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Mikel Simmons Bio, Age, Height, Dating, Southern Hospitality

Bravo’s Southern Hospitality premiered on 28 November 2022 aiming to present an ultimate sneak-peak into the professional life of the crew members of the nightclub Republic Garden & Lounge, which is co-owned by none other than Leva Bonaparte of Southern Charm. So, the show’s first season introduced to viewers several new cast members. Mikel Simmons was one of them. In the rest of this writing called ‘Mikel Simmons Bio’, we are therefore going to talk about his age, height, dating life, and more.

Mikel Simmons On Southern Hospitality

Mikel Simmons is introduced to Southern Hospitality as someone with a reputation for bringing the party anywhere he goes. Other than being a VIP Host he is friends with popular celebrities like Southern Charm‘s Kathryn Dennis.

Mikel’s reputation as a party starter serves him well as one of Leva’s VIP Hosts. Viewers will also get to see another side of him, i.e., of someone completely on the verge of coming out. And that presents its own challenges to him.

On this show, viewers shall also see him facing a bit of backlash when he reportedly goes behind Leva’s back, bringing VIP clientele to her rival’s restaurant. But, when Leva gives him a second chance to redeem himself, things again start looking pretty good for him.

Mikel also is also seen as someone trying his very best to provide the guests with the best service possible throughout the show and eventually the audience can not help not notice his charming personality and outgoing nature. After this show, he has only found himself rising to never before anticipated popularity.

At last, let us also tell you that Southern Hospitality also reveals his singing talent. Mikel who is also skilled in Spanish, Canadian French, and American English languages, even has already released his single “Trouble” and he is really proud of it. Over the years, his people on social media have enjoyed short clips of him singing the covers of other artists as well.

Mikel Simmons’s Net Worth

Mikel Simmons reportedly had an estimated $300K net worth as of 2022.

In February 2021, he joined the Republic Development and Management Group. As per his LinkedIn profile, he shifted from that position in August 2021 and was since working as a VIP Concierge at the very company. Then, between March 2018 and 2020, he was employed as the former front desk associate at Burn Boot Camp.

Before his appearance on the show, between June and November 2018, Mikel also worked as a worship leader at Freedom Church in Charleston. Between 2016 and 2018, he collaborated with the Charleston County School District as an After-school Counselor. The year 2017 also saw him work as a cashier at Charleston Bagel in Mount Pleasant.

Speaking of his education, Mikel only seemed to have gone to Wando High School. He graduated from there in 2016.

Is Mikel Simmons Dating Anyone?

Apart from his battle with mental health issues and faith, Mikel has also been about his walk through a rough path in life that he traveled to come to an acceptance of his sexuality. Yet, this battle within him had still been not done because even until recently he talked about feeling like he is living a double life. He said that he has been openly gay on social media and in front of his friends but has been keeping his true self hidden from the conservative eye of his Church and some members of his family. Mikel therefore also confessed on this reality show that he went on to that he felt ready to come out in front of his beloved Church community and his family.

Yet, when it comes to his dating life, he never really admitted to dating anyone. In fact, at the time of this writing, he continued to identify himself as ‘single’ on his Facebook.

Mikel Simmons Age

Because Mikel Simmons was born in 1997, he reached the age of 25 in 2022.

Mikel Simmons Height

Mikel Simmons stands around 5′ 8” in height.

Is Mikel Simmons On Instagram?

Yes. Mikel Simmons could be found on Instagram @mikelsimmons with 111 posts and 16.5K followers as of 3 December 2022.

TikTok @iammikels and ‘Mikel Simmons’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mikel Simmons From?

Mikel Simmons originally hails from Charleston, South Carolina. As of 2022 though, he had been calling Mount Pleasant o Soth Carolina his home.

  • When Is Mikel Simmons’s Birthday?

Mikel Simmons’s birthday is on November 3rd and that makes him a Scorpio.

  • Who Are Mikel Simmon’s Parents?

Mikel comes from a very conservative Christian family in Charleston.

His mother is Karyn Simmons (Pk Simmons). She studied at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and before that went to Wando High School.

Mikel is known to have two sisters. The younger one is Adrienne Richardson Simmons. As per her Facebook, she had been working as a trainer at Burn Boot Camp and living around Charleston, South Carolina as of 2022. The other sister, Brooke S. Simmons had been working as a banker at Finacial. She also happened to be a singer-songwriter at Lightning Music Eclipse. Formerly a Grand Canyon University alum, she was staying around Charleston.

The other family members mentioned on Mikel’s Facebook are — brothers Robbie Madison and Kalen Thompson, sisters Adrienne Richardson Simmons and Elizabeth Madison, niece Jaylyn Madison and cousins Drea Lee, Shawnte Simmons-Footman, and Kai-Renay Scott.

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