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Mike Meginness Bio, My 600-lb Life, Married, Age, Update

Are you a fan of TLC’s My 600 Lb Life — the reality show that explores a year in the life of morbidly obese individuals?

If it’s a ‘Yes’ then, Mike Meginness is not a stranger name to you.

Mike (Michael) Meginness, just like other people starring on the show, started his journey with him weighing at least 600 pounds (270 kg). Now, in the rest of this Mike Meginness Bio let us discuss if Mike’s attempt to reduce his weight to a healthy level has been successful, and more.

Mike Meginness My 600-lb Life Update

So, Mike Meginness’s journey aired on TLC on 24 November 2021 on S10 E04 of My 600-lb Life. And when he was first weighed at Dr. Now’s clinic, his weight read some 745.7- lbs.

Mike was, however, ready to do whatever it took to lose some of it and get healthy.

With the help of Dr. Now’s recommended diet and exercises, Mike managed to lose quite some weight. He weighed 592-lbs at the time of his weight loss surgery.

Together with Dr. Now, Mike came up with a plan to just stay for two months in Houston following the surgery to make sure he recovered well from the procedure. It was sorted that Mike would return to Ohio and continue with his weight-loss journey and visit Dr. Now regularly for consultations.

Meanwhile, the doctor also advised him to seek therapy to help with his depression which in turn would prevent him from turning to food as a coping mechanism.

So, despite many obstacles, Mike managed to not only lose weight and get approved for weight-loss surgery but had been also continue his health and wellness journey, long after the filming ended.

How Much Does Mike Meginness Weigh Now?

Mike Meginness was still 300-lbs away from his goal weight but even Dr. Now was still optimistic that Mike would continue his journey.

As per what Mike has been sharing on his Instagram, he is on a path to a “better healthy lifestyle”. His latest update was posted on 22nd November when he weighed 580 pounds.

How Old Is Mike Meginness?

Before November 2021, Mike Meginness had reached the age of 37.

Is Mike Meginness Married?

Mike Meginness had been certainly married once before his wife divorced him.

The one important reason why Mike decided to get help from Dr. Now was him not wanting to lose custody of his children. He believed once his lifestyle was healthy and back on track, he could be more involved in his kids’ lives.

A few months after Mike dropped out of college and move back into his parents’ basement, he met his wife, and the couple got married shortly after that. They had four children together.

Mike continued to work hard to provide for his family. He had a job in IT. However, because he still had no control over his eating habits his wife threatened to leave him. As a result, Mike went to a rehabilitation center where he stayed for two months where he was diagnosed with depression and food addiction.

However, he did lose some weight eventually only to put it back on after getting out of the center. Two years later and his wife divorced him and got custody of their kids and the house. What hurt him the most, according to him, was that she asked for a divorce in front of their children.

Meanwhile, at the time of this writing in Nov. 2021, his relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mike Meginness From?

Mike Meginness never really left his hometown of Marion, Ohio. Even as of November 2021, he continued to call the place his home.

Mike mentioned his siblings when talking about his early life. He revealed how he had always been a big kid and ate a lot more than his other four siblings. And so his weight gain started pretty early on as he weighed 102-lbs by the age of six.

By the time he was 18, Mike weighed a whopping 315-lbs which soon came in between his dream of earning a full scholarship for college. He was extremely excited about it before it all came crashing down. He started experiencing concussions and after a few concussions, his doctors told him that he could not play football anymore. For someone who considered football his life, this was a huge blow to Mike. To make things worse, in less than a year since Mike put on 150-lbs.

  • What Does Mike Meginness Do For A Living?

According to Mike Meginness’ Facebook profile, he has been working as an IT support associate at Sedgwick as of 19 July 2021.

Before that, until February 2021, he handled IT operations at Rogue Fitness in Downtown Columbus.

From November 2019 until March 2020, he worked as an information technology analyst at Whirpool in Marion, Ohio.

  • Is Mike Meginness On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. Mike Meginness is on Instagram and Facebook.

Until 25 November 2021, Mike Meginness had 100 posts and 274 followers on his Instagram @mmeginness.

Then, nearly 1K people followed him on his ‘Mike Meginness’ Facebook.

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