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Ming Clark Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Love Match Atlanta

Meet Ming Clark, who after having a horrible dating experience while making her way in the beauty industry, switched careers and instead became a matchmaker herself. A year later and she found a man for herself too. Anyway, Bravo’s newest reality series, Love Match Atlanta, follows Ming, here, and four other Georgia-based matchmakers who successfully help eligible singletons forge lasting connections in the modern world.

Read on to find out more about Ming’s personal and professional endeavors in this ‘Ming Clark Bio’.

Ming Clark On Love Match Atlanta

Mignon “Ming” Clark stars on Love Match Atlanta Season 1 as a dating/matchmaking expert and introduces her matchmaking business Owner of Color Blind International to the whole world. CBI, so you know, was established in 2010 by Ming. And now she claims it is the first and only multicultural/interracial focused agency in existence.

The show highlights her matchmaking methods and at the same time features her life outside of her career. Yes, her family life!

The series goes on to reveal that Ming actually married one of her clients. So, they say with confidence that she is just about making successful matches. Her dates are usually known to be high-adrenaline and experiential to give singles a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Is Ming Clark Married?

Well, the 28th of July 2012 is when Ming Clark finally married the man of her dreams. He is called Shane Clark. Before that, the same year in January, they had gotten engaged and Ming had taken to announce it on Facebook saying she is loving every minute of it.

Ming Clark says she is looking forward to forever with Shane Clark (PIC: Facebook)

Almost a decade since then and the couple seemed as intact as any relationship could ever get. Ming especially is not yet done with gushing about her handsome man.

Despite several ups and downs, ins and outs, Ming recalls being only showing patience, dedication, and understanding toward one another.

The way Ming puts it, meeting Shane and their union also actually helped conceptualize her vision to focus on interracial dating in business.

As for kids, they don’t seem to have any together. While Ming does have a son from her previous relationship with 53-year-old Carl Lawson of Alpharetta, Georgia. The exes named their son after Carl. So, Ming’s son is Carl Anthony Lawson (Woodie). Born on 29 June 1995 in Alpharetta, junior Carl is a pro football athlete who is following in his father’s footsteps who back in the day played for Georgia Tech. He was drafted by Cincinnati Bengals in the 4th round (116th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft. Young Carl also went to Milton High School and then to Auburn for college.

Is Ming Clark On Instagram?

Indeed! Ming Clark could be found on Instagram and not just on one account but two. You could catch the professional matchmaker of Atalanta @mingclark and @mingthematchmaker. She was however yet to attract more followers on both these pages as of 8 May 2022.

Ming also shared glimpses of her life as a “wonderful, God-fearing woman who adores her family” on ‘Ming Clark’ Facebook. As for her YouTube channel, she mostly used it to advertise her custom-inspired wedding gowns.

Ming Clark Age

Because Ming Clark was born in 1970 in August, she reached the age of 51 in 2021.

Ming Clark’s Net Worth

Ming Clark reportedly had more than $2 million net worth as of May 2022.

Clients who are looking to meet someone come to Ming if they can afford her pricey services, which range from $25,000 to $100,000. Justifying this expensive price tag, she told People TV that the price almost acts as a filter because they want to avoid clients who opt for matchmaking just to try something new.

And before the matchmaking, as a business happened, Ming went to Trade School and got a degree in Beauty and Fashion Design (2000 – 2004). And this now speaks for her The Custom Bride.

How Tall Is Ming Clark?

Beautiful and elegant Ming Clark stands below 5’6” tall in height.

Ming Clark Family

Ming Clark’s mother is no longer with her. But often says that she is confident that her mum had she been here would be very proud to see her helping those in need.

It was not an easy time growing up. Since as a child, she witnessed domestic violence firsthand being done to her mother. Luckily, during these unfortunate times, she and her mother had a number of wonderful people who helped them get out of a bad situation. And she now believes dad it not been for the shelter that took them in and fed them life will not have been this good today.

With this in mind, she had the Graham Foundation launched. She hopes to help as many as she could.

Back to talking about her family, Ming’s maiden name is Mignon Gregory and she likely grew up also with a little brother, Adarian Lawson (AJ), a retired US Army Servant and the first pilot in the family. Ming said in a social media post that she is super proud of him.

Ming also mentioned cousins Sheila Williams of Newark, New Jersey, and Kevin Butler of Atlanta.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ming Clark From?

Now Suwanee, Georgia-based Ming Clark hails from Atlanta in Georgia.

  • When Is Ming Clark’s Birthday?

Ming Clark celebrates her birthday likely in late August.

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