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Mollie Pearce Age, Family, Height, Boyfriend, The Traitors

Mollie Pearce joined the castaways of BBC One’s The Traitors. She appeared along with 21 other contestants to win the show and the allotted grand prize.

How old is she? Who are her family members? Does she have a boyfriend? We got all the answers here so keep on reading.

Mollie Pearce On BBC One’s The Traitors Season 2

Mollie Pearce applied for BBC One’s The Traitors because she loved season 1 of the show.  “I watched the first series and I just loved how different it was. It’s exciting and there are missions too. Although there’s teamwork involved, there’s also the sneakiness behind it all,” she told BBC.

The uniqueness of the show gripped her the whole time and she thought it was a good idea for her to participate in the show.

From season 1, Mollie admired Wilfred’s gameplay. As for her own, Mollie revealed that she wants to make as many friends as possible. She believes her ability to build relationships separates her from others. She thinks that her physical attributes will also come in handy during the missions.

Regarding what she is bringing in the show, Mollie explained, “I think maybe a bit more excitement around it all, I’m super excitable anyway and looking forward to the missions and stuff. I love adventure, so I feel like I can throw myself into those. Hopefully, just a bit more fun as well with the game, obviously it can be so serious at times.”

The Traitors is a psychological reality competition where 22 strangers participate they arrive at a “beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate game of detection, backstabbing, and trust, in the hope of winning up to £120,000.”

However, among them are the Traitors, whose mission is to murder a player covertly each night to avoid being discovered. Before they become their next victim, it is the responsibility of the other players, the Faithfuls, to identify the traitors and expel them from the game. The fortunate ones who make it through have the opportunity to win that enormous sum of money.

However, a traitor will steal all the money if they go unnoticed.

Mollie Pearce Age

At the time of filming the show, Mollie Pearce was 21 years old.

Mollie Pearce Job

Mollie Pearce is working as a disability model and a healthcare assistant. As a model, she is currently represented by ZEBEDEE Inclusive Talent Agency.

Back in 2014, Mollie made headlines after swimming a mile to raise money for children born with no arms. She completed an impressive 64 lengths in one hour and raised £500 for Reach – the association for children with upper limb deficiency.

Mollie Pearce Family

The Traitors‘s Mollie Pearce’s parents are named Sally Pearce and Steve Pearce. Married in October 1995, they have been happily married for 28 years as of January 2024.

“Happy 25th wedding anniversary to my beautiful parents. love you always xxxxx,” Mollie wished her parents back in October 2020.

Sally celebrates her birthday in December, and in December 2023, Mollie wished her mom, “Happy birthday to my beautiful mum. love you so much Thankyou for everything you do.” 

In January 2023, on Steve’s birthday, Mollie wished her father, “Happiest of birthdays Steve Pearce, love you to the moon and back 🤍.”

When Mollie swam a mile Sally told North Somerset Times, “I thought it was brilliant, I’m really proud of her. She was born without all her fingers on her right hand, but she doesn’t let it stop her from doing anything. She’s amazing.”

Steve, per his Facebook, went to Nailsea School. Whereas, Sally went to Backwell School. Both of them are currently self-employed.

Mollie Pearce Height

Mollie Pearce’s height measures 168 cm or 5’6”. She was born with no fingers on her right hand.

Mollie also suffers from ulcerative colitis – inflammation of the colon. In October 2020 post, Mollie said about her condition, “I have been fighting ulcerative colitis for 8 years, and last week it finally won when I had to say goodbye to my colon forever. An ileostomy is a surgically made opening that connects your ileum to your abdominal wall. The ileum is the lower end of your small intestine. Through the abdominal wall opening or stoma, the lower intestine is stitched into place. It is a major 7-hour operation which has scared me since being diagnosed.”

Mollie Pearce Boyfriend

Mollie Pearce is currently dating her boyfriend Max Backwell. The pair have been together at least since 2021. Both of them debuted each other on their respective socials in September of that year.

In February 2022, Max proudly shared of his girlfriend, “You’ve been absolutely smashing it this year, I couldn’t be more proud of you ❤ #kurtgeiger #bekind.”

Max also joined Mollie and her parents on a family vacation to Greece in July 2022. Captioning a picture from the trip, Max wrote, “Island 8️⃣ Nice little catch up with the inlaws 😁.”

You can find Max on Facebook and Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mollie Pearce Birthday?

Mollie Pearce celebrates her birthday on 28 January.

  • Where Is Mollie Pearce From?

Mollie Pearce hailed from Ash Hayes Drive in Nailsea, United Kingdom.

  • Is Mollie Pearce On Instagram?

Yes, Mollie Pearce is on Instagram and Facebook.

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