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Mindy Jessop Bio, Sister Wives Nanny, Age, Husband, Job

Meet the family nanny of the Brown family from TLC’s show Sister Wives with this Mindy Jessop Bio. Many viewers have known her since 2016 but very little was shared about her. So, here are the new updates on the life of Mindy.

Here, we highlight her husband, age, job, and net worth.

Meet Mindy Jessop, The Sister Wives Nanny

Fans of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ noticed that there is a woman in the show who is not the wife of Kody Brown. She is best recognized as the nanny Mindy Jessop. One of Kody’s wife Robyn Brown is frequently seen with Mindy and fans started speculating if Robyn was the third wife.

But, no, Mindy is neither Kody’s girlfriend nor the prospective future wife. So, learn about the ‘Sister Wives’ nanny below.

According to All About The Tea, Mindy is the daughter of Lisa Jessop. Lisa Sullivan is the daughter of Paul Howard Sullivan Sr (Robyn’s stepfather) and Robyn’s “other mother” Carol Sullivan. Mindy’s father (Lisa Sullivan’s husband) is Michael Jessop. Michael Jessop is the son of Morris Y. Jessop. David Preston Jessop is Mindy’s second cousin.

According to her mother’s Facebook, Mindy has two sisters including Emmy and eight brothers. The only brother we know of is Dylan who is an army and married Ashlee Jessop.

The Brown family has reportedly inspired Mindy and positively affected her views on plural marriages. “There are a lot of things the Browns do that are inspiring to live a plural marriage,” she reportedly said, All About The Tea reported.

Is Mindy Jessop Kody Brown’s Fifth Wife?

No, Mindy Jessop is not the fifth wife of Kody Brown. Although fans confused her to be the fifth woman joining the open marital relationship. However, back in July 2016, Radar Online revealed that Kody was interested to take another woman as his FIFTH wife. At the time, he had a family problem that needed to focus on because his first wife Meri Brown was caught in a catfishing scandal.

As reported, Kody set his eye on, none other than, Mindy Jessop, his family nanny particularly for the youngest son Solomon. But, that would be awkward because she is Kody’s fourth wife Robyn Brown’s ‘step-niece’. A source told Life & Style, Robyn “can’t believe he would betray her like that”.

The four wives were furious about the announcement he made. Source further revealed, “The fight over wife number five got so bad and the four wives were so disgusted by the idea they just left. Why take on another partner? As the rating dropped for the TLC show, Kody concocted the scheme of a fifth wife.”

A family friend also revealed he would do anything to save the show.

According to ‘All About The Tea,’ Mindy said, “I was raised in a plural family. I’m open to living a plural marriage, but the family bond would have to be strong, otherwise, it would just not be worth it to me.”

Mindy Jessop Husband

As of 2021, Mindy Jessop is a married woman who tied knots with her African-American husband Darryl Moore II. Her Instagram post from August 2021 revealed, “Mr. And Mrs. Moore 7🖤31🖤21”. So you know, she tied the knots on 31 July 2021. The pair were engaged on 10 March 2021. In August 2014, her husband wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook where he revealed about their marriage.

They have been together at least since April 2019.

Talking more about Mindy’s husband, Darryl studied welding at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. He works as a driving instructor at SPEEDVEGAS. 

According to his Facebook, Darryl has one brother named Tory Banks and two sisters Christina Huff and Teri Little. As per his sister’s post from April 2021, they have lost their beloved mother, probably in 2021.

Mindy Jessop Job

The only job Mindy Jessop had for a long time was the job of a babysitter. According to her Facebook, she has been working as the nanny of the Brown clan since 2012. share that a nanny is paid $17.05 per hour in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whereas, ZipRecruiter also reported that a full-time nanny’s average annual pay would be $34,639.

Talking about her education, Mindy graduated from Corvallis High School.

According to her Instagram, Mindy has also worked in the tanning business. Back in 2018, she posted about working for a small business named Shades Tanning Boutique, a mother-daughter-owned tanning business in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a business manager.

Most of her IG posts are related to offers, benefits of tanning, holiday specials, promotion of lotions, and anything related to her business.

How Old Is Mindy Jessop?

Mindy Jessop celebrates her birthday on 26 October. She should be over the age of 30 as of 2021.

Is Mindy Jessop On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Mindy is on Instagram as well as Facebook. Her Facebook handle is (@mindy.carol) and her IG account is (@mindysmindandmovement).

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Mindy Jessop Live?

Mindy Jessop is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • How Tall Is Mindy Jessop?

Also, Mindy should stand tall over the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

  • How Much Is Mindy Jessop Net Worth?

The exact net worth of Mindy is not known but it should be under $500 thousand.

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