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Morgan Lauren Parents: Kenneth Christensen And Cindy Skow

Meet Kenneth Christensen and Cindy Skow, the parents of Gold Rush star Morgan Lauren. What do they do for a living? Are they still married? Do they have any other children?

Read all about the family of Gold Rush star Morgan Lauren.

Who Are Gold Rush Star Morgan Lauren Parents?

Morgan Lauren the new star of Gold Rush is the daughter of Kenneth “John” Christensen and Cindy Skow.

Born in July 1994 to her parents, Morgan is 29 years old (as of Nov 2023). According to Morgan’s LinkedIn profile, she works for Pacific Environmental Corp. as an environmental specialist. Morgan has also been employed in the oil industry for about ten years.

Morgan Lauren is a new cast member of Gold Rush who is a part of season 14 and a member of Rick Ness’s crew as an equipment operator and gold washer. The star of Discovery Channel has big goals, mentioning on the program that she could desire to open her own mining claim in the future. She claimed to “love gold washing” and to “know the steps and know what’s needed.”

Since Rick is “relying on” her, she describes the job as “nerve-wracking” on the show.

In addition to bringing her expertise in running equipment to the Rick claim, Morgan says she’s “excited” about her new position. She claims that since she was raised in Alaska, hunting and fishing are “second nature” to her.

Meet Kenneth Christensen, Morgan Lauren Father

Kenneth “John” Christensen is the father of Morgan Lauren.

  • Kenneth Christensen Age

Kenneth Christensen was born in October 1966. Hence, as of November 2023, Kenneth is 57 years of age.

In 2021, Kenneth divorced his wife Songul Seckin, a Turkish national. They reportedly married in August 2012 and his ex-wife returned back to Turkey while she was pregnant. Their child was born in Turkey in January 2013. They reached a mutual divorce agreement.

Kenneth stated in court that Songul Seckin would “overtake the custody” of their child, and agreed to visitation and child support. In an August 2017 order, the Turkish court awarded Seckin custody, noting that “the parties have agreed” on visitation, child support, and her custody of the child.

His ex-wife and their child returned to the US in December 2017. Her return was “on a trial basis” and she agreed to return only after Kenneth promised to provide her food, housing, and a job. She also asserts that she made it clear to Kenneth that she was only returning because “finances were tight” and she “owed” him “the opportunity to develop a relationship with [their child].” She claims that she told Christensen she did not intend to renew her own relationship with him.

Kenneth claims that she “told [him] that she wanted to live in Alaska permanently” and “to work on [their] relationship.”

  • Kenneth Christensen Job

Kenneth Christensen may have once run a restaurant business. In August 2018, he also started I Don’t Give A Fork. Other than that, he is very much into fishing and hunting like a true Alaskan.

  • Is Kenneth Christensen On Facebook?

Indeed, Kenneth Christensen is available on Facebook (@christensendiving).

Meet Cindy Skow, Morgan Lauren Mother


Gold Rush star Morgan Lauren’s mom is named Cindy Skow.

  • Cindy Skow Age

Cindy Skow turned 54 in 2023. Her birth year is 1969.

  • Cindy Skow Job

The employment status of Cindy Skow is unclear.

  • Is Cindy Skow On Facebook?

Yes, Cindy Skow is available on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Morgan Lauren Parents Reside?

Morgan Lauren’s father resides in Palmer, Alaska. Her mother, on the other hand, is residing in Yalaha, Florida.

  • How Many Kids Do Morgan Lauren Parents Have?

Talking about other children, Morgan has at least one. Her sister is named Megan Christensen. Megan is age 28 as of 2023 and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

Megan is a full-time mommy and a student. She studies medical coding billing and insurance at Alaska Career College. She is residing in Sutton, Alaska now. In July 2023, Morgan shared on IG that her sister made it to Canada for the weekend. Find Megan on IG here.

Morgan’s brother Kenneth Christensen was in a relationship with Marissa Janine Kondas.

  • Are Morgan Lauren Parents Still Married? 

No, Morgan Lauren’s parents are no longer married. Her father appears single. Meanwhile, her mom is married to her husband Jason Skow.

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