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Mike Gutzke Bio, Matt Rife Father, Age, Job, Cause of Death

Comedian Matt Rife’s father is named Mike Gutzke. While Matt has spoken about his dad on his social media and podcast, he never revealed the name of his dad. Matt shared that his father has died. However, we did some digging up, and here is what we know about Matt Rife’s dad.

How old was he? What was the cause of his death? Was he married? Find all the answers as you scroll down this article.

Meet Mike Gutzke, Matt Rife Father

Mike Gutzke is the father of Comedian Matt Rife. Because Matt lost his father when he was a baby, most of the picture that Matt posted of his father was from the time when he was very young.

The earliest pic that Matt posted of his father was in June 2014. For the Father’s day post, Matt captioned the post, “Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I miss you much much and wish you heard every day. Love you, dad, have a great Father’s Day in Heaven. ❤️ #RIP.”

Later in 2014, on his father’s birthday, Matt made another post where he wrote, “Today would’ve been my dad’s 39th birthday. Miss ya every day, hope you have a great birthday in Heaven, pops. Love you! #RIP.”

Matt intended to keep details about his dad a secret. Besides the photograph and age, he hadn’t posted much about his father. However, on Father’s Day 2015, the comedian hashtagged his dad’s name for the first time.

The caption for the post read, “Happy Father’s Day Dad! I miss you so much every single day and I know you’re watching over me every day, guiding me through this crazy life. And if that’s true, why’d you let me stub my toe on the couch yesterday… Come on man lol Love you, Dad! #FathersDay  #RIP  #RestInParadise  #MikeGutzke  #Dad  #Love  #ThisIsWhereIGetMyLoveForSleep  #CantBelieveHeWoreJeanShorts #MaybeIWasAdopted #iDontComeFromNobodyWhoWearsJorts #MissHim #OnezyOnPointTho #ToddlerSwag #ThatCouchBelongsOnTheCurb.”

The most recent post where Matt featured his dad Mike was on Father’s Day 2020. “Rest In Peace Pops ❤️ #HappyFathersDay and thanks for the round head,” Matt captioned the post.

In a podcast, Mike shared that he looked nothing like his father and he didn’t believe that Matt was his son. According to the standup comedian, his father makes his mom take a paternity test.

In fact, his mother told Matt that he looked like a guy that his mom dated in high school. Furthermore, at the time of his death, his parents were no longer dating each other.

Mike Gutzke Cause Of Death 

During an interview, Matt Rife revealed that his dad Mike Gutzke died from suicide. Mike shot himself which was the cause of his death (probably putting a gun to his mouth). Matt added that when he thinks about his dad, he thinks about him as a grown man regardless of age.

The comedian added, “I am older than my dad ever was.”

So why did he do it? Matt has no idea why he killed himself. However, his mother April Rife told him that the reason that Mike took his own life was because of depression.

Matt also added that Mike was living with his dad at the time who has an alcoholic. As Matt recalled the story, Mike came home drugged to his dad’s hotel and talked about killing himself.

Mike Gutzke Age

Mike Gutzke was 21 years old at the time of his death. He was reportedly born on 1 July 1975. Furthermore, he died on 3 March 1997, according to Ancient Faces.

Where Is Mike Gutzke From?

The public record reveals that Mike Gutzke was from Columbus Ohio.

Mike Gutzke Job

It is unclear what Mike Gutzke had a job for supporting himself. According to Matt, he was living with his father at the time of his death in 1997.

Mike Gutzke Height

According to Matt Rife, Mike Gutz was 5 feet 9 inches. Matt stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mike Gutzke Birthday?

Mike Gutzke’s birthday is likely on 1 July.

  • Is Mike Gutzke On Facebook?

No, Mike Gutzke passed away before Facebook was created.

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