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Molly Noriko Hurley Bio, Ethnicity, Rome Flynn’s Wife

Every superhero needs a mentor and Rome Flynn was the lucky one to land a role as “Tevin” — Dion Warren’s (Ja’Siah Young) new guide on Netflix’s Raising Dion season 2. But while you may be familiar with the star’s on-screen achievements, how much do you know about his rumored wife Molly Noriko Hurley?

Well, if the answer’s “not much”, stick with this Molly Noriko Hurley Bio to learn all about her.

Is Molly Noriko Hurley Rome Flynn’s Wife?

No, Molly Noriko is not Rome Flynn’s wife. The two only dated for a few years circa 2012, and later split before 2016 after sharing a daughter.

Molly’s ex-boyfriend Rome then went on to date a girl named Camia until 2018.

Reportedly, Camia and Molly’s daughter were very close. Even after the breakup, Camia’s IG posts were filled with Molly’s daughter often describing her as the biggest blessing him her life. Also, she once shared that the baby has taught her many things that all her combined years of living couldn’t teach her.

Trivia: Camia is now married to a different man and has a baby boy with her husband.

Molly Noriko Hurley And Rome Flynn’s Daughter

Molly Noriko Hurley and Rome Flynn welcomed their daughter named Kimko on December 12, 2014.

After Molly split with her ex-boyfriend, the duo shared joint custody of their child.

According to Molly, a mother shouldn’t take away a child from their father for selfish reasons. “If he loves your child, and your child loves him, put your feelings to the side, and always make him a part of their life,” she implored.

To further prove her point, she even uploaded a clip of her daughter watching her dad without a blink on-screen. “Found some old videos of Kimiko’s dad, it’s clear how much she loves him,” Molly explained at the time.

As of 2022, Molly’s daughter Kimko is 7 now. She’s already lost her first tooth and was attending kindergarten then.

Molly often called her daughter — Meeks, Keeks, KiKi, KoKo, Kikimo, or Kimiko.

Who Is Molly Noriko Hurley New Partner?

Molly Noriko Hurley’s new partner graced her IG quite a few times, but she never revealed his name.

The last we saw the duo on Molly’s IG was on Jan 30, 2022, captioned, “pick my nose & gimme a kiss.” And the pictures did it! Yes, over one the two picked each other’s nose, and over the next, they kissed. Seems like the lovebirds were having a good time then.

Molly Noriko Hurley Family

Molly comes from a family of 5 — her parents (Daniel and Susan Wohlfarth Hurley) and 2 siblings (Jack and Joseph Hurley)

Her dad, Hurley, sadly passed away at the age of 53 in November 2011. Molly recalls him to be the one who gave her “the world”. From teaching her to load guns to telling people to scoot off, he’s taught her well. “He never let me down & I’m blessed to have him as an angel now,” she added.

In his memory, Molly even wrote a page-full poem titled “DAD”. Read it here.

As for her mother, Susan was doing great as of 2022. She’s found love again and resided in Marquette, Michigan.

Talking more about her, Susan is a Capron, Illinois native who went to North Boone High School. Later, she then studied the German language at Universität Heidelberg, and complete his studies at Carthage College. Here’s her IG @susan.hurley46.

Besides them, Molly also has another important member of her family, and it’s her aunt/godmother Laura Wohlfarth Graham. “You inspire me with your grace, determination, compassion & good looks,”  Molly wrote over IG on Laura’s 2019 birthday (i.e. on August 16).

Also, Molly’s brother Joseph’s a dad now. Another addition to the family!

Molly Noriko Hurley Ethnicity

Molly Noriko Hurley comes from mixed ethnicity — Asian (from mom’s side) and White (dad).

However, her mother is an American citizen, born and raised in America.

How Old Is Molly Noriko Hurley?

Molly was born on August 13, 1993. That made her 28 years of age in 2022 when her baby-daddy first appeared on Raising Dion.

Also, corresponding to her birthday, Molly is of the Leo zodiac.

Molly Noriko Hurley Job

Molly Noriko Hurley is a scrub nurse. For those who don’t know, a scrub nurse is a nursing professional who works alongside surgeons and other surgical staff to help them perform surgery.

Reportedly, they earned somewhere around $95K per annum.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Molly Noriko Hurley From?

Molly hails from Marquette, Michigan.

  • Is Molly Noriko Hurley On Instagram?

Yes, as of Feb 2022, Molly entertained 10.7K followers over Instagram @mollynoriko.

Also, here’s her Twitter @NorikoMolly.

Most of her posts then flaunted her amazing selfies, her daughter, and her family.

  • How Tall Is Noriko Hurley?

Molly stands tall at a height under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Also, mentioning her distinct features, Molly has green-highlighted hair, an oblong face, and brown eyes. Some may even argue that she looked a lot like the “Ocean Eyes” singer, Billie Eilish.

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