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Morgan Lauren Bio, Gold Rush, Age, Family, Dating, Height

Gold Rush has welcomed a new cast member named Morgan Lauren. She will be a part of Rick Ness’s team. Find out about her family background, her career, and the dating rumor with Ness.

Scroll down and read all about it.

Morgan Lauren On Gold Rush

Morgan Lauren is a new cast member of Gold Rush who is a part of season 14 and a member of Rick Ness’s crew as an equipment operator and gold washer. The star of Discovery Channel has big goals, mentioning on the program that she could desire to open her own mining claim in the future. She claimed to “love gold washing” and to “know the steps and know what’s needed.”

Since Rick is “relying on” her, she describes the job as “nerve-wracking” on the show.

In addition to bringing her expertise in running equipment to the Rick claim, Morgan says she’s “excited” about her new position. She claims that since she was raised in Alaska, hunting and fishing are “second nature” to her.

Viewers are sharing their thoughts about her on Reddit. One wrote, “She’s taking a gamble on working for Rick given his most recent history and her leaving prior employment for this gig.”

Another viewer wrote, “At her age and operator skills if this doesn’t work out she can go back to the oil fields if she chooses with no issues. Yes, it’s a risk but really it’s an adventure for her. She fixed the pump and ran a broken down loader with no issues put her in proper equipment and she would run circles around most.”

Is Morgan Lauren Dating Anyone?

In all honesty, we don’t know for sure if she is dating anyone right now. But, her name was linked with Rick Ness.

Of course, a lot of people were curious about the Discovery star’s situation, and when Rick left the Yukon, there was uncertainty, thus speculations started to circulate. Recall that after losing his mine and forcing his workforce to hunt for work, Rick discovered a great deal of dispute. There are also many unanswered concerns regarding his new hire, Morgan, who made her comeback in Season 14.

Fans question if they are romantically involved because she is a woman.

In response to the numerous rumors about him that Gold Rush fans were chatting about, Rick Ness took to social media. Before long, it surfaced on Reddit, where users spoke about his remarks. He said that there is really no truth to the claims that he and Morgan are romantically involved.

Rick claims that the only relationship that is occurring is platonic. He seemed keen to set the record straight, insisting that their connection is strictly professional.

Dissing the rumors of a love affair, he said, “The talk about me being in a relationship with one of my new crew members, Morgan, is just that. Talk.” As a matter of fact, he had never met her until she began working for him. Having been introduced and “endorsed by a friend,” he hired her due to her strong work ethic. Given the catastrophe of him being missing in the final season of the show, he really needs a solid team.

The Gold Rush star sent a message expressing his annoyance with Leese M. Arie, his ex-fiance, receiving a lot of criticism for things that he alone was accountable for. She’s talked about these same topics before. Even though he had SAD, primarily from his mother’s passing, Leese’s life was extremely miserable because of his cocaine use as a narcotic to dull the agony.

He added, “I was responsible for everything that happened, I was making the decisions, both right and wrong and I was at fault for all of the chaos in my life.”

On the surface, it appears that Rick Ness and Leese are no longer together and that their romance will never blossom again. He did, however, drop a hint that they might be getting back together, or at least communicating. “She’s very happy with all of the improvements I’ve made,” the Gold Rush celebrity remarked.

Given that Morgan isn’t romantically involved, it appears that he isn’t actively looking for love right now, with the possible exception of Leese. The long-standing gossip around him and Karla Ann Charlton has faded. It appears that he was never wed to Jen Ness in the interim. She reportedly wed Randy, Rick’s brother.

One of the followers stated in the comments section, “I didn’t think Morgan and him for [a] second…” Another added, “Lots of people did, just like they insist Tyler and Parker were involved, even though she has a long-time boyfriend.”

Morgan Lauren Age

Gold Rush star Morgan Lauren is 29 years old as of November 2023. She was born in July 1994.

Morgan Lauren Family

Morgan Lauren is the daughter of Kenneth Christensen and Cindy Skow who is also known as Lauraine.

Morgan’s father Kenneth reached 57 in October 2023. He appears to be residing in Palmer, Alaska. Although very little is known about Morgan we know that he is on Facebook.

Morgan’s mom Cindy is 54 as of 2023. She is residing in Wasilla, Alaska.

Talking about siblings, Morgan has two. Her sister is named Megan Christensen. Megan is age 28 as of 2023 and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

Megan is a full-time mommy and a student. She studies medical coding billing and insurance at Alaska Career College. She is residing in Sutton, Alaska now. In July 2023, Morgan shared on IG that her sister made it to Canada for the weekend. Find Megan on IG here.

Morgan’s brother Kenneth Christensen was in a relationship with Marissa Janine Kondas. 

How Much Is Morgan Lauren Net Worth?

Morgan Lauren has a net worth above $250K.

Furthermore, Morgan has stated on her LinkedIn that she is working as an environmental specialist at Pacific Environmental Corp. Additionally, Morgan has also worked for nearly 10 years in the oil industry.

Morgan Lauren Height

Morgan Lauren stands tall at a moderate height of 5’6”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Morgan Lauren From?

Morgan Lauren is originally from Sutton, Alaska. She is now residing in Palmer, Alaska.

  • When Is Morgan Lauren Birthday?

Morgan Lauren’s birthday is on 11 July.

  • Is Morgan Lauren On Instagram?

Morgan Lauren is available on many social media. Here is her Instagram (@morganlaurenco), TikTok (@morganlaurenco), and Facebook.

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