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Miho Lee Bio, Age, Dating, Job, Instagram, Physical 100

Miho Lee has been training her body for years. But little did she know that she’d one day use her skills to bring down a fellow fitness instructor on the Netflix show Physical 100.

Keep reading this Miho Lee Bio to learn more about her.

Miho Lee On Netflix’s Physical 100

The awaited gameshow, Netflix’s Physical 100 premiered on January 24, 2023, and within a week it grabbed the No. 7 spot on Netflix’s top 10 TV shows list. Created by Jang Ho-gi, Physical 100 followed 100 contestants — including Miho Lee — from various ethnicities, ages, and genders as they competed against each other to prove their physical strength. But it’s not just the title of “most perfect physique” that the victor took home. They were also entitled to the winning money of 300 million won (approx USD 243 thousand).

“Fight to the death. Survive to the end.” These were the words that appeared in the show’s trailer. The contestants competed to survive purely with their physical strength.

In the first ep, Miho and other contestants were placed in a massive space where plaster casts of their torsos sat on marble pedestals, arranged in concentric circles around a fountain. They then walked around, admiring each other’s plaster/actual bodies, objectifying and judging each other.

The show also radiated Squid Game vibes as assistants and safety personnel wore gray jumpsuits with most of their faces covered.

So, for the first challenge, the contestants were asked to hang on to a suspended apparatus lifted in the air. Through this, the participants quickly realized that the show was not only a test of brute strength but also endurance and mental strength.

Later, based on how long they lasted, the players were then placed in order from 100 to 1, and in order, they got to choose who they’ll face in the first quest — a fight over a ball.

Our star, Miho got paired and won against the pilates instructor Ko Dayoung! That put her through to quest 2.

Is Miho Lee Dating Anyone?

Miho Lee didn’t reveal who she was dating in 2023. We’re not even sure she had a boyfriend before she joined Physical 100.

But boyfriend or not, the star surely enjoyed her life her way. Surrounded by friends, Miho was often training in the gym, climbing mountains, or deep sea diving. And some of her friends included Physical 100 cast members Choi Sung-hoon and  Dustin Nippert.

Also, Miho had two lovely cats named Miho and Yong-gam. They both were stray cats. “Pets are family, not objects. Don’t throw it away,” she quoted.

Miho Lee Age

Miho Lee was reportedly born in 1996. That made her 26 years of age when she appeared on Physical 100 in 2023.

She was one of the younger contestants that season.

Miho Lee Job

Miho Lee is a fitness trainer. In 2023, she was working at the Gym Tipi, a fitness center located in the Sinchon area of Seoul, South Korea.

Gym Tipi was opened in July 2018 by Korean rapper Swings.

After Miho’s time on Physical 100, the gym’s official IG page also shared some tips on how the trainer trained herself for the show. They mentioned that Miho used a Newcom weight machine, Dirax Stairway to Heaven, Incline Treadmill, Beautybuilder Kim Shrust, Free Weight Zone Weightlifting Platform, and Private shower booth to increase muscle strength.

Also, a good diet and positive mental being were key to her success.

But Miho’s appearance on Physical 100 wasn’t the only time she was in the spotlight. Back in Feb 2018, she also finished 2nd in Spox Nava Sports Model and made it to the news.

Recalling her participation, she said, “When I started my diet, I didn’t even think I would get the king medal, but I guess I was lucky to participate. With about 3 weeks left, my mentality started to shake, but when I think about it after passing by, it feels like it’s nothing special. It’s futile.”

Also, Miho added that even though she couldn’t win the season the support she received from her well-wishers was more than a prize.”I was so happy! I’m grateful just for coming, and I get energy just by looking at your face, but I was double happy that you even bought me a lot of food. I should train with the goal of being taller. I will never forget the kindness of the people around me,” she explained.

As for her education, Miho is a SangMyung University 2019 graduate.

Trivia: An average personal trainer (Miho’s job) in Korea made around KRW 30 million per year.

Miho Lee Height

Miho Lee stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (169 cm) and weighs 60 kg (132 lbs).

But back in 2021, she weighed 57 kg (125 lbs).

Mentioning her distinct features, Miho has brown eyes, a triangular face, and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Miho Lee Birthday?

She didn’t reveal her birthday.

  • Where Is Miho Lee From?

Miho hails from Busan. But she also considers Seoul as her second hometown.

  • Is Miho Lee On Instagram?

As of February 2023, Miho was on Instagram @leeemiho with 39.8K followers. Most of her posts then featured her time at the gym or ocean.

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