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Mia Alario Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Southern Hospitality

Bravo’s Southern Hospitality premiered on 28 November 2022 aiming to present an ultimate sneak-peak into the professional life of the crew members of the nightclub Republic Garden & Lounge, which is co-owned by none other than Leva Bonaparte of Southern Charm. So, the show’s first season introduced to viewers several new cast members. Mia Alario was one of them. In the rest of this writing called ‘Mia Alario Bio’, we are therefore going to talk about his age, height, dating life, and more.

Mia Alario On Bravo’s Southern Hospitality

Mia Alario is introduced on Southern Hospitality as someone who is outspoken, socially outgoing, and always ready for a night out. As someone who has no issue speaking her mind. She also tells on the show that she is always the one in the groups who enjoys catching people off guard with her honesty. In Bravo’s words, she is often “rubbing” the group the wrong way.

Viewers also get to see her as her grit and commitment are put on trial as with her co-workers. So, at Leva Bonaparte’s Charleston nightclub she constantly finds herself in need to prove that she deserves her coveted spot. Though on IMDB, Mia is only credited for one episode of Southern Hospitality in 2022.

How Much Is Mia Alario’s Net Worth?

Mia Alario reportedly possessed below $400K net worth by 2022.

Working at Republic is not her only job. According to her LinkedIn, she had been working full-time as a financial analyst at a company called Biotech since July 2020. So, if you also need to know about her current salary, she should be getting an estimated total pay of $72,689 per year working in this profession around the Charleston, South Carolina area.

Before this, she served as a financial reporter at Coastal Management Group for one and a half years.

Between 2015 and 2019, Mia was getting her bachelor’s degree in finance and economics at the College of Charleston.

It was towards the end of high school that she uncovered her affinity for finance and decided to pursue a profession in that field.

Mia Alario Boyfriend

Until late in 2022, Mia Alario did not admit to having a boyfriend, the way she did in the past.

However, at this time around, fans were hoping that she would maybe connect with someone on this Bravo’s new experiment. Because, in the show, Mia and her coworkers were not supposed to only work. So, when not being a VIP hostess for Leva, Mia also maybe engaged herself in getting to know some guy friends.

As for now, the absence of a romantic partner even on her social media was quite apparent. Yet, the same social media also tells us that she has been testing the dating pool from time to time.

Mia Alario Family

Mia Alario comes from a close-knit and loving family. This helped her develop a profound familial bond early in life.

Mia’s parents have always been very supportive of her ambitions and have pushed and encouraged her to chase her dreams. They can be often seen on her social media accounts.

However, Mia’s parents are no longer together. Her dad, Filippo Alessandro Alario, even got married again to a much younger Cindy Alario (on IG @cindy_alario). Mia, of course, was very welcoming of her stepmother. The two tied the knot sometime in 2017.

Mia’s dad, according to his Facebook, is from Villa Domínico. Though as of 2022, he had been living around Pedro, Belize, working at The Belize Bank Limited.

As for siblings, Mia has a sister named Alexi Alario. New York, New York-living Alexi is younger than Mia. She celebrated her ‘sweet 16’ on 3 January 2016. At the time, Mia had taken to her social media some beautifully captured memories of them. Next to them, she gushed Alexi as her “Day 1, A1”, her right hand, her go-to, and everything. She then thanked the “Lil nugget” for always being the best little sister.

Is Mia Alario On Instagram?

Yes. Mia Alario could be found on Instagram @miaalario with 149 posts and 9,575 followers as of 4 December 2022. For some reason, she named this age of hers as a ‘grocery store’ and not a ‘personal blog’. Yet, it did not look like one. Pictures on this account are mostly her own beautiful shots and ones with her girls when they are out.

Mia also entertained some 1.8K friends on Facebook.

Mia Alario Age

Because Mia Alario was born in 1998, she reached the age of 24 in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mia Alario’s Birthday?

Every year Mia Alario gets to celebrate her birthday at the earliest. The day is January 5th. That means, her zodiac sign is Capricorn, the sign of the Makara, or sea monster.

  • Where Is Mia Alario From?

Mia Alario was born and raised in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and Tobago, officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is the southernmost island country in the Caribbean.

Mia relocated to Charleston in South Carolina for college where she graduated with two degrees in Economics. Until late 2022, she continued to live in the city.

  • How Tall Is Mia Alario?

Mia Alario, with looks and personality resembling that of a professional fashion model, stands below 5’2” in height.

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