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Monica Naranjo Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height

Monica Naranjo is a big name in the Latin music industry. Therefore, she needs less introduction based on her job. However, her fans were always eager to learn about her boyfriend and more. So, this article discusses her relationship, her family, the death of her brother, and other details.

Tag along with this article as the information unfolds about her.

Does Monica Naranjo Have A Boyfriend?

As of November 2021, Monica Naranjo doesn’t seem to be involved in any romantic relationship and therefore doesn’t have a boyfriend. Most of her recent posts are either work-related or spending quality time alone.

Back in January of 2021, during an interview with Spain News, a journalist questioned how her heart was doing at the time. Monica replied that she married herself and it was doing fine. She also revealed that she was open to love but wasn’t looking for it.

But as of this writing, Monica has been married and divorced twice. She married her first husband Cristobal Sansano, her producer. They were allegedly in a relationship for six years before tying the knots. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2002. A year later in 2003, she was again romantically linked with Oscar Tarruella.

Monica and Oscar met each other when he came for the investigation of the singer’s house when she was robbed. After the romantic entanglement, Oscar quit his job and started working as her manager till their separation. They married in 2003, the relationship lasted for 15 years, before it ended in 2018.

They were often vocal about their relationship after the divorce. Oscar even revealed that he felt fear at her side. “Monica has not stopped attacking me and, until now, I have not said anything. I have thought about suing her but I am not going to do it for now. legal measures if he continues in this situation.”

Monica never had any kids of her own but became an adopted mother to Oscar’s son Aitor.

But, that doesn’t mean Monica never tried having babies. She had a miscarriage in the first week of her pregnancy. Monica and her ex-husband Oscar had even thought of a name for the child, Alaia. The name they used for their company was called Alaia Productions.

Monica is also vocal about her sexual life. She revealed to Viva la Vida that she hadn’t had sex since her divorce from Oscar. Plus, Monica was waiting for the right person to come into her life. Moreover, she had also tried establishing sexual relationships with women. The singer considered it “normal” as it was essential to “experiment and try different options.”

The Spanish hitmaker also claimed that comedian Jose Corbacho offered a threesome to her with his wife. Monica refused the offer because she had never tried it and didn’t consider it at that moment. However, the comedian denied these claims.

Monica Naranjo Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Monica Naranjo has a staggering $20 million in net worth.

Music enticed Monica at a very young age. By the age of 4, she had already known that she wanted to be an artist. She enrolled in a music school at the age of 14 to pursue her passion for singing. At the age of 18, she immigrated to Mexico with her family.

At the age of 20, Monica released her self-titled debut album ‘Mónica Naranjo’ in 1994. The album became a huge success in Mexico selling over millions. Hence, she credits Mexico as the origin of her musical talent. It was certified Platinum on the U.S. Latin charts and sold over 900,000 copies in Mexico.

In 1997, Monica released her second album ‘Palabra de Mujer’ which made its way to #2 in Spain and was certified 10x Platinum later on. The album sold over 2,000,000 in Spain. In 2000 she released ‘Minage’ and ‘Bad Girls’ in 2001.

Then, she released her fourth in 2005, Private Collection, which was a recap of her successes. She released her sixth album ‘Tarantula’ in 2008.

As of November 2021, she has sold over 9 million records worldwide.

Monica Naranjo Height

According to IMDB. Monica stands tall to the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Monica Naranjo?

Born on 23 May 1974, Monica turned 47 years old in 2021.

  • Is Monica Naranjo On Instagram?

Yes, Monica is on Instagram. You can follow her on (@monicanaranjo) where she already has 914k followers. Her Twitter handle is @monicanaranjo.

  • Who Are Monica Naranjo Family Members?

Monica Naranjo was born to her parents Francisco and Patricia as Mónica Naranjo Carrasco. Her father hailed from Malaga whereas her mother belonged to Seville. In 1960, her parents immigrated to Catalonia.

The Spanish singer grew up with her two brothers; Enrique and Raquel. Sadly, Enrique died when he was only 29 years old because of depression. Speaking with La Vanguardia in 2011, Monica had revealed that in 2007, Enrique had decided that he wanted to give up on his life. She claimed him as her best friend.

After Enrique’s death, his ashes were scattered on the Almadraba, a cove on the Costa Brava, a place he often visited. On that day in November, there was a north wind. When they threw the ashes a group of white butterflies fluttered around them.

Monica and her family took it as the sign that her brother freed himself. She also claimed that whichever country she is in and if she is in trouble, her brother comes to her as a butterfly, always the white one.

In an interview in January 2021, Monica shared, “The hardest work is detachment. I don’t quite get it. The death of my brother, for example, was a tsunami and I continue to carry the pain. But the hardest moments are also those of personal growth. There was a time when I was bored with myself because I was in constant victimhood until I said to myself: “Don’t complain, move your ass.” Attitude is everything.”

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