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Michael Abbott Bio, Jinkx Monsoon Husband, Age, Job

What’s the best place to get married? On top of a mountain? Or, a seaside wedding? Well, for Michael Abbott it was none of it. This musician chose to marry Jinkx Monsoon in the Drag Race star’s living room!

Intrigued by Jinkx’s husband yet? Keep following this Michael Abbott Bio to learn all about him. 

Meet Michael Abbott, Jinkx Monsoon Husband

Michael Abbott first met Jinkx Monsoon at Kiki, a club in Manchester, England, in March 2019, while working as a bartender. And it was a fateful meeting!

At the time, the Drag Race star had plans to go out with another drag queen friend of theirs. But she “ghosted” them. Thus, going out alone, Jinkx then found a friend in the bartender (Michael) who never heard of Jinkx or seen Drag Race.

So, after work, the two went to hang out in Jinkx’s hotel room, where they stayed up all night talking. The next day, the duo then spent the entire next day flipping through TV channels, getting to know each other more. And also, Michael serenaded the reality star with what was on TV, and they were impressed with his ability to play by ear.

Days later, the two were already romantically involved — holding hands down the streets of England and singing at the top of their lungs. Sadly, Jinkx’s tour was over, and on their last night together, after being wasted outside a bar called Glamorous Birmingham, they decided on a long-distance relationship.

Months passed, everything was going great, and then the 2020 pandemic hit. “We skyped, we FaceTimed, we texted incessantly,” Jinkx recalled.

Finally, after getting clearance for a 90-day trip to the United States, Michael then got engaged to Jinkx in October of 2020. And a month before Michael’s trip was ending, the two touched on the concept of commitment without ownership. And on Jan 6, 2021, the lovebirds held a small ceremony at home with their friends and family witnessing through video call.

Their marriage which took place in the living room of Jinkx’s Portland, Oregon home, was officiated by comedian Deven Green.

Michael Abbott Age

Michael Abbott was born on November 26, 1995. That made him 26 years of age in 2022; eight years younger than his partner Jinkx.

As per Michael’s birthday, he is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

Did you know: Michael doesn’t have a sexual preference. Just because he was married to a drag queen didn’t mean drag queens were his type. “Who even has types anyway? Grow up and get over yourself. There’s beauty in everyone,” he remarked.

Michael Abbott Job

Michael Abbott is a musician and a writer. You might not have heard of him, but he’s worked in the sound department of over 70 movies, TV shows, and functions. To mention a few, he’s been an audio producer and mixer for The 64th Annual Grammy Awards (2021), Genius Junior (2018), Shark Tank (2009 – 2013), The X Factor (2012), Duets (2012), and more.

The guy also performs at a few minor shows. For instance, he took to the stage of Sackville Gardens in Dec 2019, and also to the auditorium of the University of Hull to sing his favorite French nursery rhyme À la claire Fontaine (By the clear fountain). And not to mention all the spontaneous gigs he gets invited to.

For Michael, music is the ultimate universal language. “It has the power to bring people together from backgrounds and points of view so different, that they wouldn’t have thought about engaging with each other otherwise,” he explained.

Also, this talented musician is a David Bowie fanatic. “Bowie was a true genius and remains a constant hero and source of inspiration,” he shared.

Overall, Michael was making good money in his career. And thanks to his job, and a year of “not eating sour cream and avocado at Chipotle,” he bought a new home in April 2022.

Also, equally contributing to the house was his partner Jinkx who starred in RuPaul’s Drag Race. In case you didn’t know, she also won season 5 of the popular show and took home that $100,000 cash prize.

Fun Fact: Michael might be a great musician but he’s definitely not the best dancer.

Is Michael Abbott On Instagram?

Yes, as of July 2022, Micheal was on Instagram @hrhmichael with 10.5K followers.

Also, here’s his Twitter @itsmichaeeel.

Michael Abbott Family

Michael Abbott comes from a family of at least four. He was born to his mother Judi Abbott (who is likely his grandmother) whom he loves to the moon.

On October 2, 2021, Michael even flaunted a pic of Judi on IG, captioned, “The birds are singin’ for me and my gal.”

Likewise, Judi is very supportive of Michael. She often made it to Michael’s show and even to that of his partner Jinkx.

Judi turned 100 on June 11, 2022.

As for his siblings, Michael has a brother.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Michael Abbott From?

Michael hails from Manchester, UK.

But in early 2022, Michael’s visa petition for an alien relative in the US finally got approved. Or in simple words, he is now a green card holder and a permanent resident of the United States.

  • How Tall Is Michael Abbott?

Michael stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

His district features include — a perfect face structure, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile.

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