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Michaela Boehm Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Ethnicity

Gwyneth Paltrow’s new show Sex, Love & Goop is here, and Michaela Boehm is one of the experts featured; who explored relationships and sexuality with different couples.

Delve into her personal life as this Michaela Boehm Wikipedia proceeds.

Michaela Boehm On Sex, Love & Goop

Sex, Love & Goop is a 6-part series that followed a set of experts educating couples on ways to improve their connections through a deeper physical and emotional involvement. 

As one of the professionals, Michaela approached couples with an “eclectic mix of education, experiential exercises, and guided explorations.” This gifted speaker’s unique body of work “centered around the intersection of intimacy and embodiment.”

The last we saw her on the show, she was coaching Rama and Felicitas who met in college about 15 years ago.

However, her approach was not appreciated by many including a certified sexual health educator, Laura McGuire. She was skeptical about the advice delivered by someone without apparent accredited degrees. Especially, Laura took issues with Michaela’s rule about not giving negative feedback in bed.

But Michaela couldn’t care less. She was sticking to her methodology and have a good time on the show. After the show’s premiere, Michaela took it to her IG to share that being able to talk about topics close to her heart, offering insight, and opening doors for conversation has been such an amazing experience.

Also, she followed it with a few posts promoting the show.

Michaela Boehm Age

Michaela Boehm was born on July 29, 1967. That made her 54 years of age in 2021.

As per her birthday, Michaela is of the Leo zodiac.

Does Michaela Boehm Have A Husband?

Yes, Michaela Boehm did have a husband. In fact, as of 2021, she was married to her South African husband for nearly 19 years. They resided on an organic farm in the hills behind Ojai, California. 

Also, the duo enjoyed the country life. It was just them and their myriad of rescue animals, including dogs, goats, horses, and pigs.

If you don’t know, Michaela is incredibly passionate about rescuing and rehabilitating abused and abandoned animals. Unfortunately, her small organic ranch in Ojai, California was burnt down in the Thomas Fire. It was finally rebuilt after 2 years and 9 months of laborious work.

As for her husband’s name, Michaela chose not to reveal it. Maybe it has something to do with the probability that if they ever split, it would ruin her entire brand. Or maybe, she was just a private person.

Michaela Boehm Ethnicity

Michaela Boehm flaunts the Austrian-American ethnicity.

Her family was originally from Austria. Reportedly, her father worked at Mercedes-Benz, while her mother stayed home to take care o the kids.

Michaela Boehm Career

Michaela Boehm might be a relationship expert, but this wasn’t the life she dreamed of. 

Growing up, Michaela was fascinated by medical practices and Ayurveda — especially after meeting an Indian Ayurvedic herbalist. Unfortunately, she couldn’t pursue that path and enrolled herself for a degree in psychology. Furthermore, she even trained herself in Yoga, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, and Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Later, she then moved to America, established a counseling practice.

According to her webpage, she has provided over (30,000 plus hours) in-person counseling and created The Non-Linear Movement Method. Her method claimed to be a somatic release modality that utilized principles of trauma therapy, polyvagal theory, and movement for nervous system regulation.

Also, Michaela was most popular for empowering through education with her co-teacher Steve James, and also for providing spiritual orientation and engagement. She has had clients from all over the world including “Oscar-winning actors, producers, writers, multiple Grammy-winning musicians, CEOs, and multi-billion dollar fund managers.” And last but not least, she was always open to community support. Especially, during the COVID crisis, she shifted to online counseling to support people through “emotional, health, and relational challenges.”

But in-person counseling isn’t the only way one could heed her advice. 

Go check out her book called The Wild Woman’s Way available on Amazon, BAM!, Indie Bound, and Barners&Nobel. She said that her book was a manual for (and about) women in these changing times.⠀

Also, you may listen to her podcast over her official webpage, “”. She had over 50 (all over 40 mins) podcasts, all free to listen to.

Or, attend her workshop. The last was on October 28, 2021, via Zoom Called “Live Online: The Non-Linear Movement Method Practice Session with Michaela.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Michaela Boehm Born?

Michaela Boehm was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria

  • How Tall Is Michaela Boehm?

She is 5 feet 4.5 inches (164 cm) tall.

  • Is Michaela Boehm On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, find her over Instagram @micboehm77, and Facebook @michaela.boehm.ojai.

Also, her distinct features included — curly red hair and hazel eyes.

  • How Much Is Michaela Boehm Worth?

Michaela garnered a net worth of over $500 thousand by 2021.

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