-be wife Mary @mkatbow, she was beyond excited for the wedding. She had already moved in with Memet into a two-floor apartment in Manhattan as well.

In case you missed it, Mary has also appeared together with Memet during the earliest part of the COVID-19 quarantine. Back then, the two discussed the lighthearted fights they regularly had.

“It’s awful. So, we haven’t been sleeping — there’s like the poop smell, rat smell, they are dying, he snores, he farts. There are kinds of noise all around the night. There’s chaos all the time,” Mary shed light on her quarantine with Memet.

Overall, though Memet and Mary may have their little lovers quarrels from time to time, they were ready to start a new family together. Confessing to having children someday, Memet said,  “If you psychologically torture them (his children) enough, you can get in their head where you don’t have to raise a hand to them.”

Memet Walker Salary At Howard Stern

Memet Walker’s exact salary at the Howard Stern Show wasn’t revealed. However, the average salary of any writer/producer in America was around $60 thousand per annum. So, considering Memet worked for the massively popular radio show, his annual salary should float somewhere around the $60 – $70 thousand range.

Also, his coworkers, Benjy Bronk, Ronnie Mund, and Richard Christy earned around $100 thousand, $60 thousand, and $80 thousand per annum respectively.

In case you want to know, Howard received $100 million per year in salary from Sirius.

Memet Walker Net Worth

Memet Walker garnered a net worth of around $400 thousand by 2021. Likewise, his boss Howard then flaunted a stunning $650 million net worth then.

As of 2021, Memet was working as a writer/producer for the Howard Stern Show for over 7 years. Before that, he was worked as a collegiate correspondent for USA Today for 5 months and a writer for The Daily Tar Heel for almost 3 years.

Also, Memet was previously employed as a contribution reported at The News & Observer. During his time there, he won a North Carolina Press Association award for his investigative piece on drug use across UNC-System campuses.

But before taking on the journalism career, Memet spent four years in the U.S. Air Force. Yes, he was a part of the regimen who successfully defended Oklahoma from al-Qaida.

How Old Is Memet Walker?

Memet Walker was reportedly born in 1987. That made him 34 years of age in 2021.

He celebrates his birthday on January 2 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

How Tall Is Memet Walker?

Memet Walker stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Memet has an oblong face, brown eyes, and dark hair.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Memet Walker’s Family From?

Memet Walker’s family is reportedly from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is the son of John P Walker who has long separated from Memet’s mother. 

Both of his parents have been featured over Memet’s IG. But it might be safe to say the Howard Stern cast love his father more.

On his dad’s 2018 birthday, Memet took it to his IG to write, “safe to say the good looks and good hair gene skips a generation. happy birthday dad!”

Unfortunately, Memet’s loving grandfather John Preston Walker passed away suddenly at his home on July 15, 2017. He was an appliance repairman working for Sears Roebuck.

As for Memet’s grandmother, she was alive and has graced the Howard Stern show as well.

Memet resided in New York, NY before 2021.

  • Is Memet Walker On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, find him over Instagram @memetwalker, and Twitter @memetwalker.

Sadly, we couldn’t find him on Facebook.

  • Where Did Memet Walker Recieve His Education?

Memet graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chaple Hill in 2014 with his bachelor in arts and political science degree.

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